Next Week: Anti-Aging Week

by PJ on Saturday, August 4, 2007

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Since I started this blog, I have not touched upon a hot topic: anti-aging skincare.

This will be my focus throughout next week. All the five posts (one for each day, from Monday to Friday) will be about the idea of anti-aging. Here is a preview:

You’ll read about what my mother does to keep her skin healthy, radiant, and dewy and to keep her looking younger than her (jealous) school friends.

You’ll read about a moisturizer that tops a consumer test in a popular British TV program and why I have been using it for years. (It is not Boots No. 7’s Protect & Perfect (named Restore & Renew in the US).)

You’ll read about what I refer to when I choose moisturizers and about relations between price and quality.

I am not a skincare expert, but there are simple things I believe in and I look forward to hearing what you think next week!

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Marina Monday, August 6, 2007

Hello PJ. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about HydroPeptide. I have been using this anti-aging line for a few months and am absolutely in love with it. It’s active ingredient is peptides, 11 are in the whole line.


PJ Monday, August 6, 2007

Hello Marina,

Thank you very much for leaving a message!

I have to admit that I am not very familiar with HydroPeptide. It is not available in the UK at the moment so I have not had a chance to test it.

I was just having a look at their website and familiarizing myself with line.

You can have a look at the three entries under Peptide on Paula Begoun’s ingredient dictionary.

(Notice that under the entry “cell-communicating ingredients”, peptide is listed as a “possible” cell-communicating ingredient. We will need more research and advanced technology to come up with formulations in which peptides can reach their full potential). But it seems that things are looking positive.


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