Fall 2007 Makeup Focus: Lavshuca Eye Color Select PU-2

by PJ on Sunday, August 19, 2007

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(Lavshuca Eye Color Select PU-2)

Part of the Lavshuca Fall 2007 collection, this is the only new Eye Color Select palette for this season. In a way, it replaces the discontinued PU-1. (Also, a new line of eyeshadow palettes, Grade Color Select, has been released this fall.)

(top-left: pale lilac, with shimmer
top-right: lilac taupe, with shimmer and fine glitters
bottom-left: warm lilac, with shimmer
bottom-right: dark plum purple, with minimal shimmer)

This palette creates a sensually elegant look. For me, the bottom-left warm lilac shade is the star of this palette and the key to its elegance. A medium plum lilac, it has a warm neutral edge and is particularly wearable for me, as warmer purples suit me slightly better than cold blue-ish ones. It is a very beautiful soft and natural color.

All the shades are a great match and blend seamlessly together. Overall, I love this palette!

The instruction for all the Eye Color Select palettes indicates that the top-right shade, the one with fine glitters, can be worn as a base or on top of the finished look to add sparkles. But for this palette, I find that the top-right lilac taupe is slightly too dark to be used as a base shade. It goes on much darker than it looks in the palette and is almost darker than the bottom-left shade.

I actually think it works very well as a replacement of the bottom-left shade for a very sophisticated look. The fine glitters are not really a problem here. They bring a touch of vibrancy to this neutral color and don’t look over-powering.

In comparison, another purple palette, T’Estimo Frame Impact Eyes 03 (read my earlier post for a full review) is able to create a slightly edgier look. It has a wider range of purples and includes a dark purple cream eyeliner.

(Kanebo T’Estimo Frame Impact Eyes 03)

Released this spring with relatively colder lilac shades, this T’Estimo one is fresh and upbeat, while the Lavshuca one is soft and sensual. I do love both!

Next week, I will review another item of the Lavshuca Fall 2007 collection, Color Conc Rouge.