My 10 Favorite Brands

Here is the list of my 10 favorite beauty brands. Do follow the links to see my personal take on each brand, and feel free to share your thoughts!


Japanese brands:

Anna Sui
(Anna Sui is ornate, girlie, whimsical, and with a Gothic edge.)

(If I can only buy all my beauty products from one brand, it will be Ayura.)

Jill Stuart
(Ever since its launch, Jill Stuart has been one of the most princessy-looking brands.)

(Lavshuca is the most affordable brand among my favorites, but there is no compromise on the quality.)

(Constantly evolving but always elegant, Lunasol is the epitome of sophistication.)

Paul & Joe
(Slightly more understated than Anna Sui and Jill Stuart, Paul & Joe has a beautifully soft and airy feel.)

(With no attention-seeking packaging, Sofina is about wearability and user-friendliness.)


Western brands:

(No one can replace Chanel……)

(I love how Dior combines elements of fashion with beauty products. I always look forward to the seasonal limited-edition items.)

(Gold packaging is not easy to pull off, but YSL does it with class and opulence.)