Bring It Back!! Calvin Klein Cosmetics

by PJ on Wednesday, May 16, 2007

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(Pictured above and below: pages from
the Calvin Klein cosmetics catalog)

In the beauty world, Calvin Klein is known for some timeless fragrances. But I will always remember the time when their makeup and skincare line was available in department stores.

The packaging, silvery and transparent, is minimal, sleek, and classic, which is consistent with the Calvin Klein style in fashion. Even though I do tend to favor ornate packaging (like Anna Sui and Paul & Joe), minimal packaging, when done well, is just as exquisite.

The colors seem very neutral, grown-up, and sophisticated (in the Bobbi-Brown kind of way, I suppose). No garish colors or ones that are too experimental. I used to think the colors were too mature. But that was many years ago (and time has certainly passed…).

Once in a while, when I sort out my cosmetics catalogs, I’d glance through these pages and wish I could still see the products in shops.


I know that some of these are still available on-line. But the line was discontinued several years ago and I can’t help but be concerned about the stock quality. My wild dream, though, would be for Calvin Klein to re-launch the whole cosmetics line!

If you have used any product from Calvin Klein cosmetics (makeup or skincare) before, please do drop a line and let me know about it.

More posts in the “Bring It Back!” series to come!

Edited on June 3, 2007:
First of all, thank all of you who left comments on this post. Also, it seems that Calvin Klein is indeed launching a new cosmetics line very soon. Read about it here. (My personal thanks go to Jeffrey, who wrote this post and brought my attention to it.) Although I personally think the packaging is not as good as it was, let’s hope that the quality stays the same!

Edited on September 27, 2007:
The new Calvin Klein cosmetics line has been launched in Hong Kong. Read about it and see photos here!