Lavshuca Cheek Color in PK-1

by PJ on Friday, July 6, 2007

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(pictured: my Lavshuca Cheek Color in PK-1)

I’ve realized that, even though my blog is called A Touch of Blusher, this is actually the first time I am properly reviewing a blusher (even though I have mentioned Lavshuca’s blushers in my seasonal top-10 countdown). I promise there will be more to come. (I do have quite a few of them…)

Lavshuca’s Cheek Color is part of its summer 2007 collection. There are four different shades.

The one I got is PK-1, which is a slightly cool pink. It has that usual Lavshuca packaging. Very cute and princessy.

The finish is predominantly matte, which is what I usually go for.

The pigmentation is medium to sheer. If you love to sport very rosy cheeks, you might want to pass them up because the layering might take forever. But if you prefer a light blush on your cheeks, this would be a great choice. I’d also say this is one of those perfect daytime blusher shades. It is very natural and should go with most colors you wear.

If you happen to have both Cheek Color and Cheek Select (which Lavshuca released last year), please do let me know how they compare with each other. I have heard some negative comments on Cheek Select regarding its complete lack of pigmentation. I suspect that some people might say the same about Cheek Color. (I already know a friend of mine who did.) I am quite interested in knowing which one people prefer.

I have not tried Cheek Select but I like the Cheek Color that I have. The slightly cool pink is just right for my skin-tone and I like both the finish and the level of pigmentation.

More lovely items like this from Lavshuca, please…

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Izzy Friday, July 6, 2007

PJ I gotta give these a big thumbs down! I purchased the cheek select prior to these and was utterly disappointed. They are so sheer I get no color from them what so ever! I must be a glutton for punishment because I thought for sure that these would be far superior to the Selects but nope same problem too sheer to even show up on my skin :(

We normally agree on most all cosmetics so I’m pretty gobsmacked you like these so much! I’ve slapped these and the selects on MUA for swap! Just can’t see the point in keeping ’em :(

Pleaseeeee Lavshuca come out with cute packaged blushes with more pigment!!!!! :)


PJ Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hello Izzy,

Yes, I do agree with you that maybe Lavshuca should consider bringing out blushers that are more pigmented, at least for the sake of variety. (Possibly more different shades as well.)

On my face in particular…because my cheeks can get quite oily, blushers tend to go much darker overtime (like when sand becomes darker when soaked in water…my usual analogy). Therefore medium-to-sheer pigmented blushers usually work very well for me. Otherwise, I need to be *really* light-handed with my blushers.

I am just thinking that maybe some blushers (and some other items) under Japanese brands do appear to be a bit sheer because many people in East Asia have combination, oily, or very oily skin and colors go darker and heavier on their skin (which is definitely the case with me).

Just a speculation…


Tammy Monday, July 9, 2007

I actually quite like this blusher. In the not so distant past, I was one of those people who mistakenly thought that to be worth wearing, blusher had to look obvious on the face. So I would buy really pigmented blushers and end up putting on way too much. I think the Lavshuca blush has a nice balance. I have it in RD-2 and I feel like it enhances my natural flush, but doesn’t overpower it.


PJ Monday, July 9, 2007

Hello Tammy,

Good to hear from you again.

I am glad you like it. Indeed, for enhancing the natural flush, Lavshuca blushers do the job well. The fact that they are mostly matte also helps.

I think they also go well with the shimmery eyeshadows that they do.


Izzy Tuesday, July 10, 2007

PJ I’m still going to get you turned onto cheek stains! You’re going to adore them once you try them ;)


PJ Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hello Izzy,

No problem! I am sure I will take them on and love them like I love sheer blushers.

I think the fact that cheek stains are liquid-based probably means the color won’t go darker on my face (as I mentioned in one of my earlier comments above). This will make them interesting to experiment with!


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