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Apart from Sofina Raycious foundation cases, which I enjoy collecting, I also collect Anna Sui foundation cases from time to time. (Do have a look at my Part One and Part Two of my Sofina Raycious Case Galore if you haven’t.)

My Anna Sui collection is far less extensive than Raycious’. There are many more Anna Sui cases that I don’t have, as I only collect what I really like.

This black one above is my first Anna Sui case, which is among the first Anna Sui case designs. It is the Gothic princess look that Anna Sui does very well.

Then Anna Sui entered what I call the golden age, during which most base makeup products and some color makeup products were packaged in frosty matte golden cases. I do really like the golden look. First of all, finger prints are not easily left on these finishes. Also, the golden cases show off the details of the design much better.

This one above is perhaps my favorite one. Again, love the golden case. Also, I like the butterfly detail.

This one is from the Anna Sui brightening skincare and foundation range, in which most of the items are in white packaging. I like the unique shape of this case in particular.

Last fall, Anna Sui re-launched the base makeup range (seen below). We are brought back to the classic black packaging, while the shapes and the details of the cases are slightly modified.

(Anna Sui’s current base makeup range)
(image from www.annasui-cosmetics.com)

By the way, Anna Sui’s Holiday 2007 collection includes a limited-edition hand mirror in the golden shade I love. It looks adorable! (I have to say I prefer this to the usual black one…)

(Anna Sui Hand Mirror G)
(image from www.annasui-cosmetics.com)

More items in gold, please, I’d say…

Updated on March 27, 2008:

See my latest Anna Sui foundation case here.

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