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It was estimated several years ago that there were between 3000 and 4000 cosmetics companies in Japan (from Textbook on Beauty, by Kaoru Saito). What we see in major Japanese cosmetics magazines is only a very small selection of them, and it is always interesting to see a new brand on the magazine pages.

Launched in October 2007, Mamew is a fairly new brand but it has been featured in major Japanese cosmetics magazines like Biteki and Voce as well as top fashion magazines like Vogue Nippon.


(the very minimally packaged Mamew Lineup)
(image from www.mamew.jp)

What attracted the attention of these magazines are Mamew’s Mascara Kits (two versions: Volume Curl and Long Lash).

(Mamew Mascara Kit)
(image from www.mamew.co.jp)

The mascara liquid and the brush are packaged separately, and each application involves putting the mascara onto the brush (just like putting toothpaste on a toothbrush, I suppose).

(image from www.mamew.co.jp)

You might think this is a lot of trouble, but here are the unique strengths of this product (from the Mamew website):

1. You can have more control of how much pigment goes onto the brush.

2. You can curl the lashes and keep the curl more effectively with the blush made with dense natural hair.

3. You can benefit from a fresh application every time by cleansing the brush after each use.

4. You can enjoy an easier application with the slim brush handle.

Apart from these, I think the unused mascara will probably remain moist longer. Also, this seems to be an updated version of the most traditional mascaras with a brush picking up the black pigment.

Judging by the increasing level of press interest, Mamew’s Mascara Kit has a potential to be a cult beauty item in Japan.

(Mamew is currently sold in Japan only, and the website’s on-line ordering service opens to residents in Japan.)

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