(You can tell that I love my Japanese cosmetics…)

Most of you who read my blog certainly know that I have a passion for Japanese cosmetics. While I do try to keep a balance between western and Japanese cosmetics on my blog, I do think, for me, Japanese cosmetics items do better on my scoreboard in most areas.

If you would like to look through my posts related to Japanese cosmetics, I have made it a bit easier for you by adding the category All About Japanese Cosmetics on the sidebar (under “Read by Topics”). As of now, there are 96 posts under this category, and the number will certainly grow week by week.

Please enjoy!

Here are just a few highlights:

Loving Japanese Brands
(where I highlight 7 wonderful Japanese brands)

Japanese vs. Western…Who’s Winning?
(Which side are you on?)

If I Could Go to Japan RIGHT NOW
(I share my dream shopping list.)

A couple of the items featured in the photo above:

Kanebo T’Estimo Frame Impact Eyes 03

Lavshuca Eye Color Select PK-1

More to come!!