Holiday 2007 Focus: DiorLight Jewelled Makeup Necklace

by PJ on Sunday, November 11, 2007

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(Dior DiorLight Jewelled Makeup Necklace for the Lips)

Priced at 54 pounds in the UK (about 112 USD), it is not cheap. But since I had enough Boots advantage points and I really liked the look of this necklace, I decided to use my points on this after it was launched in Boots on November 6th. (It was launched in some department stores earlier.) So I didn’t spend any money on this.

(I will write another post later on to explain to my readers outside the UK how the popular and uniquely generous Boots Advantage Point system works.)

Here, Dior’s seasonal limited-edition items are usually priced at 35 pounds (about 73 USD). I suppose this one is pricier because of the Swarovski crystals used on the pendant (not on the “Dior” logo though).

The gloss comes in two choices, pink and beige. (Only the beige is available in the US.) I picked the prettier pink one.

(the “default” pink)

As I mentioned in my initial report on the various Christmas 2007 collections, this pendant is larger than what I expected. The total length of the necklace is about 82 cm. It comes with a black draw-string pouch for storage and protection.

The lip gloss is what I call a “default” pink, a universally wearable pink with some shimmer that should suit most people.

Having said that, I will probably not use it, as it joins my permanent Dior collection…

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the Muse Monday, November 12, 2007

Gorgeous! I’m skipping as it’s a bit too costly UK side and I really want the pink which is unavailable here in the US! So this is a no go for me this year but it’s most definately as gorgeous as the pictures in mags!



PJ Monday, November 12, 2007

Hello The Muse,

Thank you for stopping by again!

Indeed, I think the actual item does look as good as it does on magazines. It really didn’t disappoint me.

I am not sure why there is only one shade available in the US, as with some previous Dior limited-edition items. (The pink shade is available in Asia as well.)

For this necklace, surely many people (including me of course) would prefer the pink one…:)


P'Nut Saturday, December 29, 2007

I have just received this gorgeous gem (almost too gorgeous to use) from my dear friend Julie as a Christmas gift – I feel a very special girl indeed!!!!

Think I too will just keep it untouched and look at it every now and then….


PJ Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hello P’Nut,

I am happy that you enjoyed receiving your Dior necklace!

Indeed, I don’t think I will use the gloss. I am keeping it in the pouch at the moment and I will take it out to look at it every now and then as well. :)

Thank you very much for reading my blog and leaving your comment! Hope to hear from you again! :)


Anonymous Sunday, January 13, 2008

I bought 2 in the US. Very nice….I paid $90 US dollars each and the gloss was a shimmery bronzy-pink. One I am keeping boxed and the other I hang from my rear-view mirror in my car.


PJ Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hello there,

I am glad you like them!

That’s such a pretty item to hang on the rear-view window! I think it is lighter than some of the other Dior’s limited-edition items as well.

Thank you for posting your comment! :)


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