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Kao Sofina Primavista Face Powder Keep and Reset Spring Summer 2009 Base Makeup 1


Today, my Stash Debut series continues with Primavista!

Primavista is a base make line from Kao Sofina. It was launched in fall 2008 to replace (my beloved) Raycious. I had a chance to try Powder Foundation Moist Touch and a kind friend shared a couple of other items with me as well, but Face Powder (Keep & Reset) was my first purchase from the line. (See here for information on and reviews of products from Primavista Ange, a sub-line of Primavista).

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Shiseido Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover Spring Summer 2009 Base Makeup 1


With base makeup items from Japanese brands, there seems to be an endless cycle of renewing and revamping as many products are replaced with updated versions within two or three years. Of course, there are exceptions, and Majolica Majorca‘s Pressed Pore Cover is one of them.

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RMK Ingenious Jelly Eyes JE-03 Mint Blue Summer 2009 Makeup 1


I went to Harrods earlier this month to see if there were items on sale at Paul & Joe. (The Paul & Joe counter at Fenwick closed in May.) There was no sale item this time. Instead, there was a 10% discount on all items. I left without any purchase (but I am certainly looking forward to the brand’s fall 2014 makeup collection). I then stopped by Selfridges and saw some RMK eyeshadows and blushers on sale. This was expected, since the brand released Ingenious Powder Eyes N and Ingenious Powder Cheeks N this summer to replace all the previous eyeshadow and blusher singles.

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A Splash of Color Lilting Lilac 3 1


It has been a very long time since I brought you the last A Splash of Color post (Sensuous Plum). Today I am finally back with more, and of course it has to be lilac.

My More Lilting Lilac was back in May 2008. In the last year or so, I have been in my warm-neutral phase and one of my only new purple purchases is the new 3D Glossy Eyes in 04 Pink Violet from Coffret d’Or (which I will review later). But I have got quite a few purple items in the last three years. Here are some of the new additions of lilac, mauve, and violet:

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Chanel Summer 2009 Tokyo Happening Levres Scintillantes Glossimer 387 Wish 1


I didn’t think I would be able to get this……

Chanel’s Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer in 387 Wish is from the brand’s limited-edition Tokyo Happening collection in summer 2009. The initial news I came across was that the collection was exclusive to Japan and Taiwan. There was then further news that it would be available in America.

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The Color Mixing Eyes (/幻妝眼彩盒) series is part of Kanebo Coffret D’Or‘s summer 2009 makeup collection. Even though 04 Lavender Purple Mix, which I tried first, was not my favorite Coffret D’Or palette, I liked it enough to want to try another one. Also, I was looking for eye palettes with warm neutrals, so I decided to pick up 01 Orange Brown Mix.

The four shades in this palette:

Bottom left: sheer off-white with soft shimmer
Top left: moderately pigmented warm champagne gold with a mildly sparkly finish
Top right: moderately pigmented light-to-medium bronze with soft shimmer
Bottom right: pigmented dark brown with mild shimmer

One of the reasons I decided to go for Orange Brown Mix is that I wanted to try something a little warmer than Coffret D’Or’s 3D Lighting Eyes in Gold Variation. Orange Brown Mix did turn out to be substantially warmer. Between the two champagne golds, the one in Orange Brown Mix is slightly warmer. The bronze in Orange Brown Mix is also warmer than the neutral (not too warm/cool) gold in Gold Variation.

(Even though, with Color Mixing Eyes, the two colors on top of the palettes are supposed to be mixed together, I tend to use them separately for more versatility.)

The light-to-medium bronze can look a little too bronze-y on me at first. But after half an hour or so, the color relaxes and merges with the skin tone. Still looking very warm, it is more of a soft orange-toned bronze than a true bronze.

When the champagne gold and the bronze are mixed together, the champagne gold adds a touch of coolness to the bronze. Plus, the different sizes of shimmery particles give the mixture a nice dimension.

It is hard to decide whether I prefer Orange Brown Mix or Gold Variation. Orange Brown Mix is more vibrant and summery, while Gold Variation is more understated and elegant. They suit different needs and different moods. But, in terms of the texture of the powder and the overall finish, I slightly prefer Gold Variation. The powder is very silky and the gold shade has a beautiful pearly finish.

Overall, Orange Brown Mix is a nice eye palette for warmer months, as the shades bring a summery warmth to the eyes and help brighten up the face. But I think some people will like the palette for winter for exactly the same reason. While I will go back to this palette (regardless of the seasons) from time to time, I will continue to explore warm neutral-toned palettes.

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(image from www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/coffretdor)

I have got Coffret D’Or’s Jewelicious Eyes in 05 Purple Amethyst (from spring 2010) and Color Mixing Eyes in 01 Orange Brown Mix (from summer 2009).

I will review the Jewelicious Eyes palette first later on since it is this season’s item.


Jill Stuart‘s Jelly Eye Color was a very popular item in the brand’s makeup lineup. Earlier this year, the new Jelly Eye Color N was released. I was instantly drawn to the lovely container. The previous version was cute, while the new one is more ornate.

08 Crystal Sky is a medium-to-dark mauve that has a slight grey undertone, and it is a color that I didn’t have before. (The purples I tend to go for are lighter than this.) It has a lot of sparkly particles, which are silver-toned under sunlight and beautifully multi-colored under certain kinds of artificial lighting. The particles are sparkly but not glittery.

It has a spongy jelly texture and is relatively easy to apply with fingertips. It dries up quite quickly, so blending has to be swift. Once it sets, the color is very long-lasting and it doesn’t crease on my eyes. The sparkly finish holds well too.

It has the same light floral scent as that in many of Jill Stuart’s makeup products. It is subtle and not overpowering.

For me, the shade is a little too dark and too sparkly to be worn as a shadowing shade on the lids (especially for daytime makeup). It is the kind of shade that I would usually only wear near the lashlines, and obviously it is difficult to keep the color very close to the eyes when I apply it with my fingertips. I find it much easier to use a cotton bud or a sponge eyeshadow applicator to apply the shade exactly where I want. Then I use the fingertips to blend and blur the edges.

I do really like it very close to my lashlines. As a soft eyelining shade, it is dark enough to gently frame and accentuate the eyes while still looking natural. The sparkles also look subtler this way.

I have mentioned before that I do prefer powder eyeshadows to non-powder ones. It is still the case with Jill Stuart’s Jelly Eye Color N and my powder eyeshadows, but I think Jelly Eye Color N’s formula does help hold the sparkly particles on the eyes. (There is almost no sparkle fallout.) If you like sparkly or very shimmery eyeshadows, Jelly Eye Color N is certainly worth your consideration.

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(image from www.jillstuart-beauty.com)

I have got Jill Stuart’s Jelly Eye Color N in 08 Crystal Sky a while back. It is a color that I haven’t really tried before, and I will be posting my thoughts in the next few days.


(RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes in P-13 Purple)

Last month, I reviewed RMK’s Ingenious Powder Cheeks, which is part of RMK’s makeup revamp this May. Today I am sharing my thoughts on three shades of the new Ingenious Powder Eyes.

As I mentioned earlier, the shade names of the new blushers and eyeshadows put the items into various categories. With Ingenious Powder Eyes, there are DK (dark), BR (brown), P (pearlescent), SH (shimmery) and ME (metallic) shades. (There is also Ingenious Jelly Eyes, with all shade names beginning with JE.) The three shades I am reviewing here are from different categories.

P-13 Purple is a moderately pigmented medium-to-light purple that has a soft pearly finish with subtly multi-colored shimmer. It goes on slightly cooler than it looks in the pan. The powder is smooth and silky and it is very easy to apply and blend. It can create both a sheer and a slightly more intense look when layered, and I particularly like the delicate shimmer of the finish.

Compared with SH-07 Shiny Purple that I had a chance to try at the counter, SH-07, as I remember, is slightly darker and has a more dimensional finish (possibly due to the shimmery particles of varying sizes). But P-13 is by no means flat. It has a gentler finish compared with SH-07.

BR-03 Brown is a pigmented semi-matte brown with a hint of shimmer. It goes on slightly warmer than it looks in the pan, and it doesn’t turn grey or ashy overtime. It can be used as an effective depth-enhancing shadowing color for the eyelids or as a subtle eye-lining color. If you are looking for brown-toned essentials for your eyeshadow collection, this is definitely worth a look.

The shades in the ME (Metallic) category are among the most sparkly eyeshadows that I have come across in Japanese cosmetics. ME-05 Metallic Green is a very sparkly light warm green. The shade is mainly composed of sparkly particles (with only a little bit of pigment), and the green finish is mostly from the sparkles. (There are also hints of sparkles of other shades.)

I was worrying about the sparkle fallout when I was trying it for the first time, but it was not as bad as I had expected. The sparkles stayed on my eyelids with just a slight fallout after a day’s wear. Considering the size of the sparkles, I think the shade lasts quite well.

P-13 and BR-03 come with brush applicators and ME-05 comes with a sponge applicator. All three shades are easy to apply and last relatively well.

Overall these are quality items. I also like the shade categories. Once we are familiar with the various finishes, we know more or less what to expect when new shades are added to the lineup. If you have a chance to stop by the RMK counter, do have a play with all the different shades of Ingenious Powder Eyes.

(In the UK, RMK counters can be found at Selfridges London Oxford Street and Selfridges Trafford Centre Manchester. You can check out this page on the RMK Global website for all the RMK counters in and outside Japan.)

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