Exfoliator Favorite! Boots No 7 Gentle Renewing No Grains Exfoliator

by PJ on Thursday, September 6, 2007

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(No 7 Gentle Renewing No Grains Exfoliator)
(photo from www.boots.com)

My sensitive skin can’t really tolerate regular exfoliating, but from time to time I do feel like a bit of scrubbing.

Among the samples I have used, I quite liked Estée Lauder’s Idealist Micro-D Deep Thermal Refinisher and Chanel’s Gommage Microperlé Élat. But I was still searching for something even milder.

I felt I hit the jackpot when I tried Boots’ No 7 Gentle Renewing No Grains Exfoliator.

No grains? So how does it exfoliate? Enzyme? No. AHA? No.

The main exfoliating agent is mica. Yes, it is the kind of mineral powder that gives your eyeshadows and foundations a bit of shimmer. (I can see the shimmer when I have a bit of the product on the back of my hand.) It is this fine powder that is doing the job.

So, technically, it is not “No Grains”, since mica is still a kind of physical particle. But it is so fine that I don’t feel that my face is being scrubbed. (It goes on simply like a liquid-y lotion.)

For me, it does a sublime job! My face feels and looks smoother after each use, and it is so gentle that it doesn’t give my face any redness, dryness, or discomfort.

I am in my second tube now and this product will continue to be a proud resident in my bathroom for quite some time to come!

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❥Ai Thursday, September 6, 2007

You’re so lucky you have Boots! The scrub sounds soo good, I have skin that reddens really easily and this might be a good scrub to use. *is envious* I’m using the Chanel Gommage which I love but does make me red, but not the Estee Lauder Thermal Refinisher – is it good? And you’re going to Japan? If I could only go too! He-he. Actually I came here not only to check up on your updates, but to ask if you could give me some advice – I thought you might be familiar with Shiseido so could you check out my review and offer me a much needed second opinion? Please?

Please Click This Way!

Thank you so much! As much as I love the Nutritious range, I wonder if the Shiseido would be a lot better. My experience with it was limited but ultimately GOOD.

I think I better stop flooding. I look forward to your reply!



PJ Friday, September 7, 2007

Hello Ai,

Thank you very much for leaving a comment! I have posted a comment under your post as well.

Both the Chanel one and the Estee Lauder one are quite gentle. The Estee Lauder Deep Thermal Refinisher has a thicker texture and is filled with micro beads. If I have to compare them, I would say that Chanel Gommage is slightly more gentle.

I am going to Japan indeed, but it is still in early stages. Maybe next year? We’ll see!

Do let me know if you try the Shiseido products. I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts!

Take care!


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