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Launched in 2007, Marc Jacobs’ Daisy EDT has been a very successful fragrance. The EDP version was then released, and, for spring/summer 2010, a limited-edition version, Daisy in the Air (EDT), has been available in the UK.

With pastel-blue petals adorning the bottle, Daisy in the Air has the same scent as that of Daisy. This edition comes with a paper garland, with which you can turn Daisy into a home fragrance.

Daisy features notes of wild strawberry, ruby red grapefruit, violet, jasmine, and gardenia.

I think Daisy is a very easy-to-wear fragrance. It does not attempt to establish a very strong identity, as none of the notes (particularly the floral notes) jumps out and takes over and the base notes are soft and subtle. But I think these could possibly be the key reasons for its success. It is light enough for everyday wear and is a pleasantly accessible and non-intrusive fresh fruity floral scent.

I like many of the fragrances by Marc Jacobs. Particularly, I love Marc Jacobs Perfume, a modern and elegant gardenia scent, and Blush, a successful blend of jasmine and mild fluid woodiness. Personally, I don’t think Daisy’s identity is as distinctive as that of Marc Jacobs Perfume or Blush. But what Marc Jacobs has created with Daisy is a product with a tremendous mass-market appeal. I think there will be more limited-edition versions of this fragrance to come.

(The product featured in this review is provided by Marc Jacobs via The Perfume Shop.)

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(Daisy Marc Jacobs pour Sephora)
(image from www.sephora.com)

When I saw the items from the Daisy Marc Jacobs pour Sephora collection, I found myself clicking on each of the items and doing that all over again…

Daisy is not my favorite Marc Jacobs fragrance, but I like the design of the bottle and these items are also seriously cute.

I think the two cases appeal to me the most, especially the round Treasure Beauty Case:

(Daisy Marc Jacobs pour Sephora
Treasure Beauty Case)
(image from www.sephora.com)

I know it is a borderline cuteness overload, but I really like the look of it. I wish Sephora could specify the dimensions of this case, so I can visualize it right in front of me…not that I haven’t been doing that enough already…

This is not my first time to write about Marc Jacobs, and it probably won’t be the last. I enjoyed my trip to the first Marc Jacobs boutique in the UK last year, and I think I will talk about one of my favorite Marc Jacobs fragrances later on…

(Thank you, Betsy (at Autumn Masquerade), for letting me know about this collection!)

Some doses of fashion:

“The new way of selling clothes seems to be not wearing them.”

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Marc Jacobs Boutique in Mayfair, London

by PJ on Sunday, March 25, 2007

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(Marc Jacobs boutique in London)

When I knew that Marc Jacobs opened his first UK boutique in London, I just had to go there and have a look.

It is not on Bond Street or Sloane Street, where fashion boutiques cluster. It is on the quiet and quaint Mount Street in the center of Mayfair, although it is not too far from the hustle and bustle of Bond Street and Oxford Street.

(London’s Mayfair)

It is a modest-sized boutique and everything is conveniently on one floor. The layout is neat, with women’s fashion on the left side and menswear on the right, accessories in the front and clothings in the back. There are also fragrances (Blush being one of my favorites) and home-ware between accessories and clothing.

The approachable staff members were exceptionally friendly and helpful, answering all my questions, as I was browsing all the luxurious handbags. The atmosphere was very easy and relaxing.

Just as I was going through to the men’s clothing section, I noticed some funky T-shirts with bright colors and catchy prints. To my surprise, they were only 14 pounds. (Some of them were made for charity.) I was not planning to buy anything, but if I could find something I liked at 14 pounds by Marc Jacobs…why not? And I did. I found a salmon-pink top with nice subtle patterns. There were also some affordable hats and belts (around 30 pounds) to choose from.

Overall it was a very good experience. I didn’t expect to stay for almost 45 minutes and I didn’t expect to buy something without seriously damaging my bank balance. I will definitely go back again. Even though I still won’t be able to afford any quilted handbag, at least I know the service and atmosphere will be enjoyable.