– Guerlain Écrin 1 Couleur in 13

Guerlain Spring 2016 Makeup Trend 1

(images from www.cosme.net)

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From bright yellow gold to deep bronze gold, fall 2015 is full of golden opportunities to add a touch of glamour to your makeup looks. For this season, try wearing gold with navy blue, olive green or bordeaux red.

Which one wins the gold for you?

– Giorgio Armani Eye Tint in 13 Zénith

Giorgio Armani Fall 2015 Makeup Trend 1

(image from www.giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com)

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Givenchy Spring 2012 Makeup Trend 1(image from www.parfumsgivenchy.jp)


After purples for spring 2011 and blues for fall 2011 (as well as warm-toned and cool-toned neutrals, which have been taking turns to be on-trend in the last few seasons), we have green in its various hues for spring 2012.

Givenchy‘s spring 2012 Instant Bucolique makeup collection features a strong visual (above) and makes a statement with a fresh and spring-like minty green in Le Prisme Eyes Quartet in 79 Bucolic Blossoms. A very similar shade is seen in Venis Please in 178 Bucolic Lily.

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Have a look at images of Dior’s spring 2012 Garden Party makeup collection at Iswii.com. (The article also features images of Lancôme’s spring 2012 makeup collection.) I love the new seasonal limited-edition item, which is a variation of Dior Minaudière from holiday 2010. I also like the color combinations of the two 5-Color Eyeshadow palettes. The rose motifs look lovely too.

(Brief thoughts on Dior’s holiday 2011 makeup collection: I was considering buying Dior Celebration Collection Eye Palette after seeing images of it, but I was not too impressed when I saw it in person a few weeks ago. The finishes of the packaging weren’t as good as I expected, and I decided not to buy it. I will save my Boots points for the spring collection.)


Updated on December 15th, 2011:

Images of the collection items:

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Dior Spring 2011 Makeup Trend 1(image from www.iswii.com)


After a few seasons of warm neutrals, grey emerges as one of the hottest shades for spring 2011. The looks that incorporate grey are chic and sophisticated, with a feel of low-key glamour. Meanwhile, surprisingly, purples are still at center stage, and, for this season, they are teaming up with warm neutrals for a natural but defined look.


Silvers & Greys

Dior leads the rest of the field with an ultra-chic Gris Montaigne makeup collection. All the new eye makeup items are grey-toned, and the color theme extends to lip and nail items. You will also find greys in collections from other trend setters such as Guerlain and NARS.

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Last week, I reviewed some of the eye makeup items in Lancôme’s fall 2009 collection. Today, I will share my thoughts on some items from the rest of the collection.

(Color Fever Matte in (from left to right)
151, 152, and 153)

A new range of Color Fever lipsticks, Color Fever Matte, is introduced to Lancôme’s lipstick lineup. Aaron De Mey wanted to create lip colors that would be richly pigmented as well as matte in order to maximize the color impact, and Color Fever Matte is the result.

To formulate Color Fever Matte, Lancôme tried to combine a matte finish and a smooth and nourishing texture, two things that don’t always co-exist. I think the end result is quite successful. While delivering a velvety matte finish, they glide on easily and don’t make lips feel or look dry.

Among the three shades, 151 Red Avant-Garde (left) is the most vivid and the closest to cardinal red. 152 Red Paris Paris (middle) is slightly cooler and more rose-toned, and it goes on slightly darker than 151. 153 Red Libertine (right) is the most muted and is perhaps the most wearable for those who don’t usually wear rich reds for the lips.

You can wear these colors with a lip liner for a defined and classic look, but my favorite way to apply them is to keep them just inside the lip line and use the fingertip to blend the color gently towards the lip line to create a softer edge and a more sensual look.

The two new Color Fever Gloss shades in this collection are 026 Pure Gold and 125 Aaron’s Red. Aaron’s red is a vibrant cool-toned shimmer-less red. (It goes on cooler than it appears in the tube.) While imparting a glossy transparency, the color (when worn alone) is very intense and the overall look resembles a lipstick-plus-gloss combination. I think the shade can be compared to that of strawberry jelly, which is color-rich but still transparent. Plus the shade does look mouth-watering…

Pure Gold has a completely different finish. It is a semi-opaque gold with fine multi-colored shimmer, and the richness of the color does resemble liquid gold. One coat of it gives the lips a yellow-based neutral tone. (It is a nice way to create a natural neutral tone for the lips without making them overly pale or ashy.) Two or more coats will start to create a rich gold-foil shine.

Both shades complement Color Fever Matte well. Aaron’s Red adds lip-plumping glossiness to the matte finish, while Pure Gold on the center of the lips makes the lips look stunningly luxurious. (If you don’t want any glossiness on the lips but still want a touch of gold, Aaron suggests using one of the golds in the eye palettes for a glistening gold-dust finish.)

Rose Liberté is created to add a veil of gold to the complexion. Some might be disappointed to know that the vibrant shimmer is an overspray, but I think the softly luminous gold-toned beige powder underneath is much more user-friendly. (I think the overspray, which has the same multi-colored shimmer as that in the Pure Gold Color Fever Gloss, is more suited as an eyeshadow.)

Also in this collection is the Powder Brush, which is designed to help apply not only Rose Liberté but also other loose and pressed powder products. The large fluffy brush feels soft on the face and is angled for more flexibility in the application.

Here are my personal picks from the collection:

– Palette Liberté in Bleu Royauté (signature item of the collection)
– Palette Liberté in Or Liberté (chic and wearable)
– Color Fever Matte in Red Paris Paris (vivid but elegant)
– Color Fever Gloss in Pure Gold (versatile and ultra-glamorous)

One of the demanding tasks of an artistic director of an international beauty brand is to express his/her unique vision as an artist and to create products with a mass-market appeal on a global scale. I think Aaron De Mey has done a great job with Lancôme’s fall 2009 collection. The creative vision is crystal-clear, and the products, thorough which we are able to see his original ideas, not only aim to set trends but also attempt to create classics. I wonder what is going to wow us in spring 2010…

Other fall 2009 makeup collections:


Clé de Peau



Earlier this month, I posted a preview of Lancôme’s fall 2009 Declaring Indigo collection, with information on the idea behind the creation. Today I am reviewing some of the eye makeup items in this collection. (The second part of this review will be posted next week.)

The three feature colors in the Declaring Indigo collection are blue, red, and gold, and one of the key items is Palette Liberté in 01 Bleu Royauté, which includes a mix of royal blues and gold-toned neutrals.

Color-wise, the two royal blues are almost the same. Also, they both have a satiny matte finish with a faint iridescence. The main difference is that the bottom-right blue contains gold flecks. The bottom-left is a yellow-toned gold (light-reflective shade), while the top-right is a cool medium molten gold (shadowing shade). Both have a softly metallic finish. All the colors in this palette are well-pigmented and have a good staying power.

The two blues can go on sheer or very intense depending on how much is layered. I personally think that, for such strong colors, they look better when they are layered to reach full intensity.

One thing worth noting is that the blues have less movement than the golds. (This seems to be a typical difference between matte and shimmery/metallic shades.) Careful blending is essential. Or you can go for a dramatic block-color look with minimal blending.

For those who would like more subtle and wearable colors, 02 Or Liberté would be a good choice. It features a complete palette of colors, with a highlighter, lighter/darker shades and a lining shade.

The two shades on the right are essentially the same as the two golds in Bleu Royauté. The bottom-left is a light beige-gold with a similar softly metallic finish, and the top-left is a soft black with gold flecks.

To my surprise, my favorite shade in this palette is the black. While it remains a black when worn (which doesn’t look greyish or brownish), it is a soft black that doesn’t look harsh on the eyes. With its subtly shimmery finish (which resembles the natural gloss of the lashes), the color very naturally enhances the base of my lashes without making my eyes look too made-up (which is something I tend to worry about when I use black as an eyelining shade).

Overall, I think this yellow-toned gold palette would suit those with a cool-toned complexion better. For those with a warmer complexion, try pairing this palette with warmer beige-golds.

(The two palettes are housed in gold cases
with Lancôme’s rose motifs.)

The collection includes other eye makeup items that help enhance the look created by the two palettes.

The Ink Artliner in 01 Black Carbon Ink is a cream eyeliner that is applied with the brush designed by Aaron De Mey (available separately). Black Carbon Ink is a very rich black with a matte finish. The waterproof cream goes on smoothly and has a very good staying power. When I test it on the back of my hand, the cream seems to have ample playing time before it sets. When I test it on my eyes, it seems to dry up much more quickly since there is (dry) eyeshadow powder underneath.

The brush is flat with a round tip, which is an optimal shape for an easy and precise application. I also like the fact that the hair is short enough so it is easy to control the brush.

The Virtuôse in 015 Royal Gold Top Coat is, as the name suggests, mainly an eyelash top coat. It has a light-gel texture and is infused with gold flecks. The blue in this mascara is more muted than the blues in the eye palettes. This particular shade is more about adding shimmer to the lashes than about adding color, length or volume. The effect is nicely subtle. (This is a non-waterproof product.)

If you would like to see swatches of the Bleu Royauté palette, please check out this post on My Women Stuff.

The second part of the Lancôme fall 2009 collection review will focus on the three Color Fever Matte lipsticks, the two Color Fever Glosses and the Rose Liberté highlighter. I will also share my thoughts on the whole collection as well as my personal picks.

Updated on July 1st 2009:

You can read the second part of the review here.

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Spot the Difference – Lancôme Spring 2008 Collection L.U.C.I.


If Lancôme’s fall 2009 collection is a song, it is a powerful anthem.

Created by Aaron De Mey, Lancôme’s Makeup Artistic Director, the Declaring Indigo collection is inspired by the colors of the Parisian coat of arms, the French Revolution and the spirit of freedom and impertinence. Striking primary hues saturate the collection as it features rich royal blues for eyes (seen above in Palette Liberté in Bleu Royauté) and velvety matte reds for lips.

The subtext of irreverence seems to continue from De Mey’s spring 2009 Pink Irreverence collection, but this time the colors carry a regal as well as a vintage feel.

I had a chance to preview the collection today, and here are some of the items from the collection:

The collection will be launched in the UK on September 1st.

I will be reviewing the items in more detail in the coming weeks. Do stay tuned!

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Coffret D’Or Fall 2009 Collection

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(image from www.lancome.co.uk)

Lancôme‘s Génifique is the brand’s latest anti-aging product. The media attention to it surrounds Lancôme’s references to studies of genomics (the study of genes) and proteomics (the study of proteins).

According to Lancôme, various proteins and genes were studied and the proteins that are related to the appearance of youthful skin were identified. The formula of Génefique is claimed to stimulate the activity of genes and the production of proteins that are associated with youthful skin.

One ingredient in question is salicyloyl phytosphingosine, which combines the benefits of salicylic acid and phytosphingosine. One paper published in International Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2007 (see abstract here) suggests that salicyloyl phytosphingosine is shown to reduce wrinkle depth and improve skin texture. Also, according to Paula Begoun, phytosphingosine may be a cell-communicating agent. (For more about cell-communicating agent, see this article by Paula Begoun.)

It is a very lightweight watery serum which is faintly scented. It is used after cleansing and toning and before any moisturizer.

Génifique has a relatively short ingredient list. It is essentially salicyloyl phytosphingosine that the product is about, and it doesn’t come with a host of gimmicks. (Nearly all the other ingredients are fairly standard ones often found in other skincare products.)

However, one major drawback of Génifique is the amount of alcohol it has. It is fourth on the ingredient list (after glycerine and before dimethicone), and it is somewhat easily detected by smell (which is usually not a good sign). Unfortunately, this can negate the possible skin-friendly benefits of this product, as alcohol (especially with such an amount) can be drying or irritating for the skin as well as causing free-radical damage. Those who can’t tolerate products with alcohol are most likely to find Génifique unusable.

If alcohol were left out of this product or kept to the absolute minimum, this could be a good product suitable for nearly all skin types. I would be interested to see if Lancôme will extend Génifique into a range of products and to look through the ingredients in each product.

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Lancôme Spring 2009 Collection

by PJ on Thursday, November 6, 2008

in -Lancôme, 2009 Spring, makeup

(image from i-voce.boxerblog.com/newsflash/)

Do have a look at Lancôme’s spring 2009 collection on the Voce blog. If you are a fan of pink shades, definitely don’t miss these photos!

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