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by PJ on Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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(SUQQU Noble Nuance Face Color)
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Dior: I came across Dior’s summer 2010 collection in Harrods. (It doesn’t seem to be available in other department stores or Dior counters in Boots at the moment.) I am slightly underwhelmed by Addicted to Dior mainly because it is smaller than what I imagined. But I think I still like it enough to want to use my Boots points for it.

Paul & Joe: As I mentioned earlier, Select Eye Colors are now available in the UK. None of the shades has grabbed me. At the moment, I am looking forward to the new Lip Gloss G from the summer 2010 collection.

RMK: Spring Modern Eyes in 04 Rosy Purple from the spring 2010 collection has been sold out.

SUQQU: I finally had a chance to see SUQQU’s spring 2010 collection in person. Noble Nuance Face Color has a subtle luminous glow that should be appealing for many people. Among other items in the collection, I like Noble Nuance Eyeshadow in EX-01, Noble Nuance Cheeks in EX-01, and Noble Nuance Lipstick in EX-02.