Japanese vs. Western, Round Two…

by PJ on Saturday, February 2, 2008

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The Super Bowl Sunday is coming, and several beauty bloggers and I decided to write up sports-themed posts for all of you to enjoy.

Since I have a particular passion for Japanese makeup items, I thought I’d have a play-off between the two teams. (You can also read my previous post on Japanese and Western cosmetics.)

Meet Team Japanese:

(the defending champion)

Eyeshadow palette from Lunasol (Sheer Contrast Eyes in Lavender Coral). This is a sneak-peek preview of this palette on my blog. I have been enjoying using this palette from Lunasol’s spring 2008 collection, and I will post a full review of it later on!

Eyeshadow single from Miss Elégance (Powder Color in 16). Discontinued but not forgotten, this adorable eyeshadow is a wearable matte chocolate brown.

Blusher from Ayura (Aura Veil α in Sweet Pink). Soft, delicate, warm, and feminine, this shade is perfect for the coming warmer months.

Lipstick from Anna Sui (Sui Rouge in 373). A flattering cherry-red with the signature Anna Sui scent.

Lip gloss from Paul & Joe (Lip Gloss N in 001 Black-Tie). Another dose of the mouth-watering cherry hue, this time with sparkling multi-color shimmer.

Team Japanese is looking impressive. Now let’s check out Team Western:

(the challenger)

Eyeshadow palette
from Dior (5-color eyeshadow palette in Seascape). Vibrant purple and warm blue are balanced by mint green and soft grey with purple iridescence.

Eyeshadow single from MAC (Alexander McQueen for MAC eyeshadow in Haunting). I haven’t bought a lot from MAC for the last couple of years, but this satiny matte turquoise has won me over.

Blusher from Chanel (Irréelle Blush in Tea Rose). This is one of my favorite blushers, as it creates a very natural flush on my cheeks.

Lipstick from Helena Rubinstein (Stellars Showlights in Hanky Pinky). A bouncy and playful pink with fine pink shimmer. Very Valentine’s Day…

Lip gloss from Nina Ricci (Tender Lacquered Lipglaze in Rose Jupon). Nicely pigmented and with a rich syrupy texture, it helps lips take on some extra dimension.

With some of my favorite makeup items from both teams, the play-off is fierce. But I think I know which team has edged out the other for me, for a second time…

Now, I’d like to invite you to head over to these beauty blogs to check out their Beauty Super Bowl posts! Have fun!