Can’t Live Without: Garnier Hand Cocoon

by PJ on Thursday, November 15, 2007

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(My favorite hand cream:
Garnier Hand Cocoon)

Today I launch another series, Can’t Live Without, where I share with you my own makeup and skincare must-haves.

I am starting with my favorite hand cream, Garnier Hand Cocoon.

My hands can get dry in whatever weather/climate I am in, so I have to have a hand cream next to me wherever I am. Unlike my facial skin, which is the very fussy oily-dry skin and requires many trials and errors in terms of finding the right moisturizers, my hands are relatively easy to care for. Basically, for me, a hand cream can never be too emollient.

The only thing is, many poorly formulated hand creams simply coat the hands with a layer of grease. They are not absorbed into the hands to really moisturize them.

Among all the hand creams I like, Garnier Hand Cocoon is the cheapest and the most moisturizing.

The texture is quite dense, but it sinks in very well and does not leave hands excessively greasy or slippery. (I can’t say it is completely grease-free, but it is far less greasy than most other (much less moisturizing) hand creams I have tried.) Overall I enjoy the texture and the moisturizing properties extremely well.

Apart from using it constantly throughout the day, I put a thicker layer on and massage it into the hands (followed by a cuticle moisturizer) just before bedtime. It really conditions the hands and gets me ready for the next day.

I have been using this for the last three years and this has been an indispensable item for my hands. I have been recommending this to some of my friends who need a heavy-duty hand cream, and the feedback is good!

Two great alternatives if Garnier Hand Cocoon is not available where you are:

-L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
-Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

More of my cosmetics must-haves to come later!

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