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Michael Kors Fall 2013 Makeup 1

(image from House of Fraser)


I stopped by central London a couple of days ago and had a look around the Oxford Street and Bond Street areas. Here are some of my beauty sightings:

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Calvin Klein CK One Cosmetics 1(image from www.calvinkleininc.com)


It was Calvin Klein‘s beauty line from the 90’s that prompted me to start my Bring It Back series back in 2007, and it was an coincidence that news of the relaunch arrived shortly afterwards.

The line was relaunched in the UK in spring 2008, and I posted my review of Subliminal Purity Mineral Based Loose Powder, which I purchased in House of Fraser on London’s Oxford Street. However, within a year or so, the line disappeared again.

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(image and info from woman.excite.co.jp)

Tempting Glimmer Sheer Crème Eyeshadow is CK Calvin Klein Beauty’s latest item. The cream formula claims to be smudge-proof and long-lasting. (Woman.Excite describes the items as having a mousse texture. I think the consistency is probably somewhere in between.)

It is currently available (in 8 shades) in the US exclusively at Sephora. (It has got a few positive Beautyinsider reviews.) It will be launched in Japan on February 18th (in 6 shades).

As for CK Calvin Klein in the UK, I noticed that the counter in London’s House of Fraser had disappeared. I am not sure whether it has moved to another department store or whether the line has pulled out of the UK market. I will look for further information and I will keep you posted.

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Calvin Klein Secret Obsession


(image from www.cosme.net)

CK Calvin Klein will release its holiday 2008 collection in Japan on December 5th. The lineup includes:

Delicious Pout Mini Flavored Lip Gloss Collection (5 sold as a set)

Tempting Glance Palette

Splendid Color Nail Polish Collection (4 sold as a set)

All these items are limited editions. They are now available in the US at Sephora.com.

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(image from Calvin Klein)

Secret Obsession is one of Calvin Klein‘s latest fragrances. Very different from some of the brand’s recent releases such as the fruity Euphoria, Secret Obsession has a sensual and mysterious edge.

Top notes: exotic plum, mace, rose de damas
Middle notes: Egyptian jasmine, French orange flower, tuberose
Base notes: cashmere woods, burnt amber, Madagascan vanilla, Australian sandalwood

The plum seems to jump out more from the rest of the top notes, and mace adds a touch of spiciness. As the initial spiciness subsides, the scent starts to take on more depth. Despite all the floral middle notes, the core of the scent does not strike me as floral. Instead, it has a subtle wine-like grown-up sensuality.

The drydown, which is lightly woody and pleasantly mellow, does appeal to me. (I personally don’t like very woody base notes.) It has a sophisticated feel without being overly-complicated or pretentious.

Many scents are either fresh and cool or rich and warm, but Secret Obsession seems to strike a balance between the two. Overall, I think this fragrance will appeal to people who enjoy a deep and sensual scent.

Secret Obsession is available in eau de parfum in 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml.

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ck Calvin Klein Eyeshadow Quads

by PJ on Monday, September 8, 2008

in -Calvin Klein, 2008 Fall, makeup

(ck Calvin Klein Eyeshadow Quads)
(image from www.cosme.net)

These are the latest eyeshadow palettes from ck Calvin Klein that are currently available in the US and will be available in Japan from October 11th. One features shades of grey that will create a classic autumn look. On the other hand, it seems that plums are definitely on-trend for fall 2008, as the other quad includes a deep plum as the main shade.

I came across the plum variation quad and the grey variation quad on Sephora (the US site). They are marked as limited editions and “Only at Sephora” for the US market.

By the way, I really hope the ck Calvin Klein website will have a little more information and images on the beauty range…

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(image from www.cosme.net)

Here is a first look at the ck Calvin Klein Beauty‘s fall 2008 collection.

The collection will include the line’s first four-color eyeshadow palette and nail colors, along with new additions to the lipstick and lip gloss ranges.

(All images are from Cosme.Net.)

The brown/plum color scheme is very consistent throughout the new collection and creates a lasting visual impact. Plum can be a very flattering shade for many, but it is a little bit on the warm side for me. (I prefer violets and lilacs.) But overall I am very glad to see the line’s first seasonal collection since it was launched in the US and the UK earlier this year. Hope there are many more to come!

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Bring It Back! Calvin Klein Cosmetics

ck Calvin Klein Beauty Available in the UK


(ck Calvin Klein Subliminal Purity Mineral Based Loose Powder
in 001 Ivory)

Today, Beauty Anonymous and I are bringing you reviews of items from the brand new ck Calvin Klein Beauty! We hope you will enjoy reading about our thoughts on the items that we picked up.

Nearly a year ago, I wrote a post on the previous Calvin Klein beauty line to start my “Bring It Back” series. Soon after that, I learned that it was indeed coming back. After it launched in Italy, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, the new cK Calvin Klein Beauty finally launched in the UK and US.

In the US, the line is available on the Sephora website besides other retail points. In the UK, it is available in House of Fraser on London’s Oxford Street. (It will also launch in the new House of Fraser store in Belfast in May.)

The London counter was launched on March 31st, and I went over to have a good look earlier this month. The sales assistant, also the counter manager, told me that the ck Calvin Klein line is now owned by a Japanese businessman, who saw tremendous potential in Asia. I think this might be one of the reasons why it launched in Asia before the US and the UK.

The line currently features foundation and color makeup items. (The skincare products will debut later.) Whereas the previous lineup featured mostly neutral tones for the eyes, the new range has a few slightly more vibrant colors. The eyeshadow powder is quite smooth and blendable. There are three ranges of lip glosses, and I like the sparkling shimmer of the Delicious Pout Flavored Lip Gloss and the glassiness of the Fully Delicious Sheer Plumping Lip Gloss (with almost no shimmer).

However, packaging-wise, I still prefer the previous line. I know I am being fussy here, but I prefer the clean angular edges of the previous compacts to the round edges of the current products.

I decided to take home the Subliminal Purity Mineral Based Loose Powder. There are four shades available (but only one shade, Translucent, is available on the US Sephora website). At the counter, Translucent was the only one that didn’t have a tester, but I was told that it was sheer and matte. It sounded like what I would like, but I didn’t want to take the risk. I chose 001 Ivory, the lightest of the other three shades.

I like the container. It has clean and slick edges and the lid is quite thick and heavy.

First of all, the name of the product indicates that it is mineral-based. Looking at the ingredient list, I take “mineral based” to mean “talc-free. (Otherwise it is just like any other loose powder.) This is only based on the convention in beauty marketing, since talc itself is a mineral ingredient. (Most mineral makeup lines regard talc as a cheap filler ingredient. However, talc is a key ingredient in many foundations and other makeup products in creating the smoothness and silkiness that many mineral foundations don’t have.)

However, the powder had the matteness that really appealed to me when I tested it at the counter, so I was willing to give it a go.

#001 Ivory is a pale beige shade that goes on slightly lighter than it looks in the container. It doesn’t have visible shimmer and has a natural matte finish that should appeal to people with combination or oily skin.

One thing very different from some other loose powder is that it has considerably more coverage and that it adds extra coverage to the ZA Two-Way Foundation that I have been using. The two together create a medium-to-full coverage. (But if you are using a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly, this loose powder is very likely to alter the shade of your foundation applied beforehand.) What I also like about this loose powder is that it does have a fairly good efficacy in controlling shine.

However, it only conceals pores minimally and it doesn’t create an optimally smooth finish. (To me, the texture of the powder seems relatively dry.) Also, when applied with a puff (not the enclosed puff in the container, which is slightly stiff), the powder does not move or blend as well as some other loose powder I have tried.

I have to contribute these less-than-desirable qualities to the lack of ingredients like talc which add smoothness and a bit of movement during application. Using this loose power with a large powder brush will solve some of the movement issue, but this will cover pores even less effectively.

I think this loose powder will suit people with combination or oily skin who want shine control but don’t need pore coverage from a loose powder. Also, since it does have a bit of coverage, it can be used simply as a foundation if you like a light coverage. (In both cases, again, do use a powder brush, not a puff, especially not the one included in the container.)

Overall, from the items I tested at the counter, I still like the new ck Calvin Klein Beauty line. Also, the prices are lower than many other high-end products. (The loose powder costs £17 and a mascara costs £10.) I will definitely be on the lookout for new items. Most important of all, I hope it stays around for much longer this time!

Now, please do head over to Beauty Anonymous for reviews of Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadow in Sensuous Taupe and Delicious Luxury Crème Lipstick in Henna.


(Please also have a look at another joint review that Beauty Anonymous and I did on Chanel’s Ombre D’Eau Eyeshadow.)

More loose powder!

Crème de la Mer The Powder

Paul & Joe Face Powder

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UK Follow-Ups in Brief

by PJ on Friday, March 7, 2008

in -Calvin Klein, -SUQQU, 2008 Spring, fashion, makeup

— Originally scheduled to launch on March 6th in the UK, Calvin Klein Beauty will launch on March 31st, according to the customer service at House of Fraser on Oxford Street, London.

Banana Republic’s UK/Europe launch has also been delayed. According to the sign (outside the construction site on Regent Street, London), the launch date is March 20th.

SUQQU’s spring 2008 collection has been launched in Selfridges Oxford Street. The texture of the eyeshadows is smooth as usual, and the Eye Lucent loose eyeshadow has intense but fine shimmer. Kyokkou (in silvery white) is particularly bright and shimmery. It is definitely one of the least matte seasonal collections from SUQQU.


Calvin Klein Beauty Launches in the UK in March

by PJ on Saturday, February 16, 2008

in -Calvin Klein, makeup

(“Hmm…what should I get from the new lineup?”)

I was browsing the latest (March) issue of In Style magazine today, and I came across the long-awaited news that Calvin Klein Beauty is launching in the UK in March. Finally!

According to In Style, Calvin Klein Beauty will be launched in House of Fraser on March 6th. But I am not sure how many House of Fraser branches will see the return of the cosmetics line. I am expecting the branch on Oxford Street in London to have it, and I will be stopping by next month!

I’ll keep you all posted!

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