2009 Holiday

(continued from Part 1 and Part 2)

Happy Christmas everyone! Today I will conclude my holiday 2009 makeup top 10 countdown.

3. Lunasol

(image from www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/lunasol)

I really like the white packaging of Lunasol’s Party Coffret 2009. Lunasol usually brings out neutral-toned eyeshadow palettes for the holiday season (which can be a little repetitive for Lunasol fans), so I like the fact that there is a pink shade in this year’s eye palette. The collection also includes other items for the face, lips, and nails.

2. Jill Stuart

(image from jillstuart-beauty.com.tw)

The holiday season is probably the perfect time to indulge in some ultra-prettiness, and Jill Stuart’s Sweetness Collection is more than suitable for the purpose. It is a very pink set, with pink makeup shades as well as pink makeup accessories. The pouch might look a little too frilly for some people, but I personally really like it.

1. Dior

(image from www.dior.com)

Dior has had some good holiday collections over the years, but I think its 2009 holiday collection is among the best. The gorgeous Cristal Boréal includes four Aurore Boréale crystals, which reflect light beautifully and have a nice depth to them. But it is not the only highlight of the collection, as there are some lovely purple-toned and soft neutral-toned eyeshadows. For me, this is a solid and memorable holiday collection from Dior.

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(continued from Part 1)

6. Max Factor

(image from www.maxfactor.jp)

Some beauty lines in Japan let customers choose what they want in the holiday makeup kits. For holiday 2009, Max Factor offers the Foundation Set and the Color Makeup Set. With the Foundation Set, customers can go for one foundation and one makeup base, while they can choose one eyeshadow palette and one mascara for the Color Makeup Set. There are also two makeup pouches to choose from, and I think both look very lovely.

5. Anna Sui

(image from www.annasui-cosmetics.com)

There are some very collectible items in Anna Sui’s holiday 2009 collection. The Hand Mirror Eye Color Palette and the Hand Mirror Lip Color Palette are especially eye-catching. (I am sure they are popular with Anna Sui fans.) The makeup case also looks quite princessy.

4. Magie Deco

(image from www.cosme.net)

Since Magie Deco was launched in 2007, it has been bringing out makeup sets for the holiday season. For 2009, Magie Deco Coffret III includes a very pretty eyeshadow palette, with colors such as beige gold, light pink, and deep purple. The set also contains a pressed powder and a powder brush. This is probably my favorite holiday makeup set from Magie Deco, which is very closely followed by the 2007 coffret. (See the 2007 coffret here and the one for 2008 here.)

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It is hard to believe that 2009 is coming to an end. Before we celebrate the arrival of 2010, it is now time to present my favorite holiday 2009 collections.

10. Coffret D’Or

(image from www.nikkei.co.jp)

For me, 2009 is another good year for Kanebo’s Coffret D’Or and the line is still as exciting as it was last year. This year’s LuxuLight Collection palettes contain eyeshadows and lip colors, like last year’s The Party Makeup Collection. The colors are housed in a lovely case with a festive vibe.

9. Aube Couture

(image from fanet.jp)

Another makeup palette for eyes and lips. The Designing Jewel Compacts feature four variations to choose from, which are more than the usual one or two from holiday makeup palettes from Japanese beauty lines. The eyeshadows are arranged in the case in the same way as those in the usual eye palettes (Designing Eyes) from the line.

8. Sonia Rykiel

(image from fanet.jp)

I like Sonia Rykiel’s signature multi-colored stripes and it is nice to see them on Palettes Yeux Couleurs. The collection also includes two makeup sets, both including purple packaging for the makeup items and a purple makeup case.

7. Paul & Joe

(image from www.paul-joe-beaute.com)

Paul & Joe also brought out purple packaging for holiday 2009. The purple and gold cases are both on-trend and glamorous. Paul & Joe’s makeup is known for wearable colors, and most of these items are certainly very easy to wear. (See my review of some of the items in the collection here.) The collection also includes the new Lip Lacquer, the re-launched fragrances (Blanc and Bleu), the new bodycare items, and Cosmetic Pouch III, which are regular items.

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(image from Trish McEvoy)

One feature that Trish McEvoy is known for is the Makeup Planner System, which combines Makeup Planners (makeup pouches with binder rings) and Makeup Planner Pages (refillable palettes). Today I am reviewing the limited-edition Bejeweled Makeup Planner Collection for holiday 2009.

The set contains a Petite Refillable Makeup Page, which holds up to eight eyeshadows and can be filed into the Planner.

The palette includes:

Eye Definer in Deep Aubergine: dark brown-toned purple (matte)
Eye Definer in Amethyst: dark violet (with sparse shimmer)
Glaze Eye Shadow in Sable Bronze: light-to-medium warm beige (softly metallic)
Eye Shadow in Delicate Pink: gently pigmented off-white pink (matte)
Blush in Easy Going: soft warm pink (glowy matte with very subtle shimmer)
Bronzer in Dual Resort: pale beige (shimmery) and brown-toned beige (mildly shimmery)

I personally really like Glaze Eye Shadow in Sable Bronze and Blush in Easy Going. Sable Bronze has a flattering sheen which doesn’t look flat or frosty, and the shade has a natural warmth to it. (It doesn’t look ashy or too bronze.) The blusher adds a soft and natural flush to the cheeks. The powder is smooth and velvety and is very easy to apply.

Overall I think this palette is more suitable for those with a light or light-to-medium complexion, as Sable Bronze, the blusher, and the bronzer might be too subtle for those with darker skin tones.

Eye Base Essentials is an eyeshadow base with quite a creamy texture. The shade included in the set is Bare, which is a pale beige with a pink undertone. It has sufficient pigment to even out the skin tone in the eyelid areas. It also contains ingredients to provide additional moisture for the eyelids, such as hydrogenated vegetable oil and bees wax.

The set also includes Beauty Booster SPF 15 Lip Gloss in Brightening Pink. It is a moderately pigmented cool berry pink with no shimmer. The color looks quite bright in the tube, but, as it is not too pigmented, it looks considerably more natural on the lips. It creates a vinyl-like glossy finish, which lasts well.

It contains avobenzone, which provides protection against UVA rays, and it is fragrance-free. It contains peppermint oil, which might be a concern for some people. But it is the last ingredient on the ingredient list, and it doesn’t feel tingly or cause discomfort or irritation when I wear it on my bare lips. (It only feels very mildly cooling.)

All the items are housed in a limited-edition White and Black Quilted Petite Makeup Planner. (It measures 11.5cm x 15cm x 7.5cm approximately.) The planner contains a small see-through pouch, which fits snugly in the Planner (as seen in the photo at the top).

Except Eye Shadow in Delicate Pink, which is not on Trish McEvoy’s website as an individual product, all the makeup shades in this set are available individually. I think this is a very nicely edited set with well-coordinated and easy-to-wear colors which are quality basics and can suit various occasions.

In the UK, this set is exclusive to Harvey Nichols.

(The product featured in this article is provided by Trish McEvoy.)

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Earlier I posted the information on SUQQU‘s holiday 2009 collection. The collection features three limited-edition makeup kits, two for eyes and one for lips/nails. Today I am reviewing Christmas Makeup Kit A.

SUQQU Christmas Makeup Kit A includes Blend Eyeshadow in EX-06, Eye Lucent in EX-03, and a makeup bag.

Blend Eyeshadow in EX-06 is a cool-toned neutral palette. The case has the same deep violet shade as that of the other SUQQU Blend Eyeshadow palettes plus the snowflake details.

The four shades are (clock-wise from bottom right):

– moderately pigmented off-white with a pale yellow-toned pearly finish (base shade)
– pigmented dark brown with soft shimmer and a copper undertone
– sheer pale mauve with fine multi-colored shimmer
– pigmented medium warm grey with a soft pearly finish

SUQQU’s eyeshadows are renowned for their beautiful blendability, and, again, these shades blend seamlessly. Most of SUQQU’s eyeshadows are not very shimmery, and the Blend Eyeshadow palettes usually have either a softly glowy or a gently shimmery finish. EX-06, however, is overall more shimmery than many other Blend Eyeshadow palettes. If you like SUQQU eyeshadows but prefer them to be more shimmery, this palette is worth a look.

Compared with Blend Eyeshadow in #10 that I reviewed earlier this year, all the shades in EX-06 are more shimmery or pearly. The base is a lot more pearly, the lining shade looks a lot less matte, the lightening shade has more shimmer than pigment, and the warm grey has marginally more shimmer than the soft taupe in #10.

Also, the warm grey is more pigmented than the soft taupe in #10. This makes EX-06 more versatile, and it is easier to create a smoky-eye look with it. (But #10 is overall warmer and suits my warm-toned complexion better.)

The look that EX-06 creates is both chic and sophisticated. You can create a clean and demure look or a very sensuous look, depending on how you work the warm grey in particular.

If the finish of EX-06 is still not shimmery enough for you, you can layer Eye Lucent in EX-03 on top of EX-06. Eye Lucent is a loose powder eyeshadow, and it is one of the most shimmery eye makeup items from SUQQU. Two limited-edition shades (EX-01 and EX-02) were available back in spring 2008. EX-03 is a pale pink with a very pearly finish and very dynamic multi-colored shimmer.

One little nice touch I want to mention is that the seal stretches to the wall and the edge of the sifter (at the upper right edge of the pot in the photo above) with no glue underneath the extended part. With many seals that are firmly glued to the bottom of the sifters, I sometimes have to work hard to peel them off (and make a tiny mess). Little touches like this (at which Japanese consumer products excel) make things just a little bit easier.

The powder comes with a mini puff. It is particularly useful if you want to pack on the shimmer. If you want a sheer veil of shimmer, use an eyeshadow brush instead.

Christmas Makeup Kit A also includes a makeup bag. (It measures 12.5cm x 16.5cm x 6cm approximately.) I like the fact that the zippers come all the way down to the sides, which makes the bag easier and much less fiddly to use.

SUQQU’s holiday 2009 collection also includes Christmas Makeup Kit B (with a lip color palette, a nail color, and a makeup bag) and Christmas Makeup Kit C (with a mascara, a cream eyeliner, the popular eyelash curler, and a makeup bag).

(The product featured in this article is provided by SUQQU.)

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(image from www.thierrymuglerbeauty.com)

I stopped by Selfridges earlier this week and spotted items from Thierry Mugler‘s makeup collection. The items were displayed alongside Thierry Mugler’s fragrances in the fragrance hall.

There were only a few items (for eyes and lips), and there were no base makeup products. It seems that these items are marketed in the UK as a limited-edition holiday collection. (Thierry Mugler Beauty’s Facebook page has more information on the collection.)

If you are interested in Thierry Mugler’s makeup items, do have a look at this great review written by my friend Lynn.


(Pearl Powder in 01)

In October, I featured information on Paul & Joe‘s holiday 2009 collection, which includes makeup, fragrance, and bodycare products. Today I am reviewing two items from the collection as well as Pearl Powder in 01 (released in 2008).

Pearl Powder is a loose powder eyeshadow that feels soft and lightweight. 01 is a sheer pale beige with a very light-reflective pearly finish and multi-colored shimmer.
It goes on much lighter than how it looks in the jar, and it is a brightening color that doesn’t create a shadow. It mainly shows up as a veil of pearly shimmer.

It can be used as an eyeshadow base if you like quite shimmery eyeshadow bases. Also, as a pale beige that happens to be quite sheer, it can also be used very light-handedly as a highlighter for the face or as a shimmering powder for the body.

Pencil Eye Liner in 001 is a dark blue-black. It has a velvety finish with a hint of shimmer. It goes on relatively smoothly and is waterproof. The staying power is satisfactory. (There can be minimal movement after a day’s wear.)

It is lovely to see purple, one of my favorite colors and a trendy makeup/fashion shade in the last few seasons, used in Paul & Joe’s holiday makeup pouch for 2009
(Pouch C IV). The purple goes well with the gold, and it nicely shows off the satiny sheen of the fabric. As I mentioned in the earlier post on the collection, I would have liked the gold pattens to be a little more delicate.

Paul & Joe’s holiday 2009 collection also includes two eyeshadow palettes, two new Pearl Powders, the other (of the two) Pencil Eye Liner, and two highlighting powders, and all these items, along with those two reviewed above, are limited editions. On the other hand, the new Lip Lacquer, the re-launched fragrances (Blanc and Bleu), the new bodycare items, and Cosmetic Pouch III are regular items.

(The products featured in this article are provided by Paul & Joe.)

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I always look forward to Dior’s seasonal makeup collections, especially the limited-edition Star Products. Sometimes I am excited by the Star Products, and sometimes I am underwhelmed. For me, Dior’s holiday 2009 collection is probably one of the best holiday collections that Dior has brought out, and Cristal Boréal Crystal Gloss Jewel is certainly one of the reasons why I love the collection.

One thing I like about Cristal Boréal is that it is housed in a proper box, which does justice to the Swarovski crystals on the oval-shaped pendant. I am not really a fan of the velvety pouches that Dior’s seasonal limited-edition items usually come in, as they get dusty very easily. It is good to see Cristal Boréal much better presented. (As one of my readers, Kiks, so rightly said, this time it is more Dior than Dior Beauty.)

Four of the crystals are Aurore Boréale crystals. They reflect the light in colorful hues and they all have a nice depth to them.

According to the information leaflet (that comes with the pendant), the pendant features 52 Swarovski crystals.There are 52 crystals on the pendant itself already (I have counted them), so I am not entirely sure whether the one on the metal tag is also a Swarovski crystal.

(the back of the pendant)

The pendant contains a lip gloss, which is available in two shades (silver and pink). I went for the pink one (#251 Pink Crystal). Both shades are quite sheer and they mainly show up as subtly multi-colored shimmer.

The pendant flips open on both sides. There is no mirror, but the inside of the lid and the back of the pendant can work as mirrors.

Dior’s makeup accessories are usually statement pieces, and Cristal Boréal continues the tradition. While the Princess Ring is still my favorite seasonal Star Product from Dior, Cristal Boréal is among my favorites too.

I also like some of the other items in Dior’s holiday 2009 collection. (It is a very purple-toned collection.) The two 5-Color Iridescent Eyeshadow palettes are quite stunning. I prefer the softer Purple Crystal (which looks similar to 129 Pearly Lilac in the Lilas Addiction collection, which has not been available in the UK), even though the orchid purple in Smoky Crystal is my favorite shade in the whole collection.

(Purple Crystal)
(image from www.dior.com)

(Smoky Crystal)
(image from www.dior.com)

Another item I tested is Cristal Boréal Cristal Eyeshadow in Purple Gem. It is a low-key medium purple with sparse glitters. Personally, I would like it better if it didn’t have the glitters.

(image from www. dior.com)

Overall, with purples and greys, this is another trend-sensitive collection from Dior. (It is a good extension from Dior’s fall 2009 collection.) The two Cristal Boréal shades might not be very original, but I think they do have a solid collectibility factor.

Updated on November 23rd, 2009:

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(images/info from www.soniarykiel-cosmetics.com)

Purple is a very popular color for holiday 2009, and Sonia Rykiel is using it in both the makeup items and the packaging for the limited-edition Exquise collection, which will be launched in Japan on December 1st. (See Sonia Rykiel’s holiday 2009 releases in November here.)

The Exquise collection includes:

Sweet Cute Set:
– Poudre Visage 2009 (Face Powder)
– Glossy Lip Color 2009 001
– original vanity pouch

Sweet Pure Set:
– Poudre Visage 2009 (Face Powder)
– Glossy Lip Color 2009 002
– original vanity pouch

– Nail Color L (3 shades)

More purples for holiday 2009:



Paul & Joe


Stash Update: Dior Holiday 2009

by PJ on Tuesday, November 3, 2009

in -Dior, 2009 Holiday, makeup, stash focus

(image from www.dior.com)

I stopped by my local Boots to see Dior’s Holiday 2009 collection yesterday, and I was very pleased that the Cristal Boréal Crystal Gloss Jewel did look lovely in person. I didn’t have enough Boots points to use on Lady Dior back in spring, but I did this time with Cristal Boréal. (I got the one in 251 Pink Crystal.)

I haven’t opened it yet (I am trying to savor the anticipation), but I will be bringing you my thoughts on it and some of the other items in the collection within the next couple of weeks.