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Majolica Majorca, with cute packaging, good quality, and affordable prices, edged Shu Uemura out at the last minute to become A Touch of Blusher readers’ favorite Japanese makeup line!

Shu Uemura, one of the ultimate professional makeup brands, also captured the heart of many of you.

Lunasol, Lavshuca, and Kate (all by Kanebo) shared the third place.

Here is the full result:

What are your favorite Japanese makeup lines? (Tick all that apply!!)
(from June 27 to July 8, 2007)

Majolica Majorca
(13 votes)
Shu Uemura (12 votes)
Lunasol, Lavshuca, Kate (11 votes each)
Paul & Joe (9 votes)
Maquillage, T’Estimo, Jill Stuart, Anna Sui (8 votes each)
Visee (3 votes)
Aube, Ayura, RMK (2 votes each)
Integrate (1 vote)

Other favorites mentioned include Inoui ID and Canmake. Great choices!!

Thanks for everyone that has voted and left comments!! There will be more polls to come. (Suggestions are welcome!)


I’d like to invite all of you to vote on my first-ever poll (more polls to come). Please find it on the side bar.

If I miss any of your favorite lines, drop a comment and let me know!

Poll closes on July 8th. I will post the result here. So come back and see which line takes the crown!

Edited on July 8th, 2007:
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