What a Cutie: Lavshuca Jewelry Lips

by PJ on Wednesday, April 25, 2007

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(the oh-so-pretty Lavshuca Jewelry Lips)

(engraved with the Lavshuca logo)

Lavshuca‘s Spring 2007 collection tops my list for the season, and these cutest little lipsticks are part of the reason. Lavshuca’s Jewelry Lips (approx. 10 USD) are exquisitely packaged. They also happen to be much more petite than most other lipsticks. Below, see how it is compared with a Chanel lipstick:

(They are nicknamed “Lavshuca Mini Lipsticks”.)

(And It is 1.8g of lipstick,
less than most others.)

The two I have, PK-1 and RS-1, are both very wearable. PK-1 is a sheer pink and RS-1 is a pinkish-plum with a little bit of shimmer.

(from left: PK-1 and RS-1)

They are launched with 11 colors in February, and there will be another 11 colors to follow later on. So I assume they have been very popular!

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