2006 Holiday

For me, I bought these:

*Visee Dual Shine Rouge Palette*

I always like lip palettes. Visee’s Gothic design looks cute and glamorous. The grey lipgloss looks very dark on the photo, but it is actually quite a transparent grey hue with sparse glitters. It is mainly for a very toned-down version of dark gothic lips.

*Paul & Joe Hummingbird Collection*

Cosmetics stuff don’t get prettier than this. I like the fact that the lipstick does not have any shimmer. It is just a nice creamy muted pink. The eyeshadow, however, has tones of iridescence. When used light-handedly, it can be a good blusher.

*Dior Pretty Charm*

Tacky as some might think, I love this one-off design. I have not used the lip colors yet, and I doubt I will soon. I am just enjoying the sight of it for the time being. I like the fact that it is rather heavy so there is a sense of existence, as I always call it.

*YSL Gold Celebration Palette “Star Glow”*

Except for the fact that I need to be careful not to leave fingerprints all over the case, I am really glad that I bought this. The two pale lipglosses look like they have tons of glitters. I would like to try them soon. YSL should definitely keep releasing a palette for each Christmas. But I feel that, after four years, they might want to do something different…

*Marc Jacobs votive candle set*

I finally got it after missing it last year. Since last year, I have developed an interest in fragranced candles. The Stella McCartney candle is my favorite. Smaller than the usual glass candles, each one of the three features a different Marc Jacobs scent.

I realize that there are loads of lip colors from what I bought. Ummm…maybe I will buy more things for eyes in the coming spring, to balance out…


(Continued from Sunday and Monday)

Finally, here are the top 3!

3rd: Paul & Joe

(pictured: hummingbird collection)

Pressed powder set with brush, body glitter powder, lip glosses…the list of Paul & Joe’s Christmas collection goes on. But the most fantastic items have to be the hummingbird lipsticks, eyeshadows, and pouch. The exquisite print is colorful, vibrant, and elegant. It is like a uplifting piece of artwork. Absolutely gorgeous. (I was always on the fence with the paper-wrapped seasonal collections and have never bought any item. They were always nearly there but not quite. The hummingbird collection is so much more striking than all the previous ones.)

It is interesting that the hummingbird lipsticks and eyeshadows are only sold in New York, Paris, and London — not in Tokyo. (Finally there is something NOT available in Japan…)

I bought the eyeshadow in 200 Cherubin Rose, which can double as a blusher if you don’t mind the pearly iredescence. I loved the collection so much that I went back to get the lipstick in 200 Ange Rose, a very wearble muted pink. The pouch, of the same print, is just so pretty as well. But I am happy with what I have got.

2nd: YSL

I finally bought the Gold Celebration palette (pictured above), after missing out on all the previous three. Called “Star Glow”, it is their fourth one and is probably the prettiest in my opinion. The only drawback is that fingerprints are easily left everywhere on the bright gold packaging.

But YSL wouldn’t make it to the second place without the rest of the colleciton. The colors of the eyeshadows (which have a great creamy texture), blushers, and the lipsticks all compliment one another. I think the bracelet is an improvement from last year’s slightly brassy design (which would probably work better as a bag charm). But the design of the front panel is a bit too complicated for me, and the velvety strap will quickly gather a lot of dust. Nonetheless it is a bold and catchy design that I generally like.

1st: Dior

Overall, Dior has done so well this year. The revamp of the makeup line is immensely successful. The seasonal limited editions link makeup and fashion together effortlessly, and what a way to end Dior’s 2006 with a stunning Christmas collection. Both eyeshadow palettes feature soft pastely colors which are easy to use along with what you already have. The texture of the powder is silky smooth as always. The collection also features lipsticks, lipglosses, nail colors, a highlighter, and a limited eidtion fragrance Midnight Charm. A true all-rounder, and that’s why it tops my list.

I really like the Dior Pretty Charms. They have done the ring and the bracelet. As I was guessing, sooner or later they would bring out a bag charm, and they did. A heart-shape lip-color palette surrounded by beads of four different shapes. It can be a very cute stocking filler.

So there you go, this year’s top ten. (I will keep compiling my top 10 of each coming season.)

Later on, I will talk more about the Christmas items I bought this year.


(continued from yesterday)

6th: Jill Stuart
The collection includes a set of pressed powder, two eye glosses, and a nail polish. The collection also includes two lipstick charms. Everything is ultra cute and glossy. The pink and golden eye glosses look extremely cute, but the color might a bit too sheer for some people. I nearly decided to buy the lipstick charm, but I settled for another one (you can look for it on the photo above), which I will review tomorrow.

5th: AYURA
Another makeup and evening bag set. The bag looks exquisite. There are one-off creations like the bubble bath, the hair gloss, and the face highlighter. The set also includes a choice of lipstick. Again, AYURA creates interesting one-off products to entice us. (I want the bubble bath and the hair gloss!!)

4th: Visee
I have never bought anything from Visee before, but this chic and edgy Gothic-style lip palette won me over (pictured upper left). The palette features a lip base, a lip liner, four lip colors and two lip glosses. The colors are basic and wearable, with the catchy exterior being the main selling point. The Gothic design, not the usual Visee packaging, is also a one-off. The real thing looks as good as it does on the website and on the magazine.

Tomorrow I will reveal the top 3.


This week I reveal my top ten Christmas collections for 2006. It is purely based on my personal preference. I look at the variety within the range of the collection, and the design/packaging of the products. Here they are, in reverse order:

10. Marc Jacobs
I didn’t get to buy this last year, thinking that it would be on sale after Christmas. But I didn’t see any of them during the sale. So when I happened to see this again last month, I thought I had to get it (pictured centre). Each votive candle features a different scent: Marc Jacobs Perfume, Marc Jacobs Perfume Essence, and Blush. I have Blush already and I do love all of these scents, so this set is a good addition.

9. Anna Sui
The collection includes two purse-like palettes, one for lips and the other for eyes. It also includes a vanity case and a limited version of the Secret Wish perfume: Magic Romance. The princessy packaging lives on…

8. Clarins
It is all about diamond-shine for Clarins. The eyeliner works as a hair accessory. I like the fact that Clarins went all out for the shininess for the packaging. Some might think it is a bit over the top, but I think it is fine for this time of year. I don’t think this collection is available in the UK though.

7. Lunasol
A limited edition with a selection of products and a glamorous evening bag is very common across brands in Japan during the Christmas season. (Even western brands produce these sets only for the Japanese market.) Lunasol’s set includes an eye palette, a lip gloss, shimmering loose powder, a powder brush, and an evening bag. All the colors are sophisticated and wearable, even though the loose powder may be too sparkly for the face. The black evening bag is simple and elegant and it actually doesn’t look like a free gift, according to those who have purchased the sets.

Tomorrow: 6th to 4th.