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by PJ on Friday, October 17, 2008

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Many of us are aware of the fact that Japan has a very vibrant beauty market. Apart from people’s pursuit of flawless skin and exquisite makeup, I think another reason for this is the strong media support.

Biteki, Voce, and Maquia are considered to be the top-three mainstream magazines that focus on skincare and makeup. Also, among many others, FRAU runs a great Best of Beauty issue in November, and Makeup Magazine is a solid quarterly publication.)

Beauty magazines in Japan also have specific target age groups. The three main ones mentioned above are mainly for those in their thirties and late twenties, while the ones like Bea’s Up are for slightly younger readers.

In October, Kodansha (which publishes fashion magazines like With and Vivi) launched Voce Platinum, a sister magazine to Voce. The tagline is “beauty magazine for mature women”, which clearly indicates the target age group.

The tagline may not appeal to all readers, but, based on the pages on the Voce Platinum website, it seems that the magazine is essentially a slightly more upmarket version of the mainstream ones. (But I am sure there are features that specifically interest more mature readers.) Overall, I think this magazine will appeal to whoever is interested in quality beauty brands presented in a sophisticated and elegant editing style.

But I think the birth of this magazine does reflect a trend. Apart from the age makeup of the Japanese society, we have seen recent launches of both top-end and drugstore brands, such as like (Kanebo’s) CHICCA and (Shiseido’s) Integrate Gracy, which are targeted at the more mature customers. Voce Platinum fills in the gap in the market and will probably give these brands the coverage they deserve for a lot of readers.

I certainly hope the magazine does well, because variety benefits all of us in the long run.

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