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Bobbi Brown Summer 2014 Makeup 5

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There is something quite Japanese about Bobbi Brown’s Surf & Sand Eye Palettes for summer 2014. Japanese beauty lines, such as Lunasol, often release eyeshadow palettes with warm neutrals and those with combinations of neutrals and greens/blues for summer, and the Surf & Sand Eye Palettes remind me of them.

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Bobbi Brown Summer 2014 Makeup 1

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Among the summer 2014 makeup items from Bobbi Brown, the upcoming Surf and Sand Eye Palettes have caught my attention.

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My natural makeup recommendations continue with items for cheeks and lips. (See my recommendations on eye makeup here.)

Items for Cheeks

Sometimes, when you don’t have time to deal with eye makeup, using a blusher can really give the face an instant lift. The key is to use a shade that is as close to your natural flush as possible. I personally prefer moderately pigmented blushers without visible shimmer and those that are either matte or luminous matte.

RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks in MT-02 Light Pink (top)

It is marginally the lightest and the most cool-toned of the three blushers featured here. The brush included in the compact is very soft and easy to use, making this item very suitable for touch-ups away from home.

Lavshuca Cheek Color in PK-1 (left)

This is the kind of default PK blusher shade which we expect from most Japanese makeup lines. The sparse pink-toned shimmery particles visible in the pan is not visible when worn.

Boots No. 7 Cheek Colour in 25 Petal (right)

It is slightly warmer than the other two and has a very soft peach undertone. It is among my favorite blushers from non-Japanese brands. This shade is particularly good for spring and summer when most of us pick up a little bit of warmth on our complexions.

Items for Lips

SUQQU Blend Lipstick in 16 Mizuka (upper left)

Go for this shade if you like a warm milky nude-pink for the lips. I usually dislike nude shades for the lips (I don’t think they are flattering), but this shade has enough pink in it so that it looks gentle and natural.

Maquillage Lasting Climax Rouge in RS310 (right)

Go for this shade if you want more color for the lips. It is a warm-toned rose and is more pigmented than the SUQQU lipstick featured here. It can be layered for more vibrancy.

Makemania Curvy Lip Silicone in 501 (bottom left)

The ultimate clear lip gloss. It has a very good lip-magnifying effect. (It does not achieve the effect with skin-irritating ingredients that dilate the blood vessels.) I also like the spatula applicator.

Bobbi Brown Brightening Lip Gloss in Popsicle (bottom)

This is one of Bobbi Brown’s new items for spring 2010. It is a gentle warm pink that should be flattering for most people. It is softly pigmented but the color does show up on the lips. It has a long-lasting glossy finish with a touch of shimmer.

The final part features my recommendations on base makeup.

(Items from Bobbi Brown, RMK, and SUQQU featured in this post are provided by their respective companies.)

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YSL Golden Gloss in 03 Golden Pink

Blue-Tinted Lip Glosses


Bobbi Brown recently launched the Makeup Facelift collection, which aims to create a bright and well-rested complexion. The collection includes both existing and new items, and today I am highlighting two Brightening Lip Glosses in this collection (one existing shade and one new shade).

Pink Lilac (existing shade, right in photo) is a soft cool pink with a very subtle hint of lilac, and Popsicle (new shade) is a medium-to-warm pink. Both have a low-to-medium pigmentation level, but the colors are pigmented enough to show up on the lips.

They have very fine shimmering particles which are predominantly silver-toned. The finish is gently pearly without frostiness. The glossy vinyl finish that they have lasts very well.

Color-wise, between the two, I prefer Popsicle. The warm pink looks very natural and brings a touch of liveliness to the face, which is part of the aim of the collection, and I think this shade should suit most complexions. Pink Lilac is relatively paler and should suit slightly lighter complexions.

The Makeup Facelift collection also features Eye Shadow in Navajo. It used to be a limited-edition shade that was only available in the Basics Eye Palette in Bobbi Brown’s holiday 2008 collection, but it is now available as an individual shade. You can see the mention of the shade here.

(The products featured in this article are provided by Bobbi Brown.)

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YSL Golden Gloss in 03 Golden Pink


(image from Bobbi Brown)

Beach is one of the fragrance ranges from Bobbi Brown. It includes Shower Gel, Body Oil and Sunscreen Body Spray SPF 15. Today I am reviewing the Body Lotion from the range.

Bobbi Brown Beach Body Lotion is a relatively lightweight body moisturizer. It has a lightly creamy consistency and it is easy to spread. It moisturizes the skin well and doesn’t leave the skin greasy. It keeps the skin soft and the moisture is relatively long-lasting.

Some of its main moisturizing ingredients include aloe leaf juice, jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil, olive fruit oil and glycerine. The product also contains green tea leaf extract and vitamin E.

It features the scent from the Beach fragrance, which includes notes of jasmine and mandarin. Even though it is not too heavily scented, for me personally, the scent surprisingly took a bit of getting used to (considering the fact that I do like jasmine and mandarin notes). Perhaps this is because I usually shower in the evening and I find the scent to be slightly too zingy and invigorating for the evening. But it is certainly a fresh and summery scent.

The product is free of alcohol and parabens.

If you like the Beach fragrance, the Beach Body Lotion should be an appealing body moisturizer for spring, summer and fall. It should suit all skin types except very dry skin.

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Bobbi Brown‘s Sheer Color Cheek Tint is part of the brand’s summer 2009 Nautical collection. The cream-based stick blusher is available in six shades, and today I am featuring Sheer Coral.

Sheer Coral is a warm pink that is not too peachy or coral, and it has warm-toned shimmering particles. The shade should suit those with a slightly warmer complexion and is definitely more of a summer shade.

It goes on very sheer but it can be layered for slightly more intensity. When layered, the blusher creates a very dewy and shimmery finish, which might not suit those with oily skin.

It has a cream (not cream-to-powder) consistency and is best worn over a liquid foundation and under a powder foundation. If you wear it under a powder foundation, make sure you gently press the foundation onto the area where the blusher is applied. If you sweep the foundation on, the powder is likely to bind with the cream blusher and cake. (A cream-to-powder or a mousse blusher is slightly easier to be used with a powder foundation in this respect, and I also find that I can get away with a very gentle application over a powder foundation.)

If you want a quick healthy glow, this is a good product to go for as it is best suited for a casual no-makeup (particularly no-foundation) look. It is also worth considering if you are looking for a sheer but very shimmery blusher.

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Shimmer Brick is probably one of
Bobbi Brown‘s most popular items. For holiday 2008, Bobbi Brown has released a limited-edition Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick Compact.

The five subtly different shades are packaged in a very glamorous gold case with a decent-sized mirror, although the case always seems slightly lighter than how I’d like it to be (especially when I compare it with Dior’s Night Diamond, which is smaller and thinner but a lot heavier).

The compact includes various shades of beige and light bronze. The combination of these shades is a warm beige with hints of gold that should suit most skin tones (unless you have a cool-toned fair skin tone, in which case a platinum-toned highlighter would be more complementary). When applied with a powder brush, the finish is shimmery with visible multi-colored shimmery particles. When used as eyeshadows, they can be built up to a metallic finish (with a low pigmentation level.)

I personally find this compact to be the most useful as a highlighter for cheek bones. (For me, it is almost too shimmery for the T-zone.) I use it over my powder foundation and under my (predominantly matte) loose powder. This way, the finish is more glowy than shimmery and suits me a lot better.

Apart from a face highlighter, it can be easily used as a body shimmer to add a bit of pizazz to your party looks.

For swatches and FOTDs, please check out this post by The Muse at Musings of a Muse.

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Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadows


(Bobbi Brown Metallic Eyeshadows in (from left)
Gold Dust, Champagne Quartz, Lavender, and Gold Peach)

Bobbi Brown‘s Metallic Eye Shadows used to be limited editions for fall 2007, but they are now back as part of the permanent lineup. Today I am reviewing four from the seventeen shades in the range.

Gold Dust

All the three neutrals here are quite light and have a very metallic finish. Gold Dust is marginally the lightest of the three, and it also has the most yellow-gold undertone and looks the least warm. (I think this is what was used on the Bobbi Brown model for the Metallics Collection. Please refer to this post on Makeup Bag.) It offers more intense metallic shimmer than color, and it should work for most complexions as a good highlighter for the brow bones and the inner corners of the eyes.

Champagne Quartz (left) and Gold Peach

The two look very similar in the cases, and they have a similar peach undertone. (The both look warmer than Gold Dust). When applied, Champagne Quartz is the slightly darker one of the two and has slightly more pigment underneath the metallic finish.

Out of the four shades in this review, Champagne Quartz is the only one that can work as a shadowing shade (if you have a light complexion). The others are more for lighting up the eyes.


Even though Lavender is in the Metallic Eye Shadow range, it looks more softly shimmery than metallic. I presume the metallic finish is dialled down purposefully for this shade, and I do like it better this way for lilacs. (I personally think shimmery soft lilacs look better on me than intensely metallic ones.) It is moderately pigmented, and the shimmer looks understated. This can work on its own or as a base to enhance the look for your other (darker) lilac/purple eyeshadows.

All the shades here have a smooth texture, although Lavender appears to be slightly more powdery than the rest. They are all easy to apply and blend, and the shimmery/metallic finish holds well overtime.

I have mentioned before that I tend to prefer softly shimmery eyeshadows to metallic ones. But after trying out Gold Dust and Gold Peach, I do think that, when applied on the immediate eye area, light metallic shades can work very well in brighting up the eyes and waking up the face.

(For those that have crepes in the eyelids, do be light-handed with metallic shades (especially very light ones), as they can make the lines look more obvious.)

For another review of the range (including Champagne Quartz, Lavender, and Cognac) and some lovely FTODs , do check out The Muse’s post on Musings of a Muse. For (very accurate) swatches of the Metallic Eye Shadow range, please visit Karla Sugar’s blog.

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Bobbi Brown Pink Ribbon Collection

by PJ on Wednesday, October 15, 2008

in -Bobbi Brown, makeup

(image from Bobbi Brown)

Supporting the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Bobbi Brown has released the Pink Ribbon Collection. The collection includes Lip Colour in Tulle and the exclusive Glitter Lip Gloss in Pink Quartz.

The collection is priced at £27. In the UK, the entire purchase price less VAT will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation‘s research study at The Royal Marsden in London. In the Republic of Ireland, the same donation will go to the Cancer Clinical Research Trust at St. Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin.

The collection will be available throughout October 2008.



(Bobbi Brown Holiday 2008 Basics Eye Palette)
(all images from Bobbi Brown)

Bobbi Brown usually brings out a wide range of items for the holiday season. The shades are often slightly more glamorous but still wearable. Today I am reviewing one of Bobbi Brown’s holiday 2008 releases, Basics Eye Palette.

The palette features a base shade, two shadowing shades and a lining shade:

Eye Shadow in Navajo (exclusive): sheer matte off-white cream
Eye Shadow in Cement: moderately pigmented matte medium taupe
Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Heather Mauve: well-pigmented medium taupe with a soft metallic finish
Eye Shadow in Mahogany: densely-pigmented matte dark brown

(The shades are slightly darker and (pleasantly) warmer than how they appear in the photo above.)

Cement and Heather Mauve can be used interchangeably, depending on the overall finish you want for the day. The matte Cement really adds depth for the eyes, while the shimmery Heather Mauve can either be used alone or lightly on top of Cement where you want a bit of shimmer.

Navajo goes on very subtle and sheer. It can be a good base or a very subtle brow highlighter. Espresso glides well as an eyeliner. The effect can be as natural or intense as you want but the shade is very natural in itself.

All the shades, as expected of Bobbi Brown, have a nice texture. (Mauve Heather is particularly smooth and silky.)

Overall, the Basics Eye Palette should suit light and medium skin tones and can create both subtle and slightly more dramatic looks. If you want more intense shades, the new Velvet Plum Eye Palette (seen below), also from
Bobbi Brown’s Christmas 2008 Collection, should be a good choice.

(Velvet Plum Eye Palette)

(from left to right)
– Eye Shadow in Bone
– Eye Shadow in Naked
– Metallic Eye Shadow in Velvet Plum
– Eye Shadow in Espresso

Bobbi Brown will also release a double-decker Lip & Eye Palette for the holiday season. It features four Creamy Lip Colors and four Metallic Eye Shadows:

(Lip & Eye Palette)

Creamy Lip Colors:
– Berry Mauve
– Pink Sequin
– Dusty Mauve (exclusive)
– Ruby (exclusive)

Metallic Eye Shadows:
– Champagne Quartz
– Gold Dust
– Golden Bronze (exclusive)
– Galaxy (exclusive)

All three palettes will be available in the UK in October.

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