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Earlier this year, Olay‘s Wrinkle Relaxing Complex, from the brand’s Regenerist range, was renamed 10 Minute Miracle. (It is essentially the same product with minor tweaks, according to the ingredient list of Wrinkle Relaxing Complex on Olay’s UK website.) Today let’s take a closer look at this product.

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Olay Regenerist CC Complexion Corrector SPF 15 UVA UVB Lightest Skin Tone 1


While many beauty brands are still bringing out their versions of BB creams, there are now CC creams and even DD creams. “CC” usually stands for “Color Correction/Corrector” or “Color Control”, while “DD” usually stands for “Daily Defense”. Chanel and Clinique are two major beauty brands that carry CC creams (Complete Correction SPF 30/ PA+++ and Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector SPF30, respectively), and, today, I am focusing on Olay‘s Regenerist CC Complexion Corrector SPF 15 UVA/ UVB in Lightest Skin Tone, which was launched in the UK last month.

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Olay Total Effects Moisturiser Serum Duo SPF 20 1


Launched in February this year, Olay‘s new Total Effects Moisturiser + Serum Duo SPF 20 is claimed to combine the hydrating properties of a moisturizer and the treatment efficacy of a serum. With added sun protection, this product aims to streamline the morning skincare routine.

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Olay Regenerist 3-Point Treatment Cream Fragrance Free 1


As part of Olay‘s 60th-anniversary celebration, the brand has launched a fragrance-free version of one of the brand’s most popular products, Regenerist 3-Point Treatment Cream. Today I am taking a closer look at this product.

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Olay Total Effects Sensitive Protection SPF 15 1


Olay carries quite a few product lines, including Regenerist, Definity, Professional, and Essentials (a new line that combines the existing Classic Care and Complete Care sub-lines). My chosen moisturizers for day and night are from the Complete Care sub-line (Daily Sensitive UV Fluid SPF 15 (renamed Sensitive Day Fluid SPF 15 under the new Essentials line) and Night Enriched Cream, respectively). Today I am featuring a new item from the Total Effects line, Total Effects Sensitive Protection SPF 15.

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Olay Regenerist Night Renewal Elixir 1


In terms of facial moisturizers, Olay is currently my preferred brand as I have been using Olay Complete Care Daily Sensitive UV Fluid SPF 15 and Olay Complate Care Night Enriched Cream in the last few years. Today I am reviewing a new product from Olay’s Regenerist range, Regenerist Night Renewal Elixir.

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In May 2007, I posted about Olay’s Multi-Radiance Daily Illuminating UV Fluid SPF 15. It was my daytime moisturizer/sunscreen product for about two years. It is a nicely formulated product and I have recommended it to some of my readers.

Earlier this year, I was looking through the ingredient lists of some other daytime moisturizers from Olay in my local Boots store and I decided to try Complete Care Daily UV Fluid SPF 15 (for Normal/Oily Skin) and Complete Care Daily Sensitive UV Fluid SPF 15 (for Sensitive Skin). After using them for several months, I can say that I am very happy with both.

I was very pleased with the Multi-Radiance moisturizer, which is a competent sunscreen product (with ingredients to protect against UVA and UVB rays) that contains niacinamide. It was moisturizing without being greasy, it didn’t cause breakouts or irritation, and it worked for me all year around.

However, there are two ingredients the product doesn’t need to have. One is citrus nobilis (mandarin extract), which can be a skin irritant. It didn’t irritate my skin but I thought it would be nice to use a product that doesn’t contain this. The other is mica, which is one of the ingredients in makeup products that create shimmer. It is usually used in skincare products to create a subtle glow for the skin. (It doesn’t have skincare benefits.) Even though it didn’t make my skin look too glowy, I’d prefer skincare products with fewer ingredients whose effects are merely cosmetic.

Like the Multi-Radiance moisturizer, both of the Complete Care ones are well-formulated sunscreen products (with butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane to protect against UVA rays) and both contain niacinamide. Neither of them contains citrus nobilis or mica. Compared with Multi-Radiance, both have a lighter texture. (The two are very similar in texture.)

At the very moment I am using the one for normal/oily skin, but I will be going back to the one for sensitive skin. It was the one I used first when I bought the two and it will become my staple daytime moisturizer. The main reason is that it is fragrance-free. (The other two contain fragrance.)

One thing I would like to point out is that all the three moisturizers, as well as many others from Olay, contain benzyl alcohol, which can be a skin irritant. But it is not among the major ingredients in any of the three and I haven’t had negative reactions to them.

On a very minor note, I wish the bottles (pictured above) would come with a pump dispenser.

Overall, both are nice products. They spread effortlessly, absorb easily and don’t leave a greasy film. Both work well under makeup too. I would recommend them (especially the one for sensitive skin) to those with combination and oily skin as a daytime moisturising/sunscreen product.

Other skincare products I am using at the moment:

Olay Complete Care Night Enriched Cream

RMK Cleansing Oil

Lancôme Tonique Douceur


(image from www.olay.co.uk)

Olay is a solid skincare line that has many very well-formulated items. The fact that most of Olay’s products are on the affordable side (compared with all the high-end products) shows that we don’t have to spend a lot of money on quality products.

Olay’s Complete Care Night Enriched Cream has been my evening moisturizer for a couple of years, and I have recently switched from Olay’s Multi-Radiance Daily Illuminating UV Fluid SPF 15 to Complete Care Daily Sensitive UV Fluid SPF15, also from Olay. (I will be featuring this product later on.) Today I am reviewing the Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum.

This serum has more of a gel texture than a watery consistency. (It is one of the thicker serum-type products that I have come across.) It doesn’t have a lot of slip, but it does create a silky finish, which is largely down to the various silicone ingredients and the fact that cyclopentasiloxane (silicone) is the first ingredient on the list (before water and glycerine).

It has a very good mix of beneficial ingredients, such as carnosine (with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E, antioxidant), tocopherol (vitamin E, antioxidant), allantoin (anti-irritant), and camellia sinensis (green tea, potential antioxidant for the skin).

Also included in this product is niacinamide (vitamin B3). Paula Begoun mentions that the serum contains approximately 2% to 3% niacinamide and that, in this amount, “it can increase the skin’s ceramide and fatty acid content as well as have anti-inflammatory action” (Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, April 2004, pages 88-93). (The three Olay products that I mentioned above also contain niacinamide.) For more information on all the potential benefits of niacinamide, please refer to the entry in Paula Begoun’s Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary.

Overall, this can be a good product to be used under the moisturizer for those with normal or dry skin or as a light-weight moisturizer for those with oily skin. For daytime, it can also work as a primer to help create a smooth texture for the skin in order to facilitate makeup application. (You can also see Paula’s review of this serum here.)

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(Olay Complete Care Night Enriched Cream)

Happy new year everyone! I wish all of you a healthy and happy 2008!

Today I am talking about my current nighttime moisturizer. In my post on my daily skincare routine, I mentioned Lancôme’s Hydra Zen was my chosen moisturizer for nighttime. But, about six months ago, Hydra Zen changed its formulation for the fourth time. Unlike the last three times, when there were only minor changes, the 4th-generation Hydra Zen’s ingredient list looks very different. It is still a suitable moisturizer for me (I used a couple of samples), but it was apparent to me that my skin didn’t like it as much.

I decided to look for a replacement. Usually, finding a replacement skincare product can be painful and can involve wasted money. (Opened and used cosmetics products are not returnable and refundable in the UK.) But, since, at that time, I had just started to like Olay Complete Care Daily Illuminating UV Fluid SPF 15, I thought I’d tried another moisturizer from Olay.

The one I got is Olay Complete Care Night Enriched Cream. It sounds like it is really dense and possibly greasy. But, when I tried the in-store tester, it seemed clear that it was not. It seemed light but still emollient, and it appeared to be suitable for my oily-dry skin. With Olay being a relatively affordable brand, I thought I’d try it out.

I really liked it the first time I used it. Even though it has a cream consistency, it is surprisingly lightweight and has a good slip. It is moisturizing and absorbs well, but it doesn’t feel heavy or look greasy at all. For me, it is a competent moisturizer for all seasons. Obviously, this is the first winter when I am using it. All I need is just to use a bit more of it than I do in warmer months, and I don’t need to layer on any other product.

One thing worth mentioning is that one of the major ingredients in this moisturizer is niacinamide. Paula Begoun describes ingredients like niacinamide and retinol as “cell-communicating ingredients“, which are able to work effectively at the cellular level to help improve the conditions and appearance of skin. (Read more about niacinamide and cell-communicating ingredients on Paula Begoun’s website.)

It contains benzyl alcohol, which can be a skin irritant. But it is not among the major ingredients and I have not had negative reactions to the product.

Overall this is a well-formulated moisturizer that happens to have the texture and the degree of emolliency that really suit me. I am quite positive that, as long as it remains available in the UK, I will continue to use it.

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I have written in my post about my daily skincare routine that Estee Lauder’s DayWear Plus for Oily Skin is the daytime moisturizer that I use. I have been using it for years and I have never thought about changing it.

But recently I have discovered Olay Complete Care Multi-Radiance Daily Illuminating UV Fluid for Combination and Oily Skin (SPF 15). For me, it is one of the very few daytime moisturizers that are as good as DayWear Plus.

It has a slightly thicker consistency than DayWear Plus, but it spreads easily and absorbs well. It dries up to a semi-matte finish. Thanks to mica, it does impart a subtle glow, but it does not look shiny or greasy. It is also a good base for makeup. Most importantly, it does not irritate my sensitive skin and my skin feels properly moisturized.

It is about 14 US dollars (for 75ml) in the UK, so it is a great cheaper alternative for me. (DayWear Plus (50ml) is about 56 US dollars here, whereas it is 38 US dollars in America!)

It contains titanium dioxide and butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane as the anti-UVA ingredients. (Please check out my post on sunscreen basics to see why we need ingredients like these in a daytime moisturizer.)

There are a few drawbacks of this product. It contains benzyl alcohol and citrus nobilis (mandarin extract), which can be skin irritants. Benzyl alcohol is not among the major ingredients while citrus nobilis is a bit higher up on the ingredient list. But I have not had negative reactions to the product. Also, the packaging is not totally opaque. Skin-benefiting ingredients that are light-sensitive can lose their effect overtime in this kind of packaging. Maybe Olay should consider rectifying this.

By the way, I know that Olay carries different products in different countries (or it may package and name products differently), and I can’t find this particular product on the Olay US website. Maybe someone can let me know more about this.