BAFTA 2007 Fashion Favorites

by PJ on Sunday, February 18, 2007

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It was the BAFTA last Sunday in London, the most galmorous day on the British cinema calendar. But fashion-wise, it was just a bit beige…

Apart from Kylie Minogue (who was wearing a great color for her but was showing too much leg for this sort of occasion) and Eva Green (the lady in red), most of the other actresses were forming a perfect spectrum from beige to brown to black.

Despite this, there are still several stunners:

1. Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren wins it for me this time. She is always so poised and elegant, and she has a true sense of style. This outfit is even better than the one for the Golden Globe, and I hope she saves the best for the coming Oscars!

2. Kate Winslet

She wears a lot of Ben de Lisi, whose designs are usually very simple but never boring, to say the least. There is always a quiet and sophisticated sense of drama in his creations. The belt detail and the whole shape of the dress really make Kate stand out. I also love her chic ponytail and fresh makeup.

3. Toni Collette

Very old-school Hollywood for her this time. The sexy shape of the dress flatters her, and the glitz of the dress provides a good contrast to her dark hair. Like the furry accessory (I hope it is fake). Very well put-together and glamorous.

Last but not least, I just love Jake Gyllenhaal.