Kose Sekkisei Spring Summer 2017 Base Makeup 1

(image from www.kose.co.jp,
info from www.sekkisei.com, www.kose.co.jp
& cosmetics-medical.com)


Kosé Sekkisei will release its spring/summer 2017 base makeup collection in Japan on May 16th. The collection includes:

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Kose Sekkisei Spring Summer 2011 Base Makeup 3(images/info from i-voce.jp)


Kosé Sekkisei will release its spring/summer 2011 base makeup collection in Japan on March 16th. The items should be either the same as or very similar to those launched in Taiwan around this time last year.

The collection features:

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(image from www.urcosme.com,
information from www.urcosme.com
& www.iswii.net)

Those interested in Japanese skincare products would probably be very familiar with Kosé’s Sekkisei line. Launched in 1985, it is among the best-selling whitening (brightening) skincare lines in Japan.

In April, Sekkisei will release its first range of base makeup products. The twist is that the range will debut in Taiwan, not in Japan. According to Urcosme and Iswii, the development of these products is based on the consumer research conducted in Taiwan and this is the first time Kosé has formulated products based on market research on consumers outside Japan.

The range aims to suit people living in Southeast Asia who need their base makeup items to cope with the warm and humid climate and still want them to offer a good level of coverage as well as skin-benefiting properties.

The range includes a foundation primer (SPF 25, PA++), a powder foundation (7 shades, SPF 20, PA++), and a loose powder (SPF 12, PA++).

Japanese base makeup already has a solid following in Southeast Asia, but Kosé has gone a step further and created products that might potentially work even better for consumers in Southeast Asia. I think many people in Taiwan will be eager to test out these items, and I suppose they should be available elsewhere in Asia in the near future.

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