BAFTA 2007 Fashion Favorites

by PJ on Sunday, February 18, 2007

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It was the BAFTA last Sunday in London, the most galmorous day on the British cinema calendar. But fashion-wise, it was just a bit beige…

Apart from Kylie Minogue (who was wearing a great color for her but was showing too much leg for this sort of occasion) and Eva Green (the lady in red), most of the other actresses were forming a perfect spectrum from beige to brown to black.

Despite this, there are still several stunners:

1. Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren wins it for me this time. She is always so poised and elegant, and she has a true sense of style. This outfit is even better than the one for the Golden Globe, and I hope she saves the best for the coming Oscars!

2. Kate Winslet

She wears a lot of Ben de Lisi, whose designs are usually very simple but never boring, to say the least. There is always a quiet and sophisticated sense of drama in his creations. The belt detail and the whole shape of the dress really make Kate stand out. I also love her chic ponytail and fresh makeup.

3. Toni Collette

Very old-school Hollywood for her this time. The sexy shape of the dress flatters her, and the glitz of the dress provides a good contrast to her dark hair. Like the furry accessory (I hope it is fake). Very well put-together and glamorous.

Last but not least, I just love Jake Gyllenhaal.

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mondeo Thursday, June 21, 2007


sorry for boring you with my opinions, but I like to give mine!
I just have one word for Kylie Minogue and Eva Green dresses: extravagant. I just don’t like Eva Green dress, it is so… red!! lol
Winslet and Tony Collette could be better.
Helen Mirren is for me the best of them. She looks fine and the dress is very cute.


PJ Friday, June 22, 2007

Hello there,

No problem. I always welcome different opinions!!

I do agree that Kate Winslet has done better looks, but I think, overall on that night, she was still very stunning and really stood out.

I have very few negative things to say about Helen Mirren’s look. She just looked fantastic!


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