(pictured: Sony CP Makemania
Curvy Lip Silicone)

First of all, yes it’s Sony. They do cosmetics in Japan! (Or rather, they own a company in Japan that carries many budget and premium cosmetics lines. Makemania, which carries this Curvy Lip Silicone I have, is one of them.)

This lip gloss is claimed to have sold over 1 million copies in Japan and has been a huge sensation in some other Asian countries. It is nicknamed “Lip Attack” or “Lip Siege” (you get the idea).

It looks pretty ordinary, but it is one of the most lip-plumping lip glosses I have ever used. It is so good that I can’t even put too much on or I’ll end up having very fat lips, and it actually doesn’t feel too thick or sticky.

Also, one great design is the spatula applicator (see below). I always hate the sponge tip because it smudges off the lipstick and it is a hassle to clean. Now with the soft plastic spatula applicator, I can just wipe it with a tissue and it looks as clean as it can be. It also makes a smooth and even application! (Western brands please learn this!)

(pictured: the spatula applicator,
against the (very rare) bright summer sky in England)

Now that I have tried it, I can understand the hype about it all around Asia, especially when it only costs about $10 USD in Japan!

Edited on June 3, 2007: I’d like to point out that this is not the kind of lip-plumping lip gloss that gives you the tingling feeling and dilates the blood vessels in your lips. I personally don’t like that. For me the tingling feeling is a discomfort. The plumping effect of the Curvy lip Silicone lies in the spot-on texture, consistency, and the glassy and light-reflective effect.

Edited on July 18, 2007: Photos updated.