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by PJ on Friday, December 5, 2008

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Since SUQQU was launched in September 2003, some products have, one after another, become the brand’s most talked-about items. Among them, one that some of you have told me about is the Eyelash Curler. Currently, it is included in SUQQU’s Eyelash Kit, which I am reviewing today.

The SUQQU Eyelash Kit includes:
– Eyelash Curler
– Mascara Volume Long in EX-01 Green
– Screw Brush
– Eye Makeup Remover (travel-sized, 50ml)

The items come in a roll-up folder, which is presented a bucket pouch. The curler doesn’t come with refills but they are available separately at the SUQQU counter.

First, the Eyelash Curler. The problem I have with eyelash curlers of this design is that they simply do not get to the two ends of my lashes, and it seems that SUQQU’s version has the same issue. The curler does give a flattering curve to the lashes and the rubber pad seems very sturdy and durable, but I have to position the curler in so many angles to get to the two ends of the lashes that it takes a lot of time to achieve a finished look. Also, my middle lashes end up being curled for too many times and the curl looks slightly less natural.

According to what I have heard in the past few years, this curler does work well for most people, but unfortunately it doesn’t perform well enough for me. I have to say I still much prefer the precision lash curler that I previously talked about. It is much more efficient to use and I can achieve a natural fan-like curve in a very short amount of time.

SUQQU has three kinds of mascaras: Volume, Long, and Volume Long. (All three are water-resistant.) The one in this kit is a Volume Long version in a limited-edition green shade. On my dark lashes, the green pigment doesn’t show up very much, but I do like the soft look and it doesn’t clash with eyeshadows of other shades. For me, this mascara, which contains fibers, does a better job at building up length than adding volume. (The Separate Curl Mascara in RMK’s Christmas Palette 2008 delivers more volume.)

The Screw Brush and Eye Makeup Remover are very good additions to the kit. The brush is surprisingly soft and separates lashes nicely. (It is also a very good eyebrow brush if you find the bristles of most eyebrow brushes to be too hard and scratchy.) The Eye Makeup Remover has a bi-phase formulation, which I always like. It takes off the Volume Long Mascara very easily, and it doesn’t feel greasy or irritate my eyes.

Overall, this is a good kit to try if you are interested in both the Eyelash Curler and the mascara. (The Kit is priced at £40, which is the prices of the two items combined.) This kit is a limited edition and is currently still available at the SUQQU counter in Selfridges on London’s Oxford Street.

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nutty Monday, December 8, 2008


did suqqu eyelash come off in tubes with warm water?? or did u have to use an oil base remover??



PJ Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hi Nutty,

I only tried using the Eye Makeup Remover in this kit to remove the mascara (before I wrote this review). I just tried removing it with warm and cold water (just for comparison) with the mascara applied on the back of my hand. It doesn’t come off with cold water and it does come off in (running) warm-to-hot water. But it needs a bit of rubbing, and I would probably still recommend using an oil-based or a bi-phase eye makeup remover.

Thank you very much for stopping by again and for your question! :)


Anonymous Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hi PJ,

I was wondering if you knew where i could purchase the SUQQU eyelash curler? I've been having the hardest time looking for one. I have their original site but I can't seem to purchase form there. So if you could, please inform me if you know a website where i can purchase it. PLEASE and THANK YOU, I would very much appreciate it.


PJ Thursday, March 18, 2010


SUQQU's website (Japanese or Global) does not offer on-line ordering. But you can try It is based in Japan and it ships internationally. I have been happy with their services.

(For items not listed on their site, you can e-mail them and ask them if they can source the items for you.)

Hope it helps, and thank you very much for your question! :)


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