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ECM is a relatively young brand launched around two years ago. Owned by Lissage Ltd. (which is part of the Kanebo Company), ECM is unique in the sense that it started out only with a base makeup line and then recently branched out to skincare.
Now ECM also features a fragrance, but the brand is still best known by far for its array of base makeup items, all packaged in deep magenta cases. The range includes primer, cream foundation, two-way foundation, loose powder, concealer (in cream and crayon forms), and a pressed powder specifically for covering pores.

(ECM base makeup lineup)

The first time that ECM caught my attention was in 2006 when its Tsuya Cream Foundation was chosen as Foundation of the Year by beauty experts for Japan’s FRAU magazine. One of the experts described it as “the queen of natural finish“.


(ECM Tsuya Cream Foundation)

I don’t usually wear a cream foundation, so I haven’t been very interested in it. But I think I will definitely check out the loose powder and the pore-covering pressed powder when I go to Japan again.

(ECM is available in Japan only, as far as I am aware. In Tokyo, it is available in Keio Shinjuku, Seibu Shibuya, and Seibu Yurakucho, among other places. The ECM website is for information only and does not offer on-line ordering.)

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