Kanebo Twany Glamacy Fall 2008 Collection

by PJ on Monday, June 9, 2008

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(part of the Twany Glamacy Fall 2008 Collection)
(image from www.nikkei.co.jp)

Twany Glamacy was launched in April with a full range of wearable basics. For fall 2008, more shades will be added to the existing items of the lineup, plus the new Mascara EU (Under-Eye), a mascara specifically for lower lashes.

The fall 2008 additions include:

Eye Color UE (Under-Eye): 2 new shades
(luminous powder eye colors for the under-eye area)
Eye Color Set (palette): 2 new variations
Eyeliner Pencil: 1 new shade
Gel Eyeliner: 1 new shade
Mascara UE (Under-Eye): 1 shade
Lipstick: 5 new shades
Lip Liner: 2 new shades

(Apart from Eye Color and Eye Color UE, Twany Glamacy also has Eye Color UB (Under-Brow), which currently includes two eye colors specifically for highlighting the under-brow area.)

The collection will be launched in Japan on August 16th.

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