Quintessentially English: Rose & Co. Apothecary’s Rose Petal Salve

by PJ on Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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It is perhaps one of the best lip products I have ever used.

Back in 2004, I remember I was running out of lip balm towards the end of summer and I bought the Rose Petal Salve, Rose & Co. Apothecary‘s signature product, after reading about the Yorkshire-based shop’s launch in London’s Harvey Nichols.

At first, I was drawn to its elegant packaging and the very affordable price. (It wasn’t packaged like this then but it was equally nice.) After using it for a couple of nights, I realized I bought something really great.

It is very moisturizing but it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy. The lips look nicely moist and not oily. It also needs very little re-applying. The light rose scent smells divine but is never over-powering (I dislike lip products with any strong scent.)

It’s 5 pounds (about 10 US dollars) for 20 grams (the equivalent of around 5 stick lip balms). My previous one lasted about two years. Fantastic value!

It is also supposed to be multi-functional (as an eyebrow tamer and a cuticle cream), but I usually just use it as a lip balm and I only use it in the evening, as it doesn’t contain sunscreen.

Rose & Co. Apothecary products are available in the UK and Hong Kong.