Bodycare Review: Dove Body Butters

by PJ on Wednesday, November 25, 2009

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(Dove Body Butter for Extra Dry Skin)
(images from www.dove.co.uk)

(Dove ProAge Rich Body Butter)

Last month I reviewed three of Dove’s body lotions. As we are heading into winter, some of us might need more intense moisture. Today I am highlighting two of Dove’s body butters.

Body Butter for Extra Dry Skin and ProAge Rich Body Butter have very similar formulations. The first ten ingredients of the two products are entirely the same and they are listed in the same order on the ingredient lists. (They are aqua, petrolatum, glycerin, dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, stearic acid, hydrogenated polyisobutene, ethylhexyl cocoate, hydrogenated didecene, and glycol stearate.) The two products also contain cocoa seed butter and shea butter, while ProAge Rich Body Butter contains olive fruit oil.

Both body butters have a rich texture and are very emollient. The ProAge range is promoted as a very intensely nourishing range, and ProAge Rich Body Butter is indeed more emollient than Body Butter for Extra Dry Skin.

Unless you have exceptionally dry skin, body butters are generally for drier areas of the body only. (They can be used alone or on top of your usual body lotion.) I do personally find that both body butters are too emollient to be used all over the body, but they do work well on dry patches. For me, they also work well as hand creams. Overall, both are good choices if you want a very rich body moisturizer.

(ProAge Rich Body Butter has a slightly stronger fragrance. If you are worried about scented body moisturizers clashing with your fragrances, Body Butter for Extra Dry Skin should be a better choice.)

(The products featured in this review are provided by Dove.)

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Bodycare Review: Dove

by PJ on Thursday, October 29, 2009

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(images from www.dove.co.uk)

Two years ago, I wrote about Dove’s Body Silk (in my Can’t Live Without series), which is one of my favorite body moisturizers. (I am still using it.) Today I am reviewing three of Dove’s other body moisturizers.

The Supreme Silk Beauty Body Lotion (pictured above) is from the same range as the Body Silk, and it feels lighter than the Body Silk. It has a light lotion consistency and it spreads very easily. It is nicely absorbed and hydrates the skin well.

It contains mica, which gives a bit of shimmer to the skin. I don’t usually like body moisturizers that have a “makeup” element, but the shimmer from this product is quite faint and subtle.

The Intensive Lotion for Extra Dry Skin has a light-cream consistency. It is more or less as easily spreadable as the Supreme Silk Beauty Body Lotion. But, after it is absorbed, it feels a lot more emollient on the skin. (It doesn’t feel too heavy or sticky.)

When the Pro.Age Body Cream Oil is dispensed onto the hands, it has a creamy lotion consistency that is not too different from that of many other body moisturizers. But when I spread it onto the skin, I can really feel how richly emollient it is. It may look somewhat runny, but it spreads almost like a thick body butter. It is by far the most emollient of the three.

Paraffinum Liquidum (mineral oil) is third on the ingredient list, which might be one of the reasons why this feels so emollient on the skin.

Among the three, the Supreme Silk Beauty Body Lotion appeals to me the most (although I would prefer a version without mica). It feels the lightest on the skin but it is still very hydrating. (On a related note, it is the only one among these three that doesn’t contain mineral oil.) I think it should suit most people with normal or normal-to-dry skin on the body.

The Intensive Lotion for Extra Dry Skin, I think, is indeed for people with very dry skin. Most people might find it more suitable when the weather is particularly cold and dry. As for the Pro.Age Body Cream Oil, which works more like a body butter, I think it is more ideal for the very dry patches of the body, as it can be too oily to be used all over the body (unless your skin is exceptionally dry).

Next month, I will review Dove’s Body Butter for Extra Dry Skin and Pro.Age Rich Body Butter and I will compare them with the three products reviewed above.

(The products featured in this review are provided by Dove.)

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(Dove Body Silk Beauty Body Cream)

Today I am bringing you another product that I can’t live without!

I first bought Dove Body Silk simply because I decided I was not going to buy a body moisturizer that came in a bottle. With or without a pump, it could be quite a pain at the end with all the scraping to get the last bit.

I remember trying Boots Botanics Nourishing Body Butter, which came in a jar. It was very moisturizing but slightly too greasy. I then bought a Garnier one (which has been discontinued) but I later thought the per-ml price was a bit too high for a budget line.

Then I bought Dove Body Silk and this turned out to be one of my favorite body moisturizers ever.

It smells pretty good. (It is hard to really love a body moisturizer if I don’t like the smell.) I wouldn’t say it smells absolutely heavenly, but it has a faint soft comforting smell that I like very much. Apart from body products from a fragrance range, I don’t usually like those with a strong smell. So this one is absolutely fine with me.

It has a light cream texture and spreads so easily and evenly. It takes less time to apply than many other body moisturizers I have tried. The skin is left very effectively and delicately moisturized with no greasiness or heaviness.

But I think what I love the most about this body cream is how the skin feels after each application. I still remember how surprised I was after I put it on for the first time. I was just making sure that everything was absorbed, and I felt that the skin was so delightfully silky smooth. My skin never felt like this before, I have to say.

The product is named Body Silk, which, for me, is quite spot-on. I think I will definitely continue to enjoy it (and all the silkiness) as long as it is available.

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Haircare Review: Dove Cool Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner
(a great match)


(Dove Cool Moisture Shampoo (right)
and Cool Moisture Conditioner)

Since it is my first time to review haircare products, I think I will begin by giving you a profile of my own hair and my haircare needs.

I have short-length and naturally wavy hair. Volume is never something I need to boost up, since I have a lot of hair. But my hair can be on the puffy and unruly side, so I use hair products (cleansing, conditioning, and styling) that tend to de-volumize my hair and make it look flatter, sleeker, and more groomed.

I use styling products (mostly gel and spray) regularly so I wash my hair daily. I have slightly oily scalp but my hair can be a little dry. I almost never use any electronic product that generates heat (I very rarely blow-dry my hair), and I only color-treated my hair once many years ago. My hairdressers often say I seem to be doing everything right to care for my hair and that my hair is very healthy, which I am always pleased to hear.

Okay…this should set the background for my review.

The best thing about the Dove Cool Moisture line is that these two products work very well together. Designed for all hair types, the shampoo cleanses effectively and the conditioner complements it very well. Used alone, the shampoo is a bit drying on my hair and reminds me slightly of deep-cleansing shampoos that I have used (that I only use once a week). so I do feel the need to use the conditioner right after shampooing.

Some shampoos I have used can leave my hair itchy. This one doesn’t. The conditioner is light and doesn’t leave the hair lumpy.

The bottles say that they have “a touch of cucumber and green tea fragrance“, but to me, they smell like sweet melons. But I do like the smell, which is actually quite long-lasting…

Overall, as products for all hair types, they perform well. But I would personally prefer products that give my hair a bit more moisture and conditioning.

There are a couple more haircare posts coming up in October. So do stay tuned!