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Sony CP Satishe Spring 2011 Makeup 1(image from


My Japanese Cosmetics Focus series is back today with Satishe.

Satishe is the name of the color makeup range of CP Cosmetics, which also carries the skincare range Soigne and the base makeup range Delitia as well as haircare and bodycare products. The line features items for face, eyes, lips, cheeks and nails.

(CP Cosmetics is part of StylingLife Holdings Inc. BCL Company*, under which there are other beauty brands such as Makemania (which carries the ultra-popular Curvy Lip Silicone), Vecua and Love Clover.)


Sony CP Satishe Spring 2011 Makeup 2(Fantasy Garden, Satishe’s spring 2011 makeup collection)
(image from


Satishe doesn’t boast dramatic colors or dazzling shimmer. The line offers wearable colors suitable for most work and casual occasions. One of the key items of the line is the eyeshadow palette Soft Veil Eyeshadow. The design of the palettes and the color combinations remind me of some of Lunasol’s early eyeshadow palettes (particularly Intellectual Eyes).


Sony CP Satishe 3(images from


Here are some highlights of the rest of Satishe’s lineup:

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