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Kanebo Twany Glamacy is part of a genre of Japanese makeup (including brands like Lissage and Satiche (which I will feature a bit later)) that is more about sophisticated and wearable colors than about the latest trends. The line will release its fall 2010 makeup collection in Japan on August 16th, and the new items include:

– Eye Collection ’10AW (2 variations, limited editions)
– Eyeliner Pencil (2 new shades)
– Lipstick (5 new shades)
– Cheek Color (2 new shades)

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(image/info from www.nikkei.co.jp)

Kanebo’s Twany Glamacy will release its spring 2010 makeup collection in Japan on February 16th. The lineup includes:

– Eye Collection (2 new variations, limited editions)
– Lipstick (5 new shades)

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(image/info from www.nikkei.co.jp)

Twany Glamacy will release its fall 2009 makeup collection in Japan on August 16th. The lineup includes:

– Eye Color: 1 new shade
– Eye Color UB (Under-Brow): 1 new shade
– Eye Color UE (Under-Eye): 1 new shade
– Eye Color Set (left in photo): 1 variation, limited edition
– Eye Collection 09 AW (right in photo): 2 variations, limited editions
– Liquid Eyeliner: 1 shade
– Powder Eyebrow: 2 variations
– Lipsticks: 5 new shades
– Serum Highlight: 1 shade
– Eye Makeup Remover

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(continued from Part 1)

6. Twany Glamacy

(image from www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/twany)

Kanebo’s Twany Glamacy is about classic basics, and this summer 2008 lineup is the line’s launch collection. Within the basic shades, I like the way the line gets into the specifics. Among the pale shades for the eye area, Eyecolor UB (Under-Brow) is for highlighting the brow bone while Eyecolor UE (Under-Eye) is for the inner corner of the eye and the immediate under-eye area. It is all about getting the everyday look right, and I enjoy the brand’s sense of precision and the attention to detail.

5. Sonia Rykiel

(Divines Vacances:
Sonia Rykiel’s summer 2008 collection)
(image from www.soniarykiel-cosmetics.com)

Sonia Rykiel‘s beauty line is sold in Asia and has been doing well over the years. Its colorful summer 2008 collection includes eyeshadow trios, cream eyeliners, and nail colors (all limited editions). Some of these vibrant shades do stand out among the neutrals for this season.

The eyeshadow trios are very petite and should be the same size as their Mono Eyeshadows, and they are great for travelling light. (Divine indeed……)

4. Magie Deco

(image from www.cosmedecorte.com/magiedeco)

Besides Twany Glamacy’s debut collection, Magie Deco‘s summer 2008 lineup is also quite extensive, with eye palettes, cream eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeliners, mascaras, and nail colors. (Please check out the latter link above for more information and to see the seasonal makeup look.)

Two new palettes join the Shadow Brilliance lineup, one warmer and one cooler:

(image from www.cosmedecorte.com/magiedeco)

So far, I have been liking the color combinations of Magie Deco’s Shadow Brilliance palettes. The line has stayed away from tone-on-tone palettes that many Japanese makeup lines constantly come up with, which does give the line an edge. Even though I do like nice tone-on-tone palettes, it is great to see some originality.

Please check back later for my thoughts on the top three!

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(part of the Twany Glamacy Fall 2008 Collection)
(image from www.nikkei.co.jp)

Twany Glamacy was launched in April with a full range of wearable basics. For fall 2008, more shades will be added to the existing items of the lineup, plus the new Mascara EU (Under-Eye), a mascara specifically for lower lashes.

The fall 2008 additions include:

Eye Color UE (Under-Eye): 2 new shades
(luminous powder eye colors for the under-eye area)
Eye Color Set (palette): 2 new variations
Eyeliner Pencil: 1 new shade
Gel Eyeliner: 1 new shade
Mascara UE (Under-Eye): 1 shade
Lipstick: 5 new shades
Lip Liner: 2 new shades

(Apart from Eye Color and Eye Color UE, Twany Glamacy also has Eye Color UB (Under-Brow), which currently includes two eye colors specifically for highlighting the under-brow area.)

The collection will be launched in Japan on August 16th.

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(Twany Glamacy)
(image from www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/twany/newitem/glamacy/)

Sold in Japan, Twany is a beauty brand under Kanebo. It carries a wide range of products (skincare, makeup, haircare, fragrance, and dietary supplements). On April 16th, Twany will launch a new line of point (color) makeup, Glamacy. (I am not sure if Glamacy will replace Twany’s two existing point makeup lines, Century and Century Technical, but it doesn’t seem so.)
(image from www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/twany/newitem/glamacy)

According to Nikkei Net, “Glamacy” is a combination of the words “glamor” and “supremacy”. The brand targets those in their thirties, and the items are more about bringing out the dimension of the face than about keeping up with the trends.

Their eyeshadows and blushers have already been featured in Biteki magazine (May 2008), and I am liking the look of the blushers.

(Twany Glamacy Cheek Color)
(image from www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/twany/newitem/glamacy)

I, for one, don’t mind large cases at all, and I like blushers packaged like this. Both PK-01 and RS-01 look very wearable for me. I think PK-01 is a definite maybe……

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