(Maybelline’s spring 2008 collection in Japan)
(from Voce February 2008)

If there is one country that maximizes the power of packaging of consumer products, it’s Japan.

A trip to a Japanese drugstore is a very visual experience. Brands like Lavshuca, Majolica Majorca, Kiss, and Love Clover are instantly visually appealing and attention-grabbing. They make some high-end brands look dull.

Some western drugstore lines know that their products will be displayed alongside Lavshuca‘s Eye Color Select palettes and Majolica Majorca‘s princessy golden cases and that they have to do something in order not to lose on the starting line.

One example is some of Maybelline‘s products sold in Japan and some other countries in Asia. As far as I know, products like the EyeStudio palettes (seen above) as well as the EyeStudio singles and WaterShiny Volumy lipsticks (seen below) are not sold in North America or Europe. (But, just to be clear, other Maybelline products still look more or less the same as those sold in the west.)

(image from www.maybelline.co.jp)

(image from www.maybelline.co.jp)

Obviously the style is not going down the cute and dreamy route, but the packaging does look more sleek and trendy than the globally available Maybelline lineup. (But I do personally like the Dream Mousse line, and I enjoy the chunky glass jars.)

Something worth mentioning here is that Angelfit is a base makeup range by Maybelline that is only sold in Asia. (You can check out the mini-site through the link.) I have not tried anything from the range, but, from what I have read, the powder foundation (Maybelline Angelfit Pact) has been getting very good reviews. (I believe the Angelfit range is developed in Japan as well.)

(Maybelline’s Angelfit base makeup range)
(image from www.angelfit.jp)

Packaging-wise, soft pink and gentle curves are used to increase the visual impact. The style of the packaging actually looks very Japanese to me.

While I would still prefer the look of Lavshuca on any day, other brands like Maybelline do show that makeup still needs a little bit of “makeup” in order to sell.

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Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush
(natural radiance from mousse-y sponginess)

Maybelline Dream Mousse Eyecolor
(soft, floaty, and airy)

Lavshuca Summer Gradually Compact

(one of the cutest items for summer 2008)


(Enjoying the sunshine while I can…)

In the UK, I think summer is the best season, with warm sunshine and soft breezes.

But we had a fairly disappointingly cool summer in the UK last year, with very little sunshine. This year, under the influence of La Niña, we probably won’t have a warmer summer…

For me, bright turquoise is one of the most summery colors. Thanks to the pleasant (and rare) sunshine today, my turquoise looked brighter and more tropical!

For eyes
– Dior Eyeshadow Duo in DiorLagoon
– Ayura Finger Touch Eye Shadow in GR (limited-edition, fall 2006)
– MAC Eye Shadow in Haunting (Alexander McQueen Collection)
– MAC Paint Pot in Rollickin’ (Fafi Collection)
– Maybelline Dream Mousse Eye Color in Fabulous Turquoise

For lips
-Ettusais Lip Gloss in CL

For skin
– Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher

Please enjoy more splashes of colors!

New-Leaf Green
Aqua Blue
Citrus Orange
Girlie Pink
Lilting Lilac


Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush
(in 04 Mauve) was the first Maybelline item that I bought in quite a long time. (I later bought the Dream Mousse Eye Color in Divine Lilac and Fabulous Turquoise, which I have reviewed.)

When I tested this in the shop, I was impressed by the natural and almost transparent finish and the wearable color. 04 Mauve is a soft medium pink. The finish is quite sheer, which I like, but it can be built up to a slightly more intense finish with minimal efforts.

It has some pink and pale gold shimmer. But it is fine and sparse enough so it doesn’t bother me.

Apart from the wearable shade for my skin-tone (light-to-medium with a slight pink undertone), what I really like about this blusher is the texture. The mousse-like texture is light and almost spongy, and it makes blending very easy. The formula is mainly silicone-based, which explains the velvety feel the blusher dries up to.

The only drawback is that the staying power is not the most impressive that I have experienced. However, touching up is easy, provided that my hands are clean of course.

(My face can get oily during the day. Even after blotting out the shine, I usually still find it hard to use a powder blusher to touch up and get a fresh and pristine finish. The powder sinks in too quickly to be blended evenly. It is much easier for me to use a liquid/cream/mousse based blusher for touch-ups. (Apart from silicones, one of the main ingredients in this blusher is jojoba oil, which contributes to the good slip.)

Overall, this is a fuss-free blusher that is easy to apply and gives a very natural glowy finish. A good value for money for sure if this is the kind of finish you want.

[The names given to items in the Maybelline Dream Mousse line are different from those in the US. It appears that the shade I have is named Soft Plum (#40) in the US.]

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Blushers that are also relatively affordable:

Lavshuca Cheek Color in PK-1

Boots No. 7 Cheek Colours in Soft Damson and Petal

Majolica Majorca Cheek Customize in PK333 & OR211


Among all my favorite colors, pastel purple (lilac/lavender) has always been near the top of the list. Thanks to the delicate mixture of red and blue, purple, to me, is an elegant color with the right amount of warmness and coolness.

It has been a great accent color in my wardrobe for years (be it pastel lilac or rich violet), but it is only fairly recently that I discovered that soft lilacs look good on my face as well!

Keep pretty:
-Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes in 04 Gem Amethyst
-T’Estimo Frame Impact Eyes in 03
-Lavshuca Eyecolor Select in PU-2
-Chanel Contraste Lumière palette in Aquarelles
-Maybelline Dream Mousse Eye Color in Divine Lilac
-Clinique Glosswear for Lips in 333 La La Lilac
-AYURA Pure Nails (limited-edition lilac shade)

Keep clean:
-Radox Clean & Pamper Handwash with lavender & magnolia

Keep warm:
-Hat by Fred Bare
(My teddy bear pulls this off much better than I do…)
-Sweater by Sisley

Keep organized:
-Beauty Diary by Biteki & Albion
(from Biteki January 2007 issue)

I have noticed that Chanel, Lunasol, and Guerlain are featuring lilac in their spring 2008 collections, and I am predicting that lilac is a key spring 2008 makeup trend!

I have more lilacs on my spring 2008 shopping list, and I am sensing an arrival of Lilting Lilac Part II!

More splashes of colors!

Girlie Pink

Citrus Orange

Aqua Blue

New-Leaf Green


(Maybelline Dream Mousse Eyecolors)

On the whole, I tend to save money for slightly pricier products with both wonderful quality and exquisite packaging. But, every now and then, I come across little gems like Maybelline’s Dream Mousse Eyecolors and I feel glad that they are very affordable. (I do like these chunky glass pots as well.)

What I like about Dream Mousse Eyecolors is that the finish is very flattering and the subtle shimmer effectively adds a little bit of dimension to the eyes.

If you want an intensely pigmented and shimmery finish from this collection of eyeshadows, then you will probably be disappointed. But if you want something natural and effortlessly pretty, then do give them a try.

(Divine Lilac & Fabulous Turquoise)

I have two shades, Divine Lilac and Fabulous Turquoise. (Divine Lilac is called Lilac Cloud in the US.) I have reviewed several lilac-based eyeshadow palettes, but Divine Lilac is actually the first lilac eyeshadow I purchased and it kick-started my collection of lilac eyeshadows. The shade is on the warm side, which, for me, is very wearable and flattering.

Fabulous Turquoise is a new shade that I just bought a few weeks ago (before I bought MAC’s Haunting). When I saw this in the shop, I was reminded of so many turquoise eyeshadows that I had tested before that had disappointing green and yellow shimmers. (Rimmel‘s Colour Mousse Eye Shadow in Splash and Bourjois‘ Mono Eyeshadow in Turquoise Ensoleillée…I am mainly talking about you two…) So I was ready for another turquoise disappointment. But I was delightfully surprised, as this is a nice real turquoise. The delicate finish and flattering shimmer are both present, and I immediately decided to bring it home.

For me, Divine Lilac is a wonderful everyday shade, while anything turquoise is always a bolder color and I wear Fabulous Turquoise sparingly.

It seems that a couple of new shades are quietly added to the Mousse Eyecolor lineup each season, so I will always check back to see if there are other mousse treats waiting for me.

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