What did you buy for the holidays…for yourself?

by PJ on Thursday, December 14, 2006

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For me, I bought these:

*Visee Dual Shine Rouge Palette*

I always like lip palettes. Visee’s Gothic design looks cute and glamorous. The grey lipgloss looks very dark on the photo, but it is actually quite a transparent grey hue with sparse glitters. It is mainly for a very toned-down version of dark gothic lips.

*Paul & Joe Hummingbird Collection*

Cosmetics stuff don’t get prettier than this. I like the fact that the lipstick does not have any shimmer. It is just a nice creamy muted pink. The eyeshadow, however, has tones of iridescence. When used light-handedly, it can be a good blusher.

*Dior Pretty Charm*

Tacky as some might think, I love this one-off design. I have not used the lip colors yet, and I doubt I will soon. I am just enjoying the sight of it for the time being. I like the fact that it is rather heavy so there is a sense of existence, as I always call it.

*YSL Gold Celebration Palette “Star Glow”*

Except for the fact that I need to be careful not to leave fingerprints all over the case, I am really glad that I bought this. The two pale lipglosses look like they have tons of glitters. I would like to try them soon. YSL should definitely keep releasing a palette for each Christmas. But I feel that, after four years, they might want to do something different…

*Marc Jacobs votive candle set*

I finally got it after missing it last year. Since last year, I have developed an interest in fragranced candles. The Stella McCartney candle is my favorite. Smaller than the usual glass candles, each one of the three features a different Marc Jacobs scent.

I realize that there are loads of lip colors from what I bought. Ummm…maybe I will buy more things for eyes in the coming spring, to balance out…

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ailove Thursday, May 15, 2008

I want that Visee palette so bad! >_<
so sad i only see it now TT


PJ Friday, May 16, 2008

Hi Ailove,

Thank you for reading my blog and leaving your comment!

I think you might want to look for it on eBay once in a while. It is unlikely that someone will sell one of them at the moment, but it is worth a try. You might see it later.

Thank you again for your comment. Hope to hear from you again! :)


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