-Visée Avant

Kose Visee Avant Spring 2017 Makeup 1

(images from www.cosme.net,
info from www.kose.co.jp & www.cosme.net)


Kosé Visée Avant will release its spring 2017 makeup collection in Japan on February 16th. The collection includes:

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Kose Visee Avant Fall 2016 Makeup 1

(image & info from www.kose.co.jp)


Kosé Visée will launch Visée Avant (ヴィセ アヴァン), a sub-line of Visée, in Japan on August 21st. Unlike Visée (or Visée Riche), which has a feminine and romantic look, the new Visée Avant will have an edgier image.

The launch collection of Visée Avant for fall 2016 includes:

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