A Touch of Blusher is one year old!

by PJ on Wednesday, November 7, 2007

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(Would you like some homemade chocolate brownie?)

One year ago today, I was browsing through some fashion magazines in a bookstore. Then, after having the idea of writing my own blog for a few weeks, I decided to make it a reality.

I’d say that it started as an act of self-indulgence, since I love reading about and discussing with my friends about beauty and fashion. Then, little by little, it has almost become a conversation between all of you and me.

I’d like to thank everyone that has stopped by my blog as well as all the regular readers and subscribers. Anyone that blogs or writes for any medium knows how great it feels to know that there are people who are interested in what he or she has to say. I have been enjoying getting all the comments and e-mails, and many of the discussions have given me ideas of new topics to talk about. keep them coming!

Also, thanks to my other half, Andrew, who, after my failing attempts to think of a decent name for the blog, came up with A Touch of Blusher, which instantly felt right…(and he made the brownie as well……)

Now, do please allow me to indulge myself again and bring you through some of the posts that mark the first twelve months of A Touch of Blusher. Enjoy!

November 2006:
I talked about Gemma Ward fronting Kosé’s new line, Esprique Precious.

I shared one of my great finds in Japan (and one of my favorite makeup items, ever): Clarins’ Palette Impression.

January 2007:
I compared western and Japanese cosmetics.

I talked about Lavshuca Eye Color Select palettes, two of my favorite makeup purchases of the year.

It was an interesting experience to know that I would be writing about it on my blog before stepping inside the beautiful Marc Jacobs’ first boutique in the UK.

I shared all my various versions of Sheer Stella fragrances.

I wrote about Calvin Klein Cosmetics as the start of the Bring It Back! series, where I talk about cosmetics lines that I wish would make a comeback. (It is fantastic to know that Calvin Klein has re-launched the makeup line in Hong Kong and Taiwan in September.)

I traveled to Nottingham for an inspirational fashion show and found out the fashion blood of the city.

A reader’s comment inspired me to talk about Kate, Lavshuca’s edgier, darker sister.

I devoted one week to anti-aging skincare.

Plans to visit Japan again have been underway, and I share my dream shopping list.

I introduced A-Mei, who will collaborate with MAC for a collection in January 2008.

There will be more interesting things coming up on my blog, one of which is a new series where I reveal my own must-have cosmetics items. The first post will be up next week. So do stay tuned and do consider subscribing to my blog via e-mail to keep track on my future posts! Thank you!