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Lunasol Spring 2012 Makeup Collection
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Freeplus Spring 2012 Renewal
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Kanebo Freeplus Spring 2012 Skincare Renewal 1(image/info from www.nikkei.com)


Kanebo Freeplus is a skincare and base makeup line that is designed for those with sensitive skin. (See my round-up of the line here.) On January 16th, Freeplus’ skincare range will be renewed.

Nikkei hasn’t posted the specific item information, but, based on the image, it seems that most of the core basic items (cleansing oil, face wash, toners, lotions, and creams) will be renewed.

I will update this post with more information later on.


Updated on December 2nd, 2011:

Information on the new items:

Cleanser/ Face Wash:

– Beauty Oil Cleanser a
– Mild Cream Cleanser a
– Mild Soap a
– Flat Clear Soap a (deep-cleansing gel face wash)


– Moist Care Lotion (in Fresh & Moist)
– Moist Repair Lotion (in Fresh & Moist)


– Moist Care Emulsion (in Fresh & Moist)
– Moist Repair Emulsion (in Fresh & Moist)


– Moist Care Cream (gel cream)
– Moist Repair Cream

Trail Set:

– Moist Care Trial Set (in Fresh & Moist)
– Moist Repair Trial Set (in Fresh & Moist)


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(Freeplus Maintenance Lotion and Maintenance Emulsion)
(image from www.nikkei.co.jp)

Kanebo‘s skincare range for sensitive skin, Freeplus, will release two new items for fall 2008.

The new toner, Maintenance Lotion, and the new moisturizer, Maintenance Emulsion, will be added to the range. Apart from the six oriental herbal extracts featured in Freeplus’ lineup (please see my brand profile on Freeplus to find out more), Jezo Spruce and Chinese Peony extracts will be included in the two new products. They are said to be able to improve skin’s elasticity.

The two products will be available in Japan from October 16th.

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(Kanebo Freeplus)
(image from www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/freeplus/)


Very early on (in my post Japanese vs. Western), I have mentioned that even though I have a passion for Japanese makeup products, I don’t particularly prefer Japanese skincare products over western ones. My biggest complaint is that many Japanese toners and moisturizers have alcohol and that some have way too much of it. This is why Kanebo‘s Freeplus seems like a welcome breath of fresh air to me.

Freeplus is a mid-range skincare line sold at the Kanebo counter (in Japan and some other Asian regions), alongside many other skincare lines targeted at different needs and age groups. The line appeals to people with sensitive skin which reacts negatively to common irritants.

(Shiseido’s equivalent (skincare line for sensitive skin) is d program.) The line also features base makeup products.

According to the brand’s website, the name “Freeplus” represents the two major aspects of the products:


All products are free from parabens, fragrance, and chemical sunscreen ingredients, and most (skincare) products are free from alcohol, colourants, and mineral oil. (The four products that still have alcohol are Fresh Soap Bar, Acne Spots, UV Day Protector, and UV Body Protector.)


The products are formulated with six oriental herbal extracts (Chinese date (jujube), citrus unshiu peel, cape jasmine (gardenia jasminoides, also known as gardenia florida)), Japanese honeysuckle, peach kernel, and job’s tears). They are supposed to moisturize the skin and support its protective barrier. (These claims are mainly for your reference, since beauty companies make all kinds of claims, some of which have no scientific backup. But a brief mention of cape jasmine follows below.)

The item I have tried from Freeplus is Comfortable Lotion 1, which is a toner for combination and oily skin. It is colorless and has a near-water consistency which is very mildly emollient. It is one of the most calming and soothing toners I have used ever since I started using skincare products (along with Lancôme Tonique Douceur, Shu Uemura Refreshing Lotion (discontunued), and AYURA Balancing Primer AF1 (also discontinued)).

One thing worth mentioning is that the fragrance in the herbal extracts mentioned above seems to have been removed during the manufacturing process, as the toner doesn’t have any scent. This is good for people with sensitive skin, as fragrance (artificial or natural, such as that in fragrant plant oils like lavender oil) can be a possible skin irritant. (According to Paula Begoun, gardenia florida extract can be an antioxidant but its fragrant component can be irritating for some. Based on the (lack of) perceivable scent, it seems to me that most of the fragrant components in the plant extracts in the products have been removed.)

The Comfortable Loiton 1 is now called Barrier Repair Lotion 1 and the packaging differs very slightly. I have not tried this, but I believe it should be virtually the same product. The main traits and the plant extracts used remain the same.

For the past few years, in terms of skincare, I try to use what is available here in the UK. (It is much easier to keep everything in stock. Plus I get to earn Boots points.) But when I go to Japan next time, I think I will definitely pick up Barrier Lotion 1 and perhaps some other Freeplus products.


Updated on July 14th, 2008:

You can read a review of Freeplus’ loose powder on Autumn Masquerade.


Updated on November 16th, 2011:

Information on Freeplus’ skincare renewal.


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