"Can’t Live Without" Update (2): Garnier Hand Cream

by PJ on Thursday, November 27, 2008

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Earlier this year, I talked about the two replacements (above) of Garnier’s Hand Cocoon, which is one of my favorite hand creams. The red one on the right is very similar to Hand Cocoon in terms of both the ingredients and the texture, and it is what I have been using. It is also far better than the white one on the left.

However, it’s happened again. Recently I have only been seeing the white one in Boots and Superdrug, and I am suspecting that the red one might have been discontinued.

Just to make things more confusing, I have been seeing sporadic stock of Hand Cocoon in Superdrug (in slimmer tubes like the ones above). I bought two today just to get myself through this winter…

Update: The red one (HandRepair Intensive Restorative Hand Cream) is not discontinued and is back in stock.

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