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After Saks Fifth Avenue for Her & for Him, Harrods for Her and Harrods for Him, launched in July 2009, marks Bond No. 9‘s second collaboration with one of the world’s retail emporiums.

Harrods for Her (right in photo):
Top notes: neroli petals, mandarin, wild chamomile
Middle notes: tuberose, clary sage, nutmeg
Base notes: amber, leather, sandalwood, vetiver

Harrods for Him:
Top notes: rhubarb leaf, star anise, chamomile
Middle notes: lavandin, pimento berries, violet leaf
Base notes: birchwood, musk, sandalwood

Harrods for Her is a woody floral. On me, the woody note is quite dominant towards the beginning. Then the scent gradually becomes a balance between the floral and the woody notes, and the drydown is soft and almost surprisingly un-woody. It is overall a dry floral scent with a hint of powderiness.

The first word I thought of to describe Harrods for Him is “elegant”. Compared with Harrods for Her, it is more rounded, less angular, less dry, and less woody. It is not overly masculine, but the muskiness keeps the scent identifiable as a male scent.

Bond No. 9 also released Harrods Swarovski Limited Edition, which is adorned with 1600 Swarovski emerald and white crystals.

Top notes: black pepper, cumin
Middle notes: amber, myrrh
Base notes: oud, vetiver

The key note of the fragrance is oud, the resin from aquilaria trees. According to Bond No. 9, oud, with its earthy and animal scent, has been playing a prominent part in perfumery in the Gulf Region for over two thousand years.

The fragrance is peppery, gently spicy, incense-y, and mysterious, with a hint of milkiness. Like the aroma from incenses, the scent seems to linger on and on. I think it will appeal to those who enjoy deep, rich, and intense fragrances and those who want to steer away from floral and fruity scents.

The latest addition to the Bond No. 9 Harrods family is Harrods Rose (above), with notes of white narcisse, tuberose, white rose, musk, amberette seed, and cashmere wood.

(The press samples (for Harrods for Her, Harrods for Him, and Harrods Swarovski Limited Edition) are provided by Bond No. 9.)

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(image from Bond No. 9)

For Bond No. 9‘s fourth creation in the Andy Warhol series, Success Is a Job in New York, success and money are chosen as the theme. The creation is partly inspired by Warhol’s Dollar Sign in 1981.

Top notes: bergamot, cardamon seed, mandarin, coriander, nutmeg
Middle notes: pimento, tuberose, Rose de Mai, jasmine, plum, iris
Base notes: vanilla, patchouli, amber

Bond No. 9 describes Success as a warm and spicy gourmand. Gourmand it certainly is, while for me the scent is more warm than spicy. The top notes are very soft and have a transient existence. The main body of the scent is warm and gently floral.

Vanilla seems to characterize the whole composition, and it gives forth a warm, smooth, and rounded feel. Far from sweet and girlie, the scent is calm and sophisticated with a distinguished quality. Overall it conveys an aura of mature old-school glamour, and I think it should be a suitable scent for fall and winter.

Whenever I think about fragrances that explore abstract subject matters, I often think of Bond No. 9’s The Scent of Peace. The serene and comforting scent is a very successful attempt in interpreting the subject, and it happens to be one of my favorite Bond No. 9 scents. Success might not be such a firm personal favorite, but I think it has done just as well in tackling the elusive subject.

Success Is a Job in New York Eau de Parfum will be launched on October 1st in the US in Bond No. 9 stores in New York and branches of Saks Fifth Avenue.

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Bond No. 9 Astor Place

Stella McCartney Sheer Stella 2009


(images from Bond No.9)

Astor Place is housed in one of the most colorful Bond No. 9 bottles to date, as the design echoes Tony Rosenthal’s Alamo at Astor Place. However, to me, if this latest creation from Bond No. 9 were a color, it would be a fresh soft green.

Top notes: violet leaf, mandarin zest
Middle notes: freesia, red poppy buds, orris
Base notes: teakwood, musk, amber

It opens with fresh green and citrus notes, and it feels vibrant but not too dry or zesty. The scent is soon enriched and intensified by freesia, and, on the whole, there is a pleasant balance among green, citrus, and floral notes. It is a gentle and refreshing scent.

The scent also seems to possess a sense of movement and energy within itself, which echoes birth and growth after the stagnant winter. It is a great fragrance to be worn and enjoyed on a relaxing warm spring day.

Astor Place was launched in April with a limited-edition Swarovski-decorated bottle for Mother’s Day.

In addition, released in May just in time for Mother’s Day is the Swarovski Stars collection, featuring Nuits de Noho (left), Chelsea Flowers (middle), and The Scent of Peace (right). These 50ml flacons will continue to be available after Mother’s Day.

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Fragrance Review: Bond No. 9 Brooklyn

by PJ on Sunday, March 1, 2009

in -Bond No. 9, fragrance

(image from Bond No. 9)

Bond No. 9‘s latest fragrance celebrates the dynamic Brooklyn. A modern interpretation of a woody fragrance, Brooklyn is both youthful and sophisticated, with a distinctive attitude.

Top notes: grapefruit, cardamom
Middle notes: Cypress wood, geranium leaves, juniper berries
Base notes: cedarwood, leather, guaiacwood

It starts off with a burst of citrusy energy and the woody (and somewhat spicy) impact soon follows. With woody notes among the heart (middle) and the base notes, it is almost woody through and through all the way from its first contact with the nose. Even though it is a lot woodier than most fragrances I am naturally drawn to, I enjoy the fact that it is so sharp and crisp, with a very contemporary feel.

Bond No. 9 describes Brooklyn as a unisex fragrance “with a desirably masculine attitude”, which I find accurate. There are no floral notes in this fragrance, and the scent is certainly neither sweet nor powdery. It poses quite a unique and intriguing contrast to some of the contemporary male fragrances that incorporate floral notes as the main elements. (One of the much discussed examples is Dior’s Dior Homme, which features lavender as a top note and iris as a middle note.)

Overall, Brooklyn is dry, crisp and edgy, and it seems to reflect the sights and sounds of a vibrant urban setting. The essence of this fragrance is also well captured by the colorful and eye-catching graffiti design elements on the flacon.

Brooklyn is available from March in Bond No. 9 boutiques and Saks Fifth Avenue stores. (In the UK, Bond No. 9 is sold exclusively at Harrods.)

Currently Bond No. 9 is holding a bottle design competition for Brooklyn. The only requirement is that the Bond No. 9 circular logo is included on the bottle. (See the official entry sheet below.) Otherwise do let your imagination run wild.

Two winners will be chosen in April and their designs will be put into production, and the winner’s name will be displayed on the bottle. Each winner will receive a bottle of Brooklyn each month for a year.

Entries should be sent to contactus@bondno9.com or Bond No. 9, 9 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012 by March 31, 2009.

Other Bond No. 9 creations:

Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue

The Scent of Peace

Coney Island


Fragrance Review: Bond No. 9 Saks Boca

by PJ on Saturday, January 10, 2009

in -Bond No. 9, fragrance

(image from Bond No. 9)

Bond No. 9‘s latest creation, Saks Fifth Avenue Boca Raton, was launched in November 2008. The fruity floral scent is fresh and summery and smells nothing like a winter fragrance. But it goes with the name, as it is inspired by the mild climate and the relaxed atmosphere of Boca Raton in Florida.

Top notes: lily of the valley, blackcurrant
Middle notes: gardenia, freesia, hedione
Base notes: amber, cedarwood, cardamon, musk

The scent is sweet to begin with, which makes a clear statement of its light-hearted nature, and the richly fruity blackcurrant note is particularly perceivable. The overall flavor takes on a floral dimension as gardenia and freesia join in. They radiate a sense of freshness and are not too intense or powdery. The drydown afterwards feels very soft and gentle.

This is a very easy-to-wear scent. More fruity than floral, it is like a hearty bowl of summer berries adorned by fresh flowers here and there. Summery as the scent feels, it is not too cool to wear in colder weather. I think it is actually a nice fragrance to be appreciated while we anticipate the return of the warming rays of the sun.

Bond No. 9 Saks Boca is sold exclusively at the Saks Fifth Avenue store in Boca Raton. The flacon is available in two versions, one with 520 and the other with 1200 Swarovski crystals (seen above).

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Bond No. 9 Holiday 2008 Collection

by PJ on Monday, December 8, 2008

in -Bond No. 9, 2008 Holiday, fragrance

(image and info from Bond No. 9)

Bond No. 9 seems to always (literally) dazzle us with holiday collections. For this year, several of Bond No. 9’s popular scents are again decked with Swarvoski crystals.

Thousands of Swarovski stones dress up the limited-edition All-Stars lineup, featuring 50ml Chelsea Flowers (in green), Eau de New York (in aurora) and Chinatown (in ruby). Bleecker Street (100ml) is decorated with stones of green and amethyst shades, along with a large piece in the center.

Among the rest of the collection, The Voyager Candles set caught my attention. It includes five travel-sized candles of five Bond No. 9 scents (Chelsea Flowers, Eau de New York, Chinatown, Nuits de Noho and The Scent of Peace (one of my favorite Bond No. 9 scents)).

Check out Bond No. 9’s website for more of the holiday 2008 collection.

Bond No. 9 Reviews:

Coney Island

Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue

Andy Warhol Union Square


(image from Bond No. 9)

Lexington Avenue is the third creation from Bond No. 9‘s Andy Warhol series (after Silvery Factory and Union Square), as it celebrates Warhol’s 80th birthday (August 6th,1928).

The scent is inspired by Warhol’s shoe illustrations commissioned by I. Miller in the 1950s. (At the time, Warhol resided at Lexington Avenue, hence the name of the fragrance.) It aims to reflect the luxurious and seductive flair of footware, and Bond No. 9’s answer lies in a mixture of woody and gourmand notes.

Top notes: blue cypress, fennel, cardamom, roasted almonds
Middle notes: pink peony, florentine orris, creme brulee, pimento berry
Base notes: patchouli, sandalwood

Bond No. 9 describes the scent as “a floral woody chypre with highly coveted contemporary gourmand notes“. Woody it definitely is, as it is a unique scent in which a woody note is among the top notes. Blue cypress seems to linger until sandalwood takes over as one of the base notes. The whole Lexington Avenue is woody through and through and doesn’t strike me as floral.

It has a slightly smoky feel that radiates warmth. Apart from the woody notes, the warmth also comes from various gourmand (food) notes like cardamom and roasted almonds, although, for me, the role of gourmand notes is strictly a supporting one.

If you don’t enjoy woody notes, then Lexington Avenue can be a little overpowering. But if you are usually drawn to warm winter scents, then what is in this colorful shoe-adorned flacon might appeal to you. Overall, predominantly woody scents don’t tickle my fancy as much as citrusy fragrances or light florals, but I would certainly not question the unique identity of Lexington Avenue.

Lexington Avenue is launched in September, and there will also be limited-edition flacons that feature sterling silver shoe pendants designed by Robert Lee Morris.


(Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Union Square)
(image from Bond No. 9)

After Silver Factory, Union Square is the second fragrance from Bond No. 9’s Andy Warhol series.

Andy Warhol’s two Union Square studios, in one of which he created the portfolio of colored flower screenprints, inspired the name of this fresh floral scent.

Top Notes: Lily of the Valley, green stem notes
Middle Notes: sweet blue freesia, white birchwood
Base Notes: amber, silver-cloud musk accord

This vibrant yet elegant scent is appropriately described as a green floral. As the scent opens, the floral note from Lily of the Valley is merged with the cooler green notes. For me, the two top notes create a harmonious balance. As I don’t particularly enjoy floral fragrances that are overly sweet, I find this delicate balance very appealing.

As the scent develops, it takes on depth with subtle touches of woody and musky notes, which provide a great backdrop for the floral notes. This seamlessly coordinated partnership is able to continue right to the end.

For me, it is a wonderful early-spring fragrance that exudes fresh energy. It is also one of those scents that get better and better as the notes unfold themselves. This makes the scent especially pleasant to wear, explore, and appreciate.

(Andy Warhol Union Square Flowers Portfolio,
consisting of 10 different 100ml bottles)

Bond No. 9 has also launched a recycling initiative in the US. When you bring an empty perfume bottle (from Bond No. 9 or any other brand) to the Bond No. 9 boutiques or Bond No. 9 counters in Saks Fifth Avenue stores, you can receive a refillable pocket spray, free with any purchase.

(For a great overview of Bond No. 9, please visit Autumn Masquerade.)

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(Bond No. 9 The Scent of Peace)
(image from Bond No. 9)

What should “peace” smell like?

To me, it should smell simple, serene, comforting, and joyful. Bond No. 9 set themselves a big challenge of creating a fragrance emulating the aura of peace, and I think they did a remarkable job.

Top notes: grapefruit and black currant
Middle note: lily of the valley
Base notes: cedarwood and musk

To me, The Scent of Peace demonstrates a successful attempt in combining fruity and floral notes and not making the combination overly sweet and syrupy. I think the key is the straightforward simplicity of the chosen notes.

As someone who loves citrusy notes and floral notes like rose and lily, I am delighted with the complementary match of grapefruit and lily. Cedarwood and musk are very subtle base notes here as they add a swift and quiet depth to the beautiful citrusy and floral effervescence.

Gentle and elegant, the scent is wonderfully fresh without being too cool. It certainly smells serene, comforting, and… peaceful. I adore it.

Two other treats are on offer if you enjoy The Scent of Peace: the scented candle and the Body Silk.

(Bond No. 9 The Scent of Peace scented candle)
(image from Bond No. 9)

The Scent of Peace Body Silk is a luxuriously rich body cream. It does take some time to apply and spread evenly, but it keeps the skin very well moisturized and the scent is pleasantly long-lasting.
(Bond No. 9 Body Silk)
(image from Bond No. 9)

For the holiday 2007 season, The Scent of Peace also comes in a limited-edition Swarovski crystal embellished bottle, with amethyst, while and opalescent crystals.

(The Scent of Peace Holiday 2007
limited-edition bottle with Swarovski crystals)
(image from Bond No. 9)

For an even more extravagant gift-giving experience, The Scent of Peace is also featured in the gift set which includes 11 other Bond No. 9 fragrances.

(I Love New York Double Decker Gift Set)
(image from Bond No. 9)

So far, The Scent of Peace shares the title of my favorite Bond No. 9 fragrance with Coney Island. Both are light, uplifting, and very easy to wear. While the summery Coney Island is fun and energetic, The Scent of Peace is soft and elegant and is a great fragrance all year round.

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(Bond No. 9 Saks Fifth Avenue for Her & for Him)
(image from Bond No. 9)

Saks Fifth Avenue for Her & for Him mark an unique collaboration between Bond No. 9 and one of New York City’s retail landmarks. Named after the store, the two scents explore a unique dimension in retailing.

Saks Fifth Avenue for Her

Top notes: jasmine, tuberose
Middle note: gardenia
Base notes: vetiver, vanilla

With jasmine, tuberose, and gardenia, this fragrance is like an elegant and sophisticated white bouquet. Floral and sweet, the uncomplicated scent has a intriguingly powdery tone.

It reminds me very slightly of two Marc Jacobs fragrances: the jasmine-based Blush and the gardenia-based Marc Jacobs Perfume, which I prefer since they are very pleasantly soft. On the other hand, Saks Fifth Avenue for Her has more of a punch.

Saks Ffith Avenue for Him

Top notes: chili, black pepper, cardamom, bergamot
Middle note: incense
Base notes: guiac wood, amber

A few slightly more unique notes, like guaiac wood, were incorporated to render an edge against popular notes like bergamot and amber. Chili, black pepper and incense don’t tip the balance to their side and I think they play the supporting roles very well.

Young, fresh, lively and upbeat, this is a very wearable men’s fragrance that is not overtly masculine.

For the Holiday 2007 season, Bond No. 9 releases a limited-edition Saks Fifth Avenue for Her bottle with dazzling Swarovski crystals.

(image from Bond No. 9)

Not surprisingly, these two scents are sold exclusively in Saks Fifth Avenue apart from Bond No. 9’s boutiques.

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