Lilac Bouquet: Kanebo T’Estimo Frame Impact Eyes Palette

by PJ on Sunday, July 1, 2007

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(pictured: my Kanebo T’Estimo Frame Impact Eyes in 03)

I have mentioned a couple of times that I am loving lilac/mauve/lavender eyeshadows. After I have tried Jill Stuart’s Brilliance Eyes palette (04 Gem Amethyst), I went for this Kanebo T’Estimo palette (part of the T’Estimo spring 2007 collection). This is actually the first T’Estimo item I bought, and I love it!

Mono-color gradation eye palettes have been very popular in Japan in 2007. Apart from Kanebo T’Estimo, Jill Stuart, and Lavshuca (Eye Color Select), there are also similar creations from Shiseido Maquillage (Clean Contrast Eyes) and Sofina Aube (Jewelry Shower Eyes).

This one by T’Estimo is gorgeous. (The range includes 4 palettes.) The far right slot is a cream eyeliner. This is the only cream eyeliner that I have at the moment, so I don’t know how it compares with popular ones by Stila, MAC, and Bobbi Brown. But I have no problem with it myself. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t smudge. (I am also okay with the little applicator for the liner. Though fiddly at times, It allows me to get very close to the mirror.)

The middle two shades are actually very different from each other. (From almost all the photos I have seen, they appear to be quite similar.) The right one of the two is much darker, as you can probably see from one of the corners near the eyeliner (the part my brush has been dipping into).

So, from the highlighter (with a touch of lilac sparkles) to the deep purple eyeliner and with the two perfect shades in between, this palette is great for creating both a fresh daytime look and a smoky evening look.

I’ll compare it with Jill Stuart’s Brilliance Eyes (in 04 Gem Amethyst), as both are purple-based palettes:

The T’Estimo one is certainly more pigmented, especially the shade next to the eyeliner. The Jill Stuart one is noticeably sheerer.

Both are full of it, but the Jill Stuart one is more glittery than just shimmery (with larger multi-color sparkles). I think for big glitters, people either love it or hate it. But, used effectively, the Jill Stuart one can really make the eyes pop and give your eyes a floaty and airy ambiance.

The T’Estimo palette has a wider range of shades (from the lightest to the darkest). It is much easier to achieve a smoky-eye look with it.

Even though the colors in the Jill Stuart palette are sheerer, it might be more suitable for evening makeup (unless you don’t mind big glitters in daytime). The Kanebo one is perhaps more versatile in this respect.

So, there you go. I love both and I have tried mixing colors from the two. They complement each other well and I can create even more looks and more sophisticated finishes. Fantastic!

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Izzy Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Great Purchase! I really love all the T’estimo palettes! They are so shimmering and lovely!!!!!!! The new ones are equally nice but I’m somewhat disappointed in the darker shade included in the new ones!

Glad to see you picked one up PJ! Enjoy!


PJ Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hello Izzy,

I am very glad that I bought this. I was thinking that since I had the Jill Stuart one, the T’Estimo one might be a bit too similar. But it turned out to be quite different and I am happy to have both!


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