RMK Holiday 2017 Makeup Collection

by PJ on Thursday, September 21, 2017

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RMK Holiday 2017 Makeup 1

(images from www.fashion-press.net,
info from www.fashion-press.net & www.cosme.net)


RMK will release its holiday 2017 Seductive Love makeup collection in Japan on November 3rd. The collection is designed in collaboration with artist Midori Sato (佐藤 翠).

The collection includes:

– Silver Mirror Closet Kit (above, 1 set, limited edition, ¥12000)

The set includes:

  • Seductive Love Palette Powder
  • Seductive Love Palette 3D Finish Nude
  • Glow Pencil in 01
  • Separate Curl Mascara N in 01 (2g, mini size)
  • Eye & Cheek Crayon in 01
  • Moist Lips in 01
  • Color Lip Gloss in EX-02 (4.5g, mini size)

– Seductive Love Palette Garden Spirit (1 set, limited edition, ¥9500)

RMK Holiday 2017 Makeup 2

The set includes:

  • Seductive Love Palette Garden Spirit Powder
  • Matte Mascara N in 04 (4.7g, mini size)
  • Lip Jelly Gloss in EX-04 (4.5g, mini size)
  • Original Pouch

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