A Touch of Chanel Blusher – Irréelle Blush in Tea Rose

by PJ on Tuesday, December 25, 2007

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(Chanel Irréelle Blush in 80 Tea Rose)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Today I share my thoughts with you about one of my favorite makeup items. Chanel’s Irréelle Blush in Tea Rose is undoubtedly one of my favorite blushers.
(I really like the Chanel Irrèelle items, and I have the eyeshadows (single and duo), bronzing/shading powder, highlighter, and this lovely blusher.)

Tea Rose was out in spring 2005. I decided to use my Boots points on this after I tested it at the counter for many times. Initially, it looked either a bit too pink or a bit too pale. (I don’t really like putting counter testers on my face.) But, after even more testing, I decided that this shade should look good on me. (This is the Chanel blusher I mentioned in the post where my friend thought I was hypnotizing the sales assistant, who gave me all the skincare samples I asked for.)

When I put this blusher on my face for the first time, it actually looked better than I thought, and I wished I had made my decision a little sooner. It is a sheer and delicate pink with an essentially matte finish and a very subtle luminosity. It looks very natural and the finish doesn’t appear chalky.

For my complexion, this blusher stands on a great position in the cool-warm spectrum, and this is usually the blush I go for when I want a soft and effortlessly natural look. (I tend to go for soft matte pinks just slightly on the cool side anyway, but this shade suits me particularly well.)

One small complaint about this blusher is that the powder seems almost too firmly pressed, and, after a while, my blusher brush is not really able to pick up the powder very well. So, even for a sheer finish, it needs a bit of building up. But, simply because of this, the look is almost always very natural, as the powder goes on a little bit at a time. So the finish is even and seamless.

The brush that comes with the compact is quite coarse and I never use it. I hope Chanel will improve this.

Overall I love this blusher, and this is the one I usually travel with. The compact is not the slimmest by far, but, for me, I can’t go wrong with the look it gives me. Plus, the pouch protects the compact from scratches. A win-win for me indeed!

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