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Kanebo Lunasol Geminate Eyes 05 RB Fall 2007 Makeup 1


Back in 2007, I mentioned that Lunasol‘s fall 2007 Dual Glowing Purification makeup collection was one of the brand’s most stunning makeup collections. Nine years and thirty-four seasonal collections later, I still think this collection, inspired by jewel-toned hues, is one of the best from the brand. Today, I will be reviewing Geminate Eyes in 05 RB from the collection.

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(image from www.iswii.net)

I came across the image of the new eyeshadow palette from the fall 2010 Masquerade collection from Smashbox. It reminds me of Givenchy’s Prismissime Eyes in 54 Cache Cache back in 2007, but the palette from Smashbox might be a little more versatile in terms of the color selection.
(image from www.sephora.com)


SUQQU‘s Loose Powder was released as part of the brand’s fall 2007 base makeup collection. It is available in two shades, Natural and Deep. The two shades work together to create highlight and contour for the face. Today I am reviewing the shade in Natural.

Color-wise, Natural is a sheer off-white cream. It has a subtly pearly finish. When I tested it on the back of my hand, I thought the finish might be too pearly for me. I was also worried that the luminous finish might make my pores look more obvious. But when worn on the face, it imparts a softly luminous finish that is neither pearly or frosty. It doesn’t accentuate the look of pores. Also, the powder is very light and fine.

The enclosed powder puff is relatively soft and easy to use.

Compared with Lavshuca Face Powder and Kiss Mat Chiffon Powder, this product doesn’t have any efficacy in shine control or pore coverage. (It also has the least amount of coverage among the three.) It will not work as a setting powder for those with combination or oily skin.

Among the loose powder products that I have reviewed, it is the closest to Crème de la Mer’s The Powder in Translucent. The main difference is that SUQQU’s finish is more natural and less shimmery and it doesn’t have the pink iridescence that the Crème de la Mer powder has. Overall, as a highlighting powder (particularly for daytime makeup), I prefer SUQQU’s.

Essentially, this is a finishing powder that works as a subtle highlighter, as it adds a soft and very natural glow for the face. It is also subtle enough to be used all over the face if the softly glowy finish is what you would like to go for. (It is able to help create the “brilliant skin” that is very popular in Japan right now.)

(SUQQU is currently available in Japan, Thailand, and the UK. Check here to see the information on all the SUQQU retail points.)

Updated on July 26th 2009:

Examples of “Brilliant Skin”, requested by reader Tamtam. (I am also considering writing up a separate post on this trend.)

(image from www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/coffretdor)

(image from www.biteki.com)

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(Jill Stuart Moist Silk Liquid Foundation)

Jill Stuart‘s Moist Silk Liquid Foundation was released in fall 2007. At that time, I was not sure if it would replace Tint Liquid Foundation (Jill Stuart’s first liquid foundation). But, at this moment, both are listed on Jill Stuart’s website.

The packaging is beautiful and very princessy, and it has almost become a permanent fixture on my dressing table.

Here is how it performs for me:

The Basics

SPF 18, PA +++, 30ml, 5 shades
(Mine is 103 Nude, a neutral light-to-medium beige. Ethanol is seventh on ingredient list, but this foundation doesn’t irritate my skin.)

Texture & Consistency

It has a light-cream consistency. The very smooth texture largely comes from talc, and the richness of the consistency is mainly down to squalene (which is a very effective moisturizing ingredient used in many moisturizers). The foundation is not very liquid-y and the bottle has to be tapped against the back of my hand to slowly dispense the foundation.

Slip & Blendability

The foundation has a good slip and blends relatively easily. It dries a little fast so swift blending is ideal.


The finish is smooth and satiny (neither matte or luminous), and it has a pleasing soft-focus look to it.


This foundation gives a natural medium-to-full coverage. The level of coverage is a lot higher than Paul & Joe’s Light Cream Foundation reviewed earlier.

Pore Coverage

For me, among non-powder foundations (which almost always cover pores less effectively than powder foundations), the pore coverage is fairly good.

Lasting Power

The lasting power is relatively satisfactory. It doesn’t have an optimal lasting power for me only because it is quite emollient for my oily skin for most part of the year. Other than that, the color does stay true and does not darken overtime.

Overall, liquid foundations are more suitable for me in winter no matter whether they are spring/summer or fall/winter releases. This one is no exception. In colder days and when I need more coverage than what Paul & Joe’s Light Cream Foundation can give me, this is definitely the one I’d go for.

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(continued from Part 1 and Part 2)

#3: Jill Stuart

(from www.jillstuart-beauty.com)

(from Biteki September 2007)

When I knew there was going to be a new pressed powder blusher for Jill Stuart, I was trying to imagine what it would look like. I have to say the actual packaging doesn’t disappoint me, to say the least. Very ornate and princessy. (I will review this later on.)

The limited-edition Point Crystal II loose eyeshadow (pictured mid-right) rides on the success of the previous Point Crystal from last fall. This time, the shades are slightly more intense. Overall this is such a pretty collection.

#2: Dior

(from www.dior.com)
(from Biteki September 2007)

The 5-color eyeshadow palette in 060 Silver Goddess (the right one of the two palettes) is so fall 2007, with great shades of grey and silvery copper. If you have tested the blue shade in this palette, you know that it has vivid pink shimmer. So very pretty. The two eyeshadow palettes also complement the two Diorissime palettes (far right).

Currently only two Dior Blush shades are sold in Japan, while a larger selection is available in the US and the UK. There is actually a shade called A Touch of Blush. Well, not exactly the name of my blog, but close enough. (And it is a great natural shade!)

The Diorissime palettes finish off the collection beautifully. I have 002 Seduction Drama (the one available in the US) and I love it.

#1: Lunasol

(from www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/lunasol)
(from Biteki September 2007)

This is the best collection for fall 2007 in my opinion. It is also one of the most stunning collections from Lunasol.

All the items for eyes, lips, and nails coordinate with one another and come in five mini collections. Each features a 5-color eyeshadow palette, an eyeliner, a lipstick, a lip gloss, and a nail color. Among the eyeshadow palettes, the one in blue (04 Saphire) and pink (05 Ruby) are very popular in Asia right now, and they certainly tickle my fancy!


(continued from yesterday)

#6: Guerlain

(from www.guerlain.co.jp)
(from Biteki September 2007)

Continuing from a gorgeous collection in summer with Pucci, Guerlain puts forward some more great items. I like the gorgeous Ombre Eclat Duo & Liner palettes. The eyeshadows are smooth and silky, and so is the cream-to-powder eyeliner. The color selection is spot on, with blue and grey, pink and plum, and an array of neutral and golden shades. The shiny gold compact has a great sense of substance to it.

#5: Chanel

(from www.chanel.com)
(from Biteki September 2007)

Chanel stays right on trend with olive green, featured in Les 4 Ombres (Garden-Party) and Irréelle Duo (Lotus-Cactus). Les 4 Camélias de Chanel (that I won’t be buying) has some pretty and wearable colors. The blushers are kept muted to go with the sultry eyes and intense lips.

#4: Lavshuca

(from www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/lavshuca)

(from Biteki September 2007)

Lavshuca has been doing well since its debut last year. The collection is expanding with more and more lovely items. This season, I love the new Eye Color Select palette in PU-2. The new Grade Color Select eye palettes (mid-right) are soft and sensual. The new Color Conc Rouge (bottom) does not live up to the promise, but they are still competent glosses in very cute packaging.

Come back for the final part of the count-down later!

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It is time to round up my top 10 makeup collections for fall 2007, in reverse order, throughout the rest of this week. This time I have included photos of the seasonal makeup catalog from the September 2007 issue of Biteki magazine.

#10: ettusais

Ettusais has re-packaged its makeup collection. Everything still looks minimal and simple to show off the variety of colors. I especially like the vibrant shades of the Eye Color (top right).

Another interesting item is the Cheek Color (far right). All the 7 shades are packaged in a round compact with a spongy puff applicator attached to the bottom of the compact. I wonder how well the applicator works…

#9: Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown doesn’t appear on my top 10 lists very often (I have been doing the lists for a while for some of my friends.) But this collection caught my eyes. The Stonewashed palette has a great selection of brown, taupe, and grey shades. I nearly considered buying it, but the battle was won by Dior’s Diorissime palette. I am also intrigued by the eyeshadow trios. It is a slight departure from their usual neutral tones.

#8: Elégance

Elégance’s latest collection is in tune with the fall 2007 makeup trend. The eyeshadow palettes feature lovely shades of muted green and grey. They also include some lilac shades, which I always like.

(photo from www.elegance-cosmetics.com)

The lip glosses look scrumptious. All the shades look very wearable and appear to have delicate shimmers. Love the gold packaging as well. Very Glamorous.

#7: Anna Sui

(photo from www.annasui-cosmetics.com)

The Mini Rouge lip colors (top right) have been popular with Anna Sui collectors for the ultra-cute packaging and a good selection of shades. The limited-edition Pressed Powder M (bottom right) has been popular as well. For me, the new Liquid Eye Color (lower mid-left) looks very tempting.

Stay tuned for the rest of the round-up in the following days!

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(Les 4 Camélias de Chanel)
(photo from www.chanel.com)

No, I won’t be buying this…not because I don’t like Chanel or because I don’t like the look of this palette.

It is quite the opposite. Chanel is one of my favorite brands for makeup. I love the low-key and glamorous packaging and I enjoy using their items.

I adore this palette as well. The beautiful colors, in the shape of feminine and delicate camellias, are wearable for most people.

*BUT*, the second my lip brush is dipped into the colors, I won’t have all the four perfect camellias anymore! Sigh. As much as I want to keep looking at them, I want to use them too! So I will just have to satisfy myself by looking at the photo here…

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(Lavshuca Color Conc Rouge PK-1)
Color Conc Rouge (10 shades) is part of the Lavshuca fall 2007 line-up. It is supposed to be a lip color that is between a lipstick and a lip gloss. It promises to have:

— the level of pigmentation of a lipstick
— a highly viscous consistency of a lip gloss
— good staying power

So, a long-lasting syrupy and pigmented lip color. Sounds very special. (I think “conc” stands for “concentration”. But please correct me if I am wrong.)

Does it fulfill the promises? No.

It is a nice gloss nonetheless, with a natural watery shine I love, and PK-1 is a very cute pink shade. But it doesn’t fair very differently from some of the other glosses I have.

I think a better description of this product is that It is a mildly syrupy and lightly pigmented gloss that imparts a watery shine with minimal shimmer, with reasonable staying power. (But some other shades could be more pigmented than PK-1.)

(the cute heart-shape dispenser)

For me, a lip gloss that is actually very close to what Color Conc Rouge promises to be is Nina Ricci‘s Tender Lacquered Lipglaze:

(Nina Ricci Tender Lacquered Lipglaze)
(photo from www.ninaricci.com)

I have #2 Rose Jupon, which is a peachy pink. Exceptionally syrupy and glassy, it is quite pigmented as a lip gloss and can cover a good deal of my natural lip color. Too bad Nina Ricci cosmetics is not available in the UK anymore.

Also, I find that Dior’s DiorKiss has a very syrupy consistency as well and some of the shades are quite pigmented.

A-Mused at Musings of a Muse has a review of Lavshuca Color Conc Rouge as well. I understand what she means by the gloss not gliding well. For me, it does take a couple more seconds to get a perfectly even finish but the application is still relatively easy.
I think it is down to the combination of the applicator and the particular consistency of the gloss, since there is no problem with Lavshuca’s Gloss Stick (with almost the same applicator).

Overall, Color Conc Rouge is still a fairly good gloss, even though it doesn’t particularly stand out from the rest of the field…

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Lavshuca Eye Color Select
Dior Diorissime palette


(Dior Diorissime Palette for fall 2007)

(with Dior Detective Chic palette from fall 2006)

In recent years, Dior has successfully merged fashion and cosmetics by bringing fashion elements into the design of seasonal limited-edition items. The Diorissime palette for fall 2007 is yet another example.

The design of the beautiful case is based on both the classic and the current Dior designs:

(Dior Pink Leather Lady Dior Bag)
(photo from fashion.dior.com)

(Dior Pink Leather Cannage Bag)
(photo from fashion.dior.com)

The one I got is 002 Seduction Drama:

(after some testing…)

From left:

deep copper, medium grey, medium brown, sheer light beige
(All have metallic shine.)
Lip Colors
sheer frosty pink with subtle green shimmer
pale blue-tinted gloss with minimal shimmer

I went for 002 (Seduction Drama) instead of 001 (Daylight Madonna) because I wanted to have a couple of darker neutrals to play with and because I am a fan of blue-tinted lip glosses. (But 001 Daylight Madonna does feature some cute pink shades as well as soft neutrals.)

As with all the Dior eyeshadows, the texture is so smooth and blending is a dream.

I was worried that the deep copper shade (on the very left) would be too warm for me as an eyeliner shade. But, blended with the grey, it becomes a very natural brown.

The grey shade is a great addition to my eyeshadow colors. It goes well with my very dark eyes and lashes, not to mention it is a trendy color for fall 2007. (Replace this with the medium brown next to it for the classic neutral look.)

The frosty pink lip color has a texture between a very creamy lipstick and a syrupy lip gloss. Very glossy and shimmery. The blue-tinted gloss goes on completely sheer. It feels like a very moisturizing lip balm which happens to have a lot of shine.

While 001 Daylight Madonna is more for daytime, 002 Seduction Drama is definitely for evening glamor.

I have been loving most of Dior’s seasonal limited-edition items. This one will also be joyfully displayed on my dresser top!

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