Holiday 2008 Makeup Top 10 (Part 3)

by PJ on Thursday, December 25, 2008

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(continued from Part 1 and Part 2)

Happy Holiday everyone! Today I will conclude my holiday 2008 makeup countdown.

3. Paul & Joe

(image from

I do like an abundant holiday collection, and Paul & Joe shows us how to bring out one. The collection includes a good range of makeup items as well as fragrance and body products. I saw these items in person last month, and both the Eye Gloss and Pearl Powder have a beautiful finish.

2. Guerlain

(image from

I think Guerlain’s 2008 holiday collection, with the beautiful silvery lilac cases and some gorgeous shades, is even more stunning than last year’s gold-themed collection. I like all the shades in the eye palette, but, in order to stay under my annual makeup budget, I decided not to buy it. But I might see it again in the summer/winter sale next year. (I found it surprising that I still saw items from Guerlain’s Pucci collection (from summer 2007) at the summer sale this year…)

(In Japan, the lipstick and the eye palette above are sold as a set, with a limited-edition clutch bag.)

1. Dior

Dior’s seasonal star item is always among the makeup products I look forward to the most, and this year Dior has done it again. Even though last year’s DiorLight pendant is equally nice and sparkly, I find it hard to display with its wobbly round shape and the non-detachable strap. (So it is stored in my makeup drawer at the moment). Not this compact, which is displayed next to some of my other Dior stash.

The rest of the collection, including some eye-catching palettes, is just as beautiful. The two 5-color eye palettes have also been selling well in the UK. I am quite sure that, in 2009, Dior’s new releases will still be worth waiting for.

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