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Garnier‘s Hand Repair Intensive Restoring Hand Cream, launched in 2008 (to replace Hand Cocoon), has been my daily hand cream for years. For a couple of times in the last few years, it was out of stock in all the retail points in my neighborhood for quite some time and I was suspecting that it was discontinued. It happened again a few months ago but it did come back in stock, and I bought a few right away.

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Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-in-One B. B. Cream SPF 15 Light 1


Over the years, one of the questions that I have been asked the most by my readers is “Have you tried B. B. creams?”

Personally, B. B. creams don’t fit in with my daily skincare/makeup routine. Currently, when I don’t wear makeup, my daytime routine ends with Olay’s Complete Care Daily Sensitive UV Fluid SPF 15. When I do want coverage, I wear ZA’s Two-Way Foundation on top of the Olay moisturizer. Generally, I prefer pigmented products for face, eyes, and cheeks to be powder-based. (Powder foundations suit my sebaceous skin a lot more, and I find powder eyeshadows (especially those from Japanese lines) and blushers a lot easier to work with. Also, I very rarely wear primers.) Therefore, I haven’t been tempted to purchase a B. B. cream.

However, today, I am taking you through the basics of B. B. creams and I will be reviewing Garnier‘s Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-in-One B. B. Cream.

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Earlier this year, I talked about the two replacements (above) of Garnier’s Hand Cocoon, which is one of my favorite hand creams. The red one on the right is very similar to Hand Cocoon in terms of both the ingredients and the texture, and it is what I have been using. It is also far better than the white one on the left.

However, it’s happened again. Recently I have only been seeing the white one in Boots and Superdrug, and I am suspecting that the red one might have been discontinued.

Just to make things more confusing, I have been seeing sporadic stock of Hand Cocoon in Superdrug (in slimmer tubes like the ones above). I bought two today just to get myself through this winter…

Update: The red one (HandRepair Intensive Restorative Hand Cream) is not discontinued and is back in stock.


(Garnier Hand Sensitive Soothing Restorative Hand Cream
& Hand Repair Intensive Restoring Hand Cream)

Last November, I posted about Garnier’s Hand Cocoon hand cream in my “Can’t Live Without” series. But, earlier this year, I discovered that Garnier had discontinued Hand Cocoon and replaced it with two new products, which you see above.
I checked the ingredient lists of these two items in the shop, and it appeared to me that the Hand Repair Intensive Restoring Hand Cream had a much more similar list of ingredients (to that of Hand Cocoon) than the other. But I decided to buy the two anyway and see how they would work for me.

As I expected, the Hand Repair Intensive Restoring Hand Cream works much better for me. (The Hand Sensitive Soothing Restorative Hand Cream feels a little greasy and doesn’t absorb as well.)

(my chosen one)
Essentially, my comments on Garnier Hand Cocoon apply to this hand cream. The texture is very similar, and all the great attributes remain. The only slight difference is the scent.
I am relieved that the formula is basically kept, and I enjoy using this as much as Hand Cocoon. I am happy to say that the affordable Garnier still produces the hand cream that I can’t live without!

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(My favorite hand cream:
Garnier Hand Cocoon)

Today I launch another series, Can’t Live Without, where I share with you my own makeup and skincare must-haves.

I am starting with my favorite hand cream, Garnier Hand Cocoon.

My hands can get dry in whatever weather/climate I am in, so I have to have a hand cream next to me wherever I am. Unlike my facial skin, which is the very fussy oily-dry skin and requires many trials and errors in terms of finding the right moisturizers, my hands are relatively easy to care for. Basically, for me, a hand cream can never be too emollient.

The only thing is, many poorly formulated hand creams simply coat the hands with a layer of grease. They are not absorbed into the hands to really moisturize them.

Among all the hand creams I like, Garnier Hand Cocoon is the cheapest and the most moisturizing.

The texture is quite dense, but it sinks in very well and does not leave hands excessively greasy or slippery. (I can’t say it is completely grease-free, but it is far less greasy than most other (much less moisturizing) hand creams I have tried.) Overall I enjoy the texture and the moisturizing properties extremely well.

Apart from using it constantly throughout the day, I put a thicker layer on and massage it into the hands (followed by a cuticle moisturizer) just before bedtime. It really conditions the hands and gets me ready for the next day.

I have been using this for the last three years and this has been an indispensable item for my hands. I have been recommending this to some of my friends who need a heavy-duty hand cream, and the feedback is good!

Two great alternatives if Garnier Hand Cocoon is not available where you are:

-L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
-Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

More of my cosmetics must-haves to come later!

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