2007 Summer

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—————#3: Guerlain————————-

The Look: Colors in Pucci style

Key Item: Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Meteorites Powder. Put the colors from the cherry-pink and turquoise powder balls onto your face to add some bright radiance. The gorgeous packaging will add some pizazz to your dressing table as well.

—————#2: Chanel————————-

The Look: Sheer beauty.

Key Items: Contraste Lumiere palettes in Aquarelles (cool tones, reviewed here) and Morderees (warm tones). With sheer and lightly shimmery shades, these are some of the best and the most wearable lip/eye palettes from Chanel in recent seasons. The Aquarelles palette is my personal favorite, while Mordorees definitely reflects the demand for the sun-goddess look every summer.

—————#1 (Winner!): Dior————————-

The Look: Polar Contrast — water and desert.

Key Item: 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette in 130 Blue Croisette. This a beautiful palette that epitomizes this season’s trend with blue eyeshadows. Adorable pastel blue shades, some cooler and some warmer, form a lovely spectrum. Great to create a subtle gradation of tones of this season’s hottest color. If you usually stay away from blue eyeshadows but are tempted to give them a go, then this palette can be a great start.

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(continued from the previous post)

—————#6: Shu Uemura————————-

The Look: Juxtaposition of warm and cool hues.

Key Items: Sunrise Prism and Sunset Prism Eyeshadow Palettes. (Another interpretation of the sunrise/sunset theme is Chanel’s two Contraste Lumiere palettes, billed as “dawn and day” in Japan.) Not as bold as MAC’s C-Shock Collection, they are still richer than most pastel shades around. The combinations of colors are very interesting and enticing (turquoise, emerald and yellow for Sunrise Prism and orange, lilac, and gold for Sunset Prism). I’d be tempted to mix the colors from the two eye-catching palettes.

—————#5: Lavshuca————————-

The Look: A Touch of Blusher (Umm……)

Key Items: Cheek Colors. If you like to go heavy on the blusher, then they might not be right for you. (They do layer fine, but it takes time.) They impart a light wash of color. It is predominantly matte, which I like as well.

(I am not really sure how these are compared with the striped Cheek Select, which, from what I have gathered, is too sheer for most people’s liking. I think the Cheek Colors are probably more pigmented, as they certainly can’t be used as an overall face powder…)

—————#4: Lunasol————————-

The Look: Azure eyes.

Key Item: Skin Modeling Eyes in EX02 Beige Cool. This is a great palette for creating the hot look of this season: blue eyes. Instead of the bright and bold cobalt blue, the palette features a light pastel blue and a deeper and more understated dark blue. A very wearable blue eye palette.

To be continued……(see who wins the medals…)

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(Pictured: my summer 2007 makeup additions)

This week, I will present three posts that round up 2007’s summer collections, in the form of my usual Top Ten list.

We’ll start from number 10 today:

—————#10: Kate ——————–

The Look: Glistening and iridescent eyes.

Key Items: Loose Eyeshadows. All the four shades (pink, blue, gold, and silver) are quite light. The emphasis is on the sparkles. Loose eyeshadows are not commonly seen for budget brands in Japan (Majolica Majorca did have some in spring 2007), and they have been quite popular.

(I haven’t featured Kate very much in my blog. I am planning to talk more about it next month.)

—————#9: Jill Stuart ——————–

The Look: Airy and feminine.

Key Item: Brilliance Eyes in 05 Mauve Pearl. A limited edition palette from the Brilliance Eyes eyeshadow palette collection. (Two more are coming this fall!) There are soft pastel shades of pink and blue with a bold shimmery black to frame the eyes. It is a contrasting palette that works seamlessly.

—————#8: Maquillage ——————–

The Look: Eyes with soft creamy colors.

Key Items: Double Shiny Eyes. Fans of the previous PN collection will recognize this reincarnation, this time with a matching highlighting shade. Love the little drawer that holds the applicater.

—————#7: Aube (Sofina)——————–

The Look: Juicy lips bursting with shine and sparkles.

Key Items: Gloss Frutina. Sheer shades of pink, red, orange, and mint green…it is like a refreshing summer fruit bowl. If the sparkles in the lip glosses are not enough for you, the applicators are also decked with Swarovski crystals. Affordable luxuries!

To be continued

(Note: Western brands are doing well on the list this season and they will be appearing later on. Well, the clue is in the photo……)

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(Pictured: my Chanel Contraste Lumiere in Aquarelles)

I always like a nice palette. I like the weight, the size, and the sleekness of it. I am always looking for palettes with great colors inside and a look to match.

I have always loved Chanel, but, apart from one Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow palette, this is the first one I bought. I am glad that I have waited for something virtually perfect for me. I have been enjoying experimenting with pink and lilac eyeshadows for a few months now, so it is exciting to see both colors in the palette. Also, the lip glosses have various cool-pink tones that really suit me. Out of almost all the seasonal palettes from Chanel in the past couple of years, this is definitely my favorite.

(four lip glosses and two eyeshadows)

The colors of the two eyeshadows really compliment each other and they can be worn in many different ways. The finish is sheer and semi-matte with some very subtle shimmer. The lip glosses give a wonderfully natural sheen to the lips. All these sheer hues are great for a touch of color in the hot summer.

I think summer is actually a great time to wear cool tones. So give them a go!

(There is another version of the palette (in Mordorees), which features various warm tones for a sun-kissed complexion.)

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(pictured: my Jill Stuart stash)

First of all, take a look at the visual ad for this collection. I have heard several people say that it is the best one for Jill Stuart cosmetics to date. It is certainly very soft, pretty, and feminine. (Please note that the link might not work after the Jill Stuart Fall 2007 collection comes out.)

It is not an extensive collection, but it has a bit of everything. The limited-edition eye palette is a new addition to the wonderful Brilliance Eyes collection. (It is one of the most sparkling eyeshadow palettes I have ever used. I’ve reviewed mine here.)

It also includes two Lip Lusters and two Jelly Eye Colors. There are also five nail colors and nail art stickers (both limited editions).

Instead of the bold and colorful tropical looks that many brands usually feature for summer, Jill Stuart goes for the ultra-gentle and breezy look for the steamy hot weather. With the beautiful packaging and luminous shades, they will sell!

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(pictured from top: DiorKiss 208 Mint Lemonade,
DiorKiss 198 Plum Tart,
Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Lip Gloss 03 Sparking Sea)

There are all the usual lip gloss colors: red, pink, coral, plum and beige. But once in a while you see some seemingly wacky shades of yellow, green, and blue, and you might think “Why?”

This season, at least three major brands have come up with their versions of blue lip gloss. Dior has added a light blue shade into their DiorKiss range, while one of the limited-edition items in the Guerlain by Emilio Pucci collection is a sparkling blue lip gloss. Benefit has also come up with California Kissin’, another blue lip gloss.

On the Benefit website and various other places (like the American Vogue), blue-tinted lip glosses are claimed to be able to make teeth appear whiter. But I am not really convinced of this and that’s not the reason why I buy blue lip glosses.

First of all, I like blue lip glosses because I like all colors in the aquamarine-turquoise spectrum (as you might have seen in my A Splash of Color – Aqua Blue post). When I see blue-tinted lip glosses, I am instantly drawn to them and it is as if I could see tropical ocean in a tube. Love it.

Secondly, I do actually use them. What blue-tinted lip glosses do is that they subtly bounce/balance off the red in the lips and therefore give a beautiful transparency to the lips. So they are essentially a version of sheer lip glosses (your lips will NOT look blue). But because of the blue tint, the effect is sheerer than sheer. The lips appear see-through and jelly-like and, in most cases, more plumped. Again, love it.

Also, Kevyn Aucoin’s blue lip gloss (Liquid Cyber Lips in Alurabliss) is said to be able to add depth and dimension to the lips to make them look fuller. (It is basically the same idea in different words.) You can see the actual tube here.

(In a similar vein, the reason why brands like Shu Uemura has a pastel blue loose powder is that it gives a clear and transparent look to the face.)

Onto the blue lip glosses I have:

DiorKiss 198 Plum Tart:
This is a limited-edition item in spring 2005. It has small glitters of various colors. As with all DiorKiss lip glosses, it gives a really glassy and syrupy finish.

Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Lip Gloss 03 Sparkling Sea:
It has very sparse blue and green glitters and creates a wet sheen on the lips (not as glassy as DiorKiss). (Limited edition for summer 2007.)

DiorKiss 208 Mint Lemonade:
Again, very glassy and reflective. It has some subtle green shimmer. (Limited edition for summer 2007)

All in all, blue lip glosses are not bizarre. If you come across any of them, give it a go. Who knows…you might love it too!


Chanel Summer 2007 Collection

by PJ on Friday, May 18, 2007

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(pictured: part of my Chanel stash)

Chanel is one of my favorite cosmetics brands, and there is quite a wide selection of new items to look forward to from its summer 2007 collection:

2 Rouge Allure lipsticks
2 Aqualumiere lipsticks
2 Glossimer lip glosses
2 Joues Contraste blushers
2 Ombre D’Eau liquid eyeshadows
2 single-color eyeshadows
1 4-color eyeshadow palette

There is also a new tinted bronzing gel.

Most of these new colors feature shades of beige, brown, and warm pink. I would prefer a more diverse selection of colors, but, nonetheless, it is definitely a very wearable collection.

The one product I will definitely be testing is the limited-edition Contraste Lumiere Multi-Colour Palette. It includes four lip colors and two eyeshadows. The rich warm hues look great for summer. (Plus, I always like a beautiful palette.)

In Asia, there is another version of the palette. The lip color shades are cooler and so are the eyeshadows (cool pink and lilac). I have to say I like this even more! The colors look soft and feminine, and I happen to have been very interested in lilac and pink eyeshadows these few months.

I think the Chanel Makeup Studio in London’s Harvey Nichols might have it very soon, as it often stocks items only available in Japan or in Asia. I’d definitely hope so!

[Edited on May 19 2007: I just learned that both Contraste Lumiere palettes (called Aquarelles and Mordorees) will be available in the UK.]


Dior Summer 2007 Collection

by PJ on Wednesday, May 9, 2007

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(Pictured: my own Dior stash)

Dior‘s summer 2007 collection is a feast of colors, and there is a wonderful balance between cool and warm tones. It is one of the best summer collections I have seen so far.

Dior Summer Play, lip color in a dice, is the sister to Dior Play, which was part of the Christmas collection back in 2005. This time, the dice has a bronzed and metallic exterior with a faux-leather string. One features a very sheer pink and the other has a slightly more opaque coral.

The two eye palettes are so gorgeous. 130 (Blue Croisette) includes a stunning selection of soft blue/lavender hues, while 440 (Sunset Cafe) has flattering shades of gold and brown.

I always want to see more interesting colors from DiorKiss lipglosses, and I have got my wish this season. The colors look fresh and remind me of tropical fruit. (I just bought the one in Mint Lemonade (#208) and I will review it later on.)

Blushers, bronzers, lipsticks, an eyeliner, and a mascara complete this very extensive collection, which creates a soft and sultry look with light pastel shades for both eyes and lips. The array of colors is a joy to behold, and you can get the whole summer look with this collection. Have fun trying everything on!


(pictured: my Lunasol stash)

Blue is going to be so in for this coming summer, and Lunasol’s summer 2007 collection reflects this trend. Aqua and navy blue take the center stage among a shimmering beige and bronze backdrop. It is a collection with a clear identity.

The collection includes:

two eye palettes (beige and blue)
three eye colors (jelly-texture; white, beige, and blue)
one bronzing powder
three mascaras
three lipglosses
three nail colors

I think the blue eye palette will be a hit. All the jelly eye colors will probably be hugely popular too, as jelly- or mousse-textured eyeshadows are selling very well in Asia at the moment.

The collection is out on May 11 in Japan. All are limited-editions apart from the lipglosses and nail colors.


(pictured: my Lavshuca stash)

One of the summer launches that I am really looking forward to is Lavshuca‘s collection. Without a clear color scheme, the main focus is on the 11 new colors of Jewel Lips and the launch of a new blusher collection (packaged in the same way as the single eye color).

The collection includes:

Two Jelly Pot Eye Colors (brown and silver)
Four Cheek Colors
Three Nail Colors
Eleven Jewel Lips

As always, the packaging is cute and princessy, just how I love it!

The launch of the cute little Jewel Lips this spring has obviously been so successful that Lavshuca is bringing out 11 more colors. I have got two of them and I will be reviewing them later this month.

As a blusher lover (hence the name of my blog!), I am also excited about the new blushers. I wasn’t keen on the previous Cheek Select. I think I might get one of these new ones.

More new summer 2007 items next time!

(Edited: You can read my Lavshuca brand review here.)