Fall 2007 Makeup Focus: Lavshuca Color Conc Rouge

by PJ on Monday, August 27, 2007

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(Lavshuca Color Conc Rouge PK-1)
Color Conc Rouge (10 shades) is part of the Lavshuca fall 2007 line-up. It is supposed to be a lip color that is between a lipstick and a lip gloss. It promises to have:

— the level of pigmentation of a lipstick
— a highly viscous consistency of a lip gloss
— good staying power

So, a long-lasting syrupy and pigmented lip color. Sounds very special. (I think “conc” stands for “concentration”. But please correct me if I am wrong.)

Does it fulfill the promises? No.

It is a nice gloss nonetheless, with a natural watery shine I love, and PK-1 is a very cute pink shade. But it doesn’t fair very differently from some of the other glosses I have.

I think a better description of this product is that It is a mildly syrupy and lightly pigmented gloss that imparts a watery shine with minimal shimmer, with reasonable staying power. (But some other shades could be more pigmented than PK-1.)

(the cute heart-shape dispenser)

For me, a lip gloss that is actually very close to what Color Conc Rouge promises to be is Nina Ricci‘s Tender Lacquered Lipglaze:

(Nina Ricci Tender Lacquered Lipglaze)
(photo from www.ninaricci.com)

I have #2 Rose Jupon, which is a peachy pink. Exceptionally syrupy and glassy, it is quite pigmented as a lip gloss and can cover a good deal of my natural lip color. Too bad Nina Ricci cosmetics is not available in the UK anymore.

Also, I find that Dior’s DiorKiss has a very syrupy consistency as well and some of the shades are quite pigmented.

A-Mused at Musings of a Muse has a review of Lavshuca Color Conc Rouge as well. I understand what she means by the gloss not gliding well. For me, it does take a couple more seconds to get a perfectly even finish but the application is still relatively easy.
I think it is down to the combination of the applicator and the particular consistency of the gloss, since there is no problem with Lavshuca’s Gloss Stick (with almost the same applicator).

Overall, Color Conc Rouge is still a fairly good gloss, even though it doesn’t particularly stand out from the rest of the field…

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