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One feature that Trish McEvoy is known for is the Makeup Planner System, which combines Makeup Planners (makeup pouches with binder rings) and Makeup Planner Pages (refillable palettes). Today I am reviewing the limited-edition Bejeweled Makeup Planner Collection for holiday 2009.

The set contains a Petite Refillable Makeup Page, which holds up to eight eyeshadows and can be filed into the Planner.

The palette includes:

Eye Definer in Deep Aubergine: dark brown-toned purple (matte)
Eye Definer in Amethyst: dark violet (with sparse shimmer)
Glaze Eye Shadow in Sable Bronze: light-to-medium warm beige (softly metallic)
Eye Shadow in Delicate Pink: gently pigmented off-white pink (matte)
Blush in Easy Going: soft warm pink (glowy matte with very subtle shimmer)
Bronzer in Dual Resort: pale beige (shimmery) and brown-toned beige (mildly shimmery)

I personally really like Glaze Eye Shadow in Sable Bronze and Blush in Easy Going. Sable Bronze has a flattering sheen which doesn’t look flat or frosty, and the shade has a natural warmth to it. (It doesn’t look ashy or too bronze.) The blusher adds a soft and natural flush to the cheeks. The powder is smooth and velvety and is very easy to apply.

Overall I think this palette is more suitable for those with a light or light-to-medium complexion, as Sable Bronze, the blusher, and the bronzer might be too subtle for those with darker skin tones.

Eye Base Essentials is an eyeshadow base with quite a creamy texture. The shade included in the set is Bare, which is a pale beige with a pink undertone. It has sufficient pigment to even out the skin tone in the eyelid areas. It also contains ingredients to provide additional moisture for the eyelids, such as hydrogenated vegetable oil and bees wax.

The set also includes Beauty Booster SPF 15 Lip Gloss in Brightening Pink. It is a moderately pigmented cool berry pink with no shimmer. The color looks quite bright in the tube, but, as it is not too pigmented, it looks considerably more natural on the lips. It creates a vinyl-like glossy finish, which lasts well.

It contains avobenzone, which provides protection against UVA rays, and it is fragrance-free. It contains peppermint oil, which might be a concern for some people. But it is the last ingredient on the ingredient list, and it doesn’t feel tingly or cause discomfort or irritation when I wear it on my bare lips. (It only feels very mildly cooling.)

All the items are housed in a limited-edition White and Black Quilted Petite Makeup Planner. (It measures 11.5cm x 15cm x 7.5cm approximately.) The planner contains a small see-through pouch, which fits snugly in the Planner (as seen in the photo at the top).

Except Eye Shadow in Delicate Pink, which is not on Trish McEvoy’s website as an individual product, all the makeup shades in this set are available individually. I think this is a very nicely edited set with well-coordinated and easy-to-wear colors which are quality basics and can suit various occasions.

In the UK, this set is exclusive to Harvey Nichols.

(The product featured in this article is provided by Trish McEvoy.)

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